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White Rose Meaning In Relationship: Pure Rosa Alba

White Rose Meaning In Relationship: Pure Rosa Alba

In today’s article, we will talk about the white rose meaning in relationship. Why is it so special and how did they become so popular?

Through the history of giving bouquets, the language of flowers has been formed. Roses can say a lot, and above all, the feelings of the giver. Self-confident people choose these flowers as a gift.

To truly realize the beauty and symbolism of the roses, before you read our article, this quote by Christine Evangelou – “Just like the rose holds her beauty among the thorns- we can gather our strength from the most unlikely places.”

Let’s learn all about the white rose meaning in the relationship below then.

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Rose Color Meaning: What Does Rose Color Present?

Rose color meanings variate as you change their colors. Beautiful flowers black roses and burgundy roses are a perfect gift, but not with the same intention.

Lavender roses represent enchantment and it doesn’t mean that a blue rose will represent the same.

Before you decide on a pink rose, white flower, or colorful rainbow roses, let’s learn more about the meanings of roses, especially the white rose color meanings today.

What Is White Rose Meaning In Relationship?

The white rose is a symbol of purity, innocence, and chastity of the Virgin Mary. The white rose is a symbol of harmony, love, fidelity, and innocence.

The one who gives white roses to you seems to say – “You are heavenly and pure, I am delighted with your untouched and unearthly beauty!”

You are perfect, like these flowers!”. A white rose is a symbol of strong and deep love, pure, and eternal love, which is why they are given as a wedding gift.

When To Give White Roses To Someone?

If you know that someone special you know would choose white flowers in a rose garden, we’ll help you to learn when is the proper time to give someone a white rose.

  • Say “I love you” with a white rose As we already mentioned above, white roses represent deep love, and these beautiful roses are a perfect way to say I love you. When you give someone white roses, it’s like saying I love you to that person. They’ll definitely know what you’re saying. Some think that this is also a meaning of cream roses, but they symbolize sympathy.
  • As A Wedding Gift What is a better wedding gift than roses that present deep, eternal, true love? If you’re choosing a flower arrangement for your friend’s wedding, we advise you to always go with white roses. These flowers were used even at Queen Victoria’s wedding.
  • If you’re going for a mixed bouquet, then rose colors that go perfectly with each other are orange rose and white roses due to their symbolism, and red roses with a white single rose.
  • Make A Bridal Bouquet Out Of White RosesFlower colors and their special meaning are definitely one of the most important things for a bridal bouquet. Since the white rose color symbolizes eternal love, it’s more than perfect for a bride to carry a rose bouquet of white roses.
  • Colored roses are also good choices, but only if you go with red roses or pink roses because of their symbolism. They symbolize innocent romantic love, romantic relationship, and romantic occasions as well. These flowers are love flowers.

A Number Of White Roses: What Do Numbers Of Given Roses Mean In A Relationship

Not each number of given roses means the same thing. Luckily for you, when you analyze a bit the language of flowers, you’ll be able to say so much without any words. When you learn what each number means, you’ll know how to swipe off the feet of that special person you love so much. Let’s see what the numbers of given white roses mean.

The Number Of Roses: What Does 1 White Rose Mean?

If someone gives you a single white rose, it presents hope and love. They might be falling in love with you or they are letting you know that you should hope. Love is all about hope, isn’t it? If they’re not ready to give themselves to you right now, don’t be desperate, hope is a good thing. Hope can easily become love and that’s something you should look forward to.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 2 White Roses Mean?

Two white roses are an invitation for a date or you’re about to get proposed to. We often see red rose petals used for these occasions, but remember, they’re on the floor. If the man you are dating for many years now gives you a white rose and might take you somewhere, recognize the sign, he’s about to ask you to marry him! And don’t ask how they know that. Florist in flower shops always suggests!

The Number Of Roses: What Do 3 White Roses Mean?

Three white roses represent a strong and passionate relationship/love. If you’ve been dating for months or years now and you’ve got 3 white roses instead of a whole bouquet-now you know.

Your man isn’t goofing around, he just did his research in fact and he got you more than a suitable gift. They are great for monthversaries.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 4 White Roses Mean?

Four white roses represent loyalty. The early stages of relationships are sort of unofficial, but if he gets you four white roses, you’re official!

It means your other half is more than ready to be yours and yours only. They are saying “it’s just the two of us now” with 4 white roses.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 5 White Roses Mean?

