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What Does Astrological Sign Tell Us About Zodiac Flowers?

What Does Astrological Sign Tell Us About Zodiac Flowers?

In today’s article, we will talk about zodiac flowers. Each star sign has a delicate flower for its north flowers. These specific flowers carry many meanings and symbolism.

Some are given for special occasions, and some you probably already have as houseplants. Each symbolism is unique: new beginnings, fun-loving, unconditional love, good fortune, beauty, and so on.

But what does precisely each zodiac sign have for its flowers and what do they mean? We will talk about that in detail below. Let’s learn more about zodiac flower symbolism.

What Are Zodiac Sign Flowers?

No matter what sign we’re talking about-fire sign, a water sign, an earth sign, or an air sign, each zodiac sign has its own birth flower. According to the period of their birth (date), the zodiac has its birth flowers.

Those flowers have powerful and strong symbolism and all of them are unique and present their zodiac sign very well.

Capricorn Flowers (December 22-January 19)

This earth sign, also the first sign in the horoscope has carnations flowers for its birth flower/zodiac flowers.

Carnations symbolize fascination, distinction, and love. Capricorns are usually pragmatic, ambitious, and disciplined so this connection between the sign and the flower makes sense.

Flowers for Capricorn, another flower this sign likes a lot is the African violet flower. The symbolism of the African violet is devotion, commitment, and faithfulness and once again, this makes so much sense for this zodiac sign.

Aquarius Zodiac Flowers (January 19-February 18)

The air sign Aquarius, flowers for Aquarius is a violet flower. The Aquarius sign prefers lavender flowers as well.

It is well known that Aquarius signs are advanced, self-reliant, modest, clever, and exceptional.

If we can compare that to the flower symbolism, we can understand why are these flowers their birth flowers.

The symbolism of the violet flower is modesty and the symbolism of the lavender flower are devotion, grace, and calmness. Isn’t this a perfect match between a sign and a flower?

Pisces Zodiac Flowers (February 19-March 20)

This water sign has a water lily for its birth flower. Pisces are compassionate, artistic, intensely empathic, and sensitive.

The water lily flower’s symbolism is peace, purity, innocence, and hope. We can definitely make a match out of this sign with its flowers for pisces.

Aries Zodiac Flowers (March 21-April 19)

Zodiac Aries fire sign has honeysuckle as Aries birth flower. Aries signs are passionate and usually big-born leaders.

The symbolism of the honeysuckle plant is passion and happiness. Just as with the pieces sign, we can see why does arise sign has this flower for its zodiac flower.

Taurus Zodiac Flowers (April 20-May 20)

Flowers for TaurusThe Earth sign Taurus has a poppy flower for its north flower. Taurus are hopeless romantics, sensual, reliable, and honest. Poppy flower symbolism is consolation, remembrance, and death.

We can’t agree with the last part, but we definitely see why are consolation and remembrance part of the symbolism of this Taurus flower.

Gemini Zodiac Flowers (May 21-June 20)

Flowers for GeminiThis air sign has a maidenhair fern for its zodiac flowers. The Gemini sign is playful and intellectually curious.

Maidenhair fern symbolism is purity and innocence, and those of us who know Gemini folks, also know how strong this connection between a flower and a sign is.

Cancer Zodiac Flowers (June 21-July 22)

The water sign cancer has a white rose for its birth flower. Cancers are known for their keen eye for details and we can agree that roses are flowers for cancer people with a keen eye, right?

Zodiac Cancers are sensitive, just like a white rose flower, loving, a bit goofy, and compassionate. Cancers also love orchid flowers and water lilies as well. Orchids symbolize beauty and love, and once again we can see why nature and zodiac signs cooperate so well.

Leo Zodiac Flowers (July 23-August 22)

The fire sign Leo has sunflower as its birth flower. People born under this sign and their friends sure know how accurate this is. Leo’s signs are competitive, brave, confident, eccentric, and fun.

