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Red Rose Meaning In Relationship: Red Petals Language

Red Rose Meaning In Relationship: Red Petals Language

Flowers hide so many mysterious stories behind their petals and today, we’ll find out the red rose meaning in relationship. We love flowers and sometimes it seems like we can’t get enough of them. Especially when we get a flower arrangement from our loved one.

Rose color meaning can be truly unique for those who are into the secret language of flowers. Red rose color meanings are definitely something you’ll love. It can such a profound message with a single rose.

In today’s article, you’ll learn everything about the red rose meaning in relationships, its symbolism, and its spiritual meaning. Next time you get these flowers you’ll know what that person wanted to tell you about them.

If you want to learn everything about the red rose secret language, let’s read about it then.

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Rose Colors: What Does Rose Color Mean? What Is The Red Rose Meaning In Relationship?


For centuries, people have tried to explore the hidden meaning of flowers, especially roses, which have been cultivated for millions of years.

Roses, which are certainly one of the oldest flowers in the world, hide many secrets in their petals, and each color of a rose has a different meaning.

What a yellow rose means in a relationship is not the same as what a white or red rose in a relationship. One thing is for sure, with or without meaning, we love getting these flowers for special occasions.

By receiving flowers, people around us tell us that they are thinking of us, that they love us, that we are good friends, and much more. But let’s find out what a red rose means when someone gives it to you in a romantic relationship.

What Is Red Roses Meaning In Relationship?


Is it the same if you get a white rose and a red rose in a relationship? What could a red rose represent as a flower on first date?

Why did I get dark red roses instead of light red roses? What is the person of your dreams telling you with red roses? Below we bring you very interesting answers.

Red Roses Symbolize Romantic Love – Red Rose Meaning In Relationship

The red rose has always been a classic symbol of love. Romantic love-often eternal love at first sight. Candy boxes and red roses are something that will never go out of fashion.

If a man gives you a red rose in the first stages of a relationship, his heart skips a beat because of you. If you get one, two, five, or a bouquet of roses, that person is crazy about you!

Did you know that the edelweiss flower meaning is also love and devotion?

Red Roses Symbolize Passionate Feelings – Red Rose Meaning In Relationship

It does not necessarily mean that passion is love. If a man gives you a red rose, but what he’s showing you isn’t exactly love, then he feels passionate about you. Sometimes passion comes with love, and sometimes both happen.

However, passion is often a fleeting feeling that we get when we enter something new, uncharted, and unknown.

Don’t romanticize that flower sign too much. Explore a little deeper and find out the hidden intentions behind that flower, that’s our advice.

Red Roses Symbolize Lust – Red Rose Meaning In Relationship

A red rose can also mean someone’s lust for you. Just like passion, lust can come as an addition to true love.

But very often, especially in the 21st century, lust is just what it really is. If you receive a red rose, don’t immediately imagine romantic scenarios.

Instead, give yourself time to research the situation a little better. A little time will give you the answers you’re looking for and you’ll see if it’s just lust or if there’s love too.

What Do Dark Red Roses Symbolize?

Dark red roses do not mean what lighter red roses mean. A dark red rose symbolizes love and passion with its petals.

The man who gives you these roses has pure and clearly defined goals and feelings toward you. Their appearance is also more special.

These roses are usually larger, look more sophisticated in floral arrangements, and are more expensive! When you receive these roses, know that your man really put in a lot of effort.

They are also much rarer than ordinary roses, which really shows the effort of the person you love.

Positive Symbolism Of Red Roses In Relationships

The positive symbolism of the red rose is exactly all that we have listed above. The red rose symbolizes pure romantic love, passion, and love at first sight.

Receiving a red rose, perhaps for the first time ever, is a special moment for every woman. Now that you know their symbolism, surely even more.

Negative Symbolism Of Red Roses In Relationships

Some say that dark red roses can also mean unrequited love, and therefore this is the negative side of a red rose. Red roses are also overrated for some people.

Valentine’s day around the world means thousands and thousands of red roses that everyone will and will not receive at the same time.

Therefore, these roses lose a bit of their meaning, and those who have not received them do not know what it feels like to receive them. But even black roses, pink rose, and red and white roses have some tiny negative sides as well.

When To Give Red Roses? Do Red Roses Beat Orange Roses And Pink Roses?


Red roses can be an everyday floral gift, but as more as you get them, less of them you think right? That is why we think you should save the red roses for special occasions such as:

  • First date Nothing will swipe the woman off her feet as a bouquet of red roses or even a single rose. Every woman will appreciate just the thought and effort you’ve put into the idea. Add roses with a strong fragrance to that and I’m telling you, she will fall for you!
  • Proposal The road to the desired location sprinkled with red rose petals is every woman’s dream. If you are going to get down on one knee and propose to your girlfriend at the desired destination, then you have a big yes with this flower for your girlfriend!
  • Wedding day Red roses will always be IN for a bouquet combination. Pair red roses with any other color and I’m sure it will look perfect. You can also use them for flower decor.
  • Anniversaries If you just remembered your anniversary, you are already ahead. But kidding aside, add red roses to your special day and you’ll make your better half much happier. The intoxicating scent of roses really spices up your special moments.

What Does The Number Of Roses Mean In A Relationship?

If you thought that getting one or six roses was the same, you are wrong. Each number carries with it a separate meaning. Below we will discuss what certain numbers of roses mean when you receive them as a gift.

The Number Of Roses: What Does 1 Red Rose Mean?

A single rose represents love at first sight. One red rose is ideal for the first date with the person you are in love with.