Five white roses represent happiness or craving for happiness. If someone gives you five white roses, they’re either already very happy for you, or they see you as someone they can be really happy with.

They also present love for someone you find special. When you want to say “I care for you” with roses, gift 5 white roses to that person.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 6 White Roses Mean?

Six white roses present unconscious beauty. If someone you’re dating or even your friend or a family member gifts you with six white roses, they find you beautiful, even if you don’t see yourself that way. Treasure those roses and those people as well.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 7 White Roses Mean?

Seven white roses present infatuation towards someone. If you’re stuck with someone in a friendzone for too long and you see a potential relationship with that person, give them 7 white roses. Giving someone 7 white roses is like saying, “I want more with you, I want more of you.”

The Number Of Roses: What Do 8 White Roses Mean?

Eight white roses present love and support in difficult times. This meaning is the same with 8 red roses.

If you want to show your family, friends, or someone you’re dating your love in tough times, 8 white roses are more than suitable for that occasion. Sometimes, but rarely, differently colored roses have the same meaning.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 9 White Roses Mean?

Nine white roses present a true admiration for a woman. Nine white roses are great for first dates, second dates, long relationships, marriage, and anniversaries. What we’re saying is that you don’t even need to have an occasion to remind someone you admire and adore them.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 10 White Roses Mean?

Ten white roses present pure innocence. Because of their symbolism, bridal bouquets are most often made of 10 white roses. They also present a shared secret between friends, family, or your life partner.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 15 White Roses Mean?

Fifteen white roses are saying “I’m sorry.” If someone you love did something wrong they are expressing their regret with 15 white roses.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 27 White Roses Mean?

Twenty-seven white roses are a symbol of strong, true, pure love. These bigger bouquets are perfect for 5, 10, or more years of anniversaries. They are great for saying “I love you so much but I could love you even more.”

The Number Of Roses: What Do 29 White Roses Mean?

Twenty-nine roses mean “I love you forever.” As the bouquet of 27, they are great for anniversaries presents. They are a great wedding gift as well.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 101 Roses Mean?

The bouquet of 101 roses is “You’re the only one, now and forever.” They present a perfect lifetime of happiness between two people, or as they said, love until death does as part.

Top 3 White Roses You’ll Love

We present you the top 3 roses you can plant and worship in your own garden. We are going to provide you with their short ultimate care guide below. Let’s see what are the roses we prepared for you.

1. Iceberg White Rose

Iceberg roses come from Germany and they are cultivated since 1958.

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Growth type: slow-grower
  • Native habitat: hills, forest areas with lots of light
  • Leaf shape: oval-shaped leaves
  • Soil: perlite, well-drained soil, peat moss
  • Water: water twice per week in the first weeks, reduce to once a week later on
  • Light: bright indirect light/direct sun in the morning
  • Fertilizer: slow-release fertilizer every two months

2. Partridge White Rose

American roses are perfect shrub roses for your yard, cultivated since 1940.

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Growth type: fast grower shrub
  • Native habitat: shady/bright light areas in continental climates
  • Leaf shape: oval-shaped leaves
  • Soil: well-drained soils, neutral soils
  • Water: water twice a week
  • Light: bright indirect light with a bit of shade
  • Fertilizer: slow-release fertilizer every two months

3. Madame Hardy White Rose

Madame hardy white roses are native to France and they’ve been cultivated since 1831.

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Growth type: medium
  • Native habitat: continental climates, hills, forests
  • Leaf shape: oval-shaped leaves
  • Soil: fertile, moist, slightly acidic soil
  • Water: water them once a week
  • Light: direct sunlight in the morning, bright light in the afternoon
  • Fertilizer: balanced fertilizer in the late winter

History Of Rosa Alba (White Roses)

The ancient Greeks spoke of the bud of a white rose as a symbol of infinity, because the shape of a rose is a circle, and a circle has neither a beginning nor an end. The leaves of the rose also open, but as soon as it opens, its petals begin to wither. From Greece, the white rose arrived in Rome and was considered a symbol of morality during the Greek Republic.

The language of rose flowers became exclusively of a loving nature, but at the same time roses differed by variety. Giving an Austrian rose meant – Great love. However, it was also important which flowers in the bouquet the rose was associated with.

Christian legends say that a white rose without thorns meant love at first sight. She grew up in the Garden of Eden after Eve and Adam were expelled from paradise, thorns grew on the rose, to remind us of mortal sin.

