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The Best 7 Flowers For Pisces – Pisces Sign Birth Flowers

The Best 7 Flowers For Pisces – Pisces Sign Birth Flowers

Today we’re talking about flowers for Pisces. Just like other astrological signs, the Pisces sign has its own zodiac flowers as well.

What we have been able to learn so far is that each zodiac sign fully corresponds to its choice of flowers.

The symbolism of flowers always partially or completely agrees with the personality of a particular sign.

Although people sometimes think that Pisces are not fans of flowers because they are a water sign, today we will disabuse you of that thought as we bring you no less than 7 flowers that the Pisces sign loves.

If you have a special Pisces to give these flowers to or just want to learn more about them, let’s start reading. Next time, you’ll know everything about the birth flower of a Pisces sign.

What Flowers Represent Pisces?


Pisces – February 19th to about March 20th

Flowers for Pisces that present Pisces personality the best are white roses. If you go to a flower shop and ask your local florist for advice, he will probably give you a white rose.

If they’re out of the roses, he/she’ll suggest you buy a water lily. The spiritual wisdom these flowers carry within is completely compatible with this zodiac sign. It’s also best if you wish him/her a happy birthday with these flowers.

What Is March’s Pisces Flower?

March Pisces is definitely a water lilies group. The first sign of a march Pisces sign, without even asking them is that they love water lilies.

Since this zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Neptune, self-esteem, new beginnings, strong sense, and unconditional love are just one of the things that water lily stands for.

What Is February’s Pisces Flower?

February’s Pisces flower is violet. It’s a perfect floral gift for your special Pisces. Happiness, romance, beauty, grace, hope, and innocence are just one of the things this flower stands for.

These zodiac signs (water element) also have a really keen eye and they’ll notice if there’s anything “false” with the flower, so better watch out for that.

They are fun-loving personalities, but make sure you don’t miss a thing.

7 Flowers For Pisces – Pisces Flowers According To Their Zodiac Sign

I’m sure you had times when you were worried because you weren’t sure about what flowers to get to your special Pisces.

Well, don’t worry anymore. Below we bring you the ultimate guide for flowers for Pisces. Learn all about the 7 perfect Pisces flowers.

We bring up everything about their symbolism, meanings and how are they connected with this star sign.

1. White Orchids Flowers For Pisces

One of the flowers that, it seems to me, have the biggest amount of titles in the world are orchids and roses.

The orchid is the national flower of Guatemala, the national flower of Brazil, one of the favorite Aries flowers, one of the most famous flowers in greek mythology, and among popular flowers for girlfriend.

No wonder why almost all zodiac signs love this flower so much.

White orchids stand for a person with a big and kind soul, someone who’s sensitive, but still has joy in his life, it present innocence, purity, and fertility, especially in Ancient times.

Below we have analyzed the personality of this sign, so only then will it be completely clear to you why this flower is the perfect flower for the Pisces sign.

2. Water Lilies Flowers For Pisces


Types of lilies and their meanings have been interesting topics for centuries now. These simple breathing flowers are loved in almost every culture, especially because of their symbolism.

They always stand for positive and wonderful things except for Japanese culture, where the lily is a Japanese death flower.

Besides that, it’s the national flower of France, and it’s one of the most famous flowers that mean friendship.

Water lilies stand for pleasure, peace, hope, rebirth, celebration, and purity. If you have Pisces in your life, then you know how much sense it makes for water lilies to be one of Pisce’s birth flowers.

3. Classic Rose Flowers For Pisces

Just like lily flowers, classic rose, ie. red rose, has many titles as well. It’s one of the most famous romantic flowers in the world and because of that, the red rose meaning in relationship is the first thing we think of. Besides that, the red rose is the national flower of England as well.

Have you ever wondered what is the pink rose meaning in a relationship?

If you’re dating Pisces, the red rose is always a good choice. Their symbolism stands for pure, unconditional love, eternal love, passion, and rarely lust.

Their spiritual meanings are passion and sacrifice, just like Pisce’s personality-they like helping others and even sacrificing for someone people very often.

4. Pink Orchids Flowers For Pisces

Pink orchids represent gentleness, innocence, happiness, playfulness, and submission. Another excellent specimen of flowers that fully matches the character traits of our zodiac sign Pisces.

We have already mentioned above the importance of orchids throughout history, so once again it is no wonder why this sign loves these flowers so much.

5. White Rose Flowers For Pisces


The white rose’s first association might not be with love, but it is very well-known for its white rose meaning in relationship.

This pure and gentle rose will be a perfect gift for the Pisces you’re dating or want to date. They signify pure love, innocence, hope, and rebirth. It’s also a symbol of strong love and we know how strong Pisces love, don’t we?

6. Evening Primrose Flowers For Pisces

The meanings of evening primrose vibrant flowers are youth, renewal, and life optimism. This is also the first yellow flower this zodiac sign likes since Pisces aren’t big fans of fire colors.

The flower is one of the first blooms in the spring but we rarely notice it besides other spring flowers, just like Pisces in the bigger group of people since they don’t like standing out.

7. Violet Flowers For Pisces

According to Greek mythology, this flower stands for modesty and due to its symbolism, it’s one of the flowers that matches the Pisces personality the best.

Pisces zodiac signs are known for their modesty, generosity, and emphatic character. It is also one of the first signs of spring and the first flowers you see in March usually when Pisces is born.

Pisces Zodiac Sign – Personality

The best word to describe members of this sign is their deep understanding of other people. Pisces are very sociable and often find themselves in the company of different people.

It’s natural for Pisces to be supportive of someone, even someone they don’t know that well. They are not destined to be leaders, their presence is important in any matter that is accepted.

Pisces is a water sign and as such is characterized by empathy and expressed emotions.

Like Cancer and Scorpio, people born under this sign are often deeper than others and tend to take into account the inexplicable things that life brings.

Pisces can prevent or burden the development of events. Although this sign is known for its wisdom, it is not uncommon for Pisces to trust someone too soon or too much, so they are disappointed a lot of times.

A fish often takes on the role of a martyr in order to gain attention. If it learns to set healthy boundaries, the fish will feel comfortable in its environment.

Popular FAQs On Flowers For Pisces


Below we bring you the most popular FAQs on flowers on Pisces, so if you think we missed something, give us a chance in this section below. Let’s check it out then.

What Is Pisces Color?

The favorite color of a Pisces sign is light green. It makes sense since this color is connected to healing, inspiration, positive energy, and other things that present this zodiac sign very well.

What Plant Represents Pisces?

Among many types of calathea, Pisces’s favorite calathea is Calathea Medallion. This plant presents intuitive connectedness to all things.

Do Pisces Like Getting Flowers?

Since this zodiac sign is a water sign, people sometimes assume that Pisces doesn’t like getting flowers. That is very wrong since Pisces adore having flowers in their homes.

Wrapping It Up About Flowers For Pisces

If you previously had doubts about the flowers you could give to your Pisces friend or partner, today we learned the basics of flowers for Pisces.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions are no longer a problem because now you know which flowers to give and how to make your Pisces happy.

However, remember that this sign is very modest, so don’t overdo it. Small bouquets are enough to put a smile on their face. That would be all for today, see you soon with more similar topics.