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National Flower Of England: Red White Tudor Rose

National Flower Of England: Red White Tudor Rose

In today’s article, we will talk about the national flower of England, the national flower of the royal house we all love.

If there’s something interesting we all love in the 21st century, that’s surely the existence of “another time” in the royal house, their traditions, and national symbols.

England’s emblem is a rose, Northern Ireland has shamrock, and Wales has daffodil. But in today’s article, we will talk about Tudor rose only. We will mention why is this flower so important to the royal family of England and its symbolism.

National flowers are truly interesting, and we’re dedicating today’s article to the red and white roses of England and their role in their royal house.

If you want to learn all about the Tudor rose, stay with us because we bring all of it below.

Tudor Rose Features And Characteristics

Tudor rose isn’t a real plant that you can find in nature. This national symbol was used in the wars of the roses-red rose present Lancaster and the white rose present York.

The flower is traditionally worn on the royal coat, it is used for decoration of many royal buildings, objects, and things.

Most of the rose is red, while its middle is white. Its name comes from the House Of Tudor which was in charge of the unity of the houses of York and Lancaster.

Why Is Tudor Rose National Flower Of England?

At the end of the war of roses, Tudor rose was accepted by henry vii as s the national flower of England.

Among many symbolisms, this flower presents the holy trinity and holy spirit as well. Henry vii married Elizabeth and by connecting the house of York and the house of Lancaster, Tudor rose was created.

The Role Of Wars Of Roses In The National Flower Of England Emblem

After a whole cycle of civil wars in England, the War of the Roses takes place between two houses that were previously not united.

These were the houses of Lancaster and York, as we said above. The war between these royal dynasties lasted about 30 years.

Finally, after all the wars, there was a unification of these two feuding houses and by combining the white and red roses, the national rose of England was created. By merging these houses and roses, the conflicts between these two houses ended.

What Is The Symbolism Of Tudor Rose?

The Tudor rose represents the English monarchy. Its symbolism is everything that the English monarchy represents, the holy trinity, the holy spirit, unification, freedom, respect, etc.

Since the unification of the feuding families until today, the symbolism of this country has not changed.

Later, Shakespeare and many other writers and poets used this action as inspiration and wrote many songs and stories about it.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Tudor Rose?

It is believed that a person who likes and uses this symbol is a person who can conquer any trouble on their way and they can face any sort of trouble with outcoming victory. Along with Ireland‘s flower shamrock, the Patron saint cherished this flower as well.

When Was the Heraldic National Emblem Red Rose Adopted?

In 1486. after the war of roses, Henry vii chooses this flower as the national flower of England. Far from legend, historical reality confirms that during the bloody English Civil War there was only a white rose symbol, used by the House of York. Apparently, the red rose was adopted after the end of the conflict with the sole purpose of creating a new emblem.

FAQ – National Flower Of England

In this section, we will try to answer all of the unanswered questions so far. We will talk more about the Tudor rose below and its use. Let’s check what did we prepare for you in this section.

What’s The National Animal Of England?

The lion is the national animal of England. This national emblem can be seen in many royal buildings, objects, books, and historical documents. It symbolizes the power and strength of the crown and royal family.

Where Else Can Wee See Tudor Rose?

The famous heraldic rose also appears in other places far from England and the royal family. Queens County, New York, bears the Tudor rose on its flag and official seal. The flag of Annapolis, Maryland uses this symbol, i.e. it has a Tudor rose alongside a Scotch thistle, both on top of a crown.

There is another historical and geographical curiosity in the state of South Carolina in America. There we can find a city called York, known as the city of the white rose. 50 kilometers away, without leaving the country, there is another town called Lancaster.

And the nickname of this city is, of course, the city of the red rose. Finally, the Tudor rose can also be found on the coat of arms of Canada, a remnant of the British colonial era that has endured over time.

What’s The National Anthem Of England?

The national anthem of England is “God save the King.” It goes like this:

God save our gracious King,
Long live our noble King,
God save the King!
Send him victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God save the King!

Final Thought

In today’s article, we talked about the national flower of England. We surely all know the symbolism of a red rose, and a white rose as well, but what we didn’t know is the symbolism of this heraldic symbol-Tudor rose.

Why’s this flower on a royal coat, why did Henry vii choose this flower exactly to present the country, now you know since we talked about it all?

This traditional emblem was a great part of civil wars and now it’s England’s own national flower. We sincerely hope you enjoyed today’s article about their own national flowers of England and the wars of the roses.

See you here soon with more similar topics!