Flowers for Leo, sunflowers symbolism is loyalty, persistence, and definitely confidence since they follow the sun so bravely. We can clearly see why these yellow flowers are adored by Leo’s sign.

Virgo Zodiac Flowers (August 23-September 22)

Virgo is the earth sign that has many zodiac flowers as well. Chrysanthemums, nut-bearing trees, and orange roses are the sign flowers for Virgo. Virgos are humble, self-effacing, and industrious.

Since Chrysanthemum symbolizes friendship, happiness, and well-being, it’s clear why these flowers are the star flower of this sign.

Orange roses also present friendship and well-being, while nut-bearing trees present life itself. In rare cases, the Virgo sign is like an ivy flower that presents eternal life.

Libra Zodiac Flowers (September 23-October 22)

This lovely air sign has roses as its birth flower. It is not defined what rose exactly, but in most cases, the libra sign prefers pink roses and white roses.

Libra signs are caring, loving, grateful, friendly, and extroverted people. White rose is known for their purity, gentle and innocent meaning while pink roses present gratitude and admiration. Isn’t it obvious why these flowers are the birth flowers of the Libra sign?

Scorpio Zodiac Flowers (October 23-November 21)

Water sign Scorpio definitely has one of the fanciest flowers for their birth flowers. Flowers for scorpio are (classic rose) red roses, Amaranthus flowers, and Geraniums. Scorpios love red flowers, that’s for sure.

The red rose presents deep, true, passionate romantic love and the Amaranthus flower says that love lies bleeding.

This powerful symbolism is definitely 100% accurate to Scorpio’s character. They are determined, brave, loyal, confident, ambitious, and resentful.

Geraniums however present happiness, friendship, and good health, and we can’t say that it’s 100% accurate as it is with roses for example, but it’s known that Scorpios are very good loyal friends.

Sagittarius Zodiac Flowers (November 22-December 21)

The fire sign Sagittarius also has multiple zodiac flowers. Flowers for Sagittarius: The first flower symbol is queen Anne’s lace flower. Saggitarius sign prefers white flowers and they’re also in love with white rose flowers.

Saggitarius’s signs are optimistic, loving, freedom, fair-minded, and honest. Queen Anne’s lace symbolism is safety, sanctuary, and refuge.

I think we can conclude with the given characteristic of the Saggitarius sign why is this flower it’s number one.


Below we bring you the most popular FAQs about zodiac signs. Let’s check it out.

What Are Zodiac Signs Plants?

Zodiac signs have the following plants for their star plants:

  • Capricorn: lucky bamboo
  • Aquarius: pothos
  • Pisces: ZZ plants
  • Aries: fiddle leaf fig plant
  • Taurus: fiddle leaf fig plant
  • Gemini: philodendron
  • Cancer: peppermint
  • Leo: doronicum little Leo
  • Virgo: rubber tree
  • Libra: monstera
  • Scorpio: dracaena
  • Sagittarius:sagittaria

What Are Zodiac Signs’ Colors?

Each zodiac sign has its own color that defines its character very well. Below we bring you the main color for each zodiac sign.

  • Capricorn: charcoal gray
  • Aquarius: blue
  • Pisces: light green
  • Aries: red
  • Taurus: green
  • Gemini: yellow
  • Cancer: silver
  • Leo: orange
  • Virgo: brown
  • Libra: pink
  • Scorpio: deep red, black
  • Sagittarius: purple

Final Thought

Today we gave you the ultimate guide for zodiac flowers. If you didn’t know what your birth flower was or your best friend’s birth flower, now you know what flower to choose for special occasions.

Astrology is definitely fun for those who like deeper messages, the spiritual world, and symbolism. We could’ve seen how accurate and correct these flowers are. Every zodiac sign has a strong connection and such accurate symbolism with its birth flower.

We hope you enjoyed our article, see you tomorrow with similar topics!