Legend Of The White Roses

A long time ago, all roses were white. In a garden with colorful flowers, they didn’t really like their simple white color. They would say to each other: “If only we were different colors like the other flowers in the garden.” If only we had the red color of dahlias, the purple color of violets, or the yellow color of dandelions.

What can we do to get color?” Just as the roses were talking, a fairy flew by. She decided to help them and went to the Sun God to ask him for a favor. He agreed to the fairy’s request. The fairy thanked him and then flew to the Dandelion God. “Can you give the roses your yellow color?” He smiled and agreed to the request.

The next day at dawn, when the fairy returned to the garden, all the plants greeted her cheerfully. The red rose happily welcomed her. The fairy said: “From now on, your name is Velvet Rose, and you are Yellow Rose.” And those that are original colors, you are White Rose.” All the roses asked themselves:

“How can we thank them?” – “Use your beauty and your fragrance to make the Earth a better place. That is the most valuable thank you,” said the fairy. Saying that the fairy flew away. She told everyone that there are now colorful roses in the garden. Since then, roses have had different colors.



Whoever asks does not hesitate and that’s correct. Based on your FAQs, we bring you this section below in which we’ll answer some similar questions about this topic.

Does White Rose Symbolize Break Up?

White roses aren’t a symbol of a breakup, nor you’ll get them if someone is trying to break up with you. However, there are roses suitable for such a situation and those are yellow roses.

Do White Roses Mean Respect?

Among many symbolism these roses have, white roses also present respect. It is usually respect for someone we truly love and due to that, you can gift them to your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, or someone from your family.

Are White Roses Good For Funerals?

Since the white roses symbolize purity and innocence, their use for funerals is very big. You can often see them on coffins and at memorial ceremonies.

What Do Red And White Roses Represent In A Relationship?

Floral arrangement with red and white roses presents passion and everlasting love. If you want to show someone that you’re very much into them-try this floral combination. It’s also a great way to express your eternal love to someone for anniversaries.

What Do Red Roses Mean In A Relationship?

I think we all know that a red rose color meaning presents passion, romantic love, and eternal love. Red petals are one of the most famous flowers and they’re given on many occasions year-round, not just on personal occasions.

What Do Pink Roses Mean In A Relationship?

The Pink rose meaning in relationship is love at first sight/first love. This can also mean teen love as we talked about above. The Pink rose is an inspiration for many poems that talk about young first love.

What Do Light Pink Roses Mean In A Relationship?

Light pink roses have the same meaning as regular pink roses-first love/love at first sight.

What Do Yellow Roses Mean In A relationship?

Yellow rose meaning in relationship is a feeling of warmth and happiness. It is ideal for showing joy and affection for someone, and for friendship. They are not an ideal sign of romantic love, they present friendships more.

What Do Orange Roses Mean In A Relationship?

Orange roses meaning in a relationship are enthusiasm, passion, and secret admiration. If someone you’re friends with gives you an orange rose, dig deeper, something might hide there.

What Do Peach Roses Mean In A Relationship?

The delicate peach color shows gratitude, recognition, and appreciation for someone in your life. It is often given as an expression of admiration and rarely as a sign of love.

What Do Blue Roses Mean In A Relationship?

Blue roses meaning is that you can achieve and get anything you want. In a relationship context, it means that you can win over even those who seem way too far out of your league. Don’t stop trying and be persistent!

What Do Green Roses Mean In A Relationship?

A green rose is a good gift for a pregnant woman because it is a symbol of fertility and motherhood. A bouquet of green roses can also represent congratulations to someone who has experienced happiness, such as winning the lottery, or even a gift to someone who has moved into a large space.

What Do Purple Roses Mean In A Relationship?

The unusual purple color is a perfect symbol of enchantment and bewitchment. This color also expresses love at first sight.

Final Thoughts

Today you’ve learned everything about the white rose meaning in relationship. If you weren’t fluent in the language of flowers before, today you’ve managed your fluency in this unique language.

We hope you enjoyed our article! Just as we started, we will finish our today’s article with an amazing rose quote:

Dear Superwoman, remember that a rose does not stop looking beautiful, because of the thorns around it. So, never allow weaknesses to stop you from admiring your own strengths.” ― Gift Gugu Mona

That would be all for today, see you soon with similar topics!