What you cannot say directly because of nervousness, one red rose will say for you. A red rose saves the day!

The Number Of Roses: What Do 2 Red Roses Mean?

Two red roses present mutual love and affection. You’ll definitely get two roses in an early stage of a relationship when you got to know the other person better. They are perfect for anniversaries.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 3 Red Roses Mean?

Three red roses mean “I love you.” If your loved ones have not yet uttered these words, then everything will be clear to you when you receive three fragrant red roses.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 4 Red Roses Mean?

Four red roses mean that nothing will come between you and your partner. It’s a sign of big devotion to the relationship, and love that’s only getting stronger day by day. It’s a great birthday gift. With 4 roses you express how much someone means to you.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 5 Red Roses Mean?

Five roses are your love for someone special. This is already a new level of love, which means that you are in a committed relationship, or at least that’s how the other person feels. 5 roses are usually given on anniversaries or for birthdays and similar occasions.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 6 Red Roses Mean?

Six red roses are telling you that they want you. In flower language, this is like asking someone to be your girlfriend or boyfriend. They are great and suitable when you want to take your relationship to the next level.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 7 Red Roses Mean?

Seven roses represent that he or she is infatuated with you. They are another great gift for the early stages of a relationship when you truly want to impress someone.

But of course, you can be dating for years and still be infatuated with your partner.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 8 Roses Mean?

Eight roses are the symbol of support for your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, or family when they’re facing some troubles. After all, not all amounts of red roses are connected with love and romantic love only.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 9 Roses Mean?

Nine red roses symbolize eternal love. If you get 9 roses from your loved one, they are not planning to let you go. They see everything they’ve been looking for in you and they want to be with you forever.

The Number Of Roses: What Do 10 Roses Mean?

10 red roses represent perfect love. When you get 10 red roses from someone they are telling you that your love for them is perfect. Everything about your mutual love is more than perfect and there is nothing to be changed.

What Does A Whole Rose Bouquet Mean In A Relationship?

A whole bouquet of red roses symbolizes love, passion, and trust. You will certainly not receive a bouquet of roses from a person you have only known for a short time.

A bouquet of deep red roses will be given to you by a person who truly loves you, cares for you, and is loyal to you.

The Top 3 Red Roses

Who could resist beautiful red roses – I wouldn’t! If their symbolism charmed you, maybe it’s time to plant some kind of red rose in your garden. We have selected three types of red roses of various nationalities for you.

English Shrub Darcy Rose

Darcy rose is a rose shrub native to England. In case you want to plant some for yourself, they’ll need these conditions for perfect growth:

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Light: direct sunlight
  • Water: water roughly every 2 weeks
  • Soil: all soil types
  • Temperature: 60-70 F
  • Humidity: hot humid areas
  • Fertilizer: complex mineral fertilizer
  • Pruning: prune to reduce its size

American Amalia Red Rose

Amalia red rose is a small shrub rose native to North America. If you decide to plant this one in your garden, they’ll need the following conditions for good growth:

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Light: bright indirect light
  • Water: water regularly once per week
  • Soil: well-draining soil
  • Temperature: 60-65 F
  • Humidity: 50%
  • Fertilizer: fertilizers that are high in nitrogen
  • Pruning: prune to reduce the size

Indian Eternity Red Rose

Eternity red roses are small red roses native to India. If you want to grow some on your own, and for yourself at home, they’ll need the following conditions to thrive well:

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Light: direct sunlight in the morning, shade in the afternoon
  • Water: once a week
  • Soil: acid soils
  • Temperature: 60-65 F
  • Humidity: 50-60%
  • Fertilizer: high-nitrogen fertilizer
  • Pruning: prune to reduce the size

History Of The Red Roses – Red Rose Meaning In Relationship

Red roses were introduced to Europe from China in 1800. However, their meaning is linked to centuries earlier, and it is believed that the first people on earth knew and cultivated roses. According to scientists, the appearance of the first rose trees dates back almost 35 million years.

If we don’t know much about those first specimens, many writings from antiquity show that the queen of flowers was already appreciated by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. At that time, mainly only the white variety was cultivated because of its medicinal properties.

In Greek and Roman mythology, the red rose was closely associated with the goddess of love. Many early cultures used red roses to decorate wedding ceremonies and often as part of traditional ceremonial attire.

Through this practice, these roses became a symbol of Love and Faithfulness. As the tradition of exchanging flowers as a gift of attention grew stronger, red roses naturally became the flowers that send the strongest message of love. This tradition has been preserved to this day.

Red Roses in 12th And 13th Century

In the 12th and 13th centuries, armed travelers brought new rose varieties from the Middle East, including the mythical lady’s rose, which in the thirteenth century enriched many Parisian regions with its appearance.

This variety was brought back from the so-called Holy Land. It was first cultivated for its medicinal properties before being prized for its beauty in the garden. It was from this variety that the essence of roses was created in the Middle Ages.

In France, the best old roses at that time were Gallic roses, which were also called French roses, but also varieties of white roses, which are also called Alba, Damascus roses, Centfreuilles roses, and finally the Moussus rose bush. Each fragrant flower consisted of many petals ranging from pure white to dark purple.

Red Rose Meaning In Relationship – Legend Of The Red Roses

A bush of red roses grew in the middle of a meadow far far away. The sun shone brightly every day, bees pollinated them, and rain strengthened their stems and leaves. The red roses smelled and withered, but they were happy with themselves. Once one of them asked. It is very beautiful to us, but what is our purpose? Time passed day by day. The sun was shining, the bees were buzzing, and the rain was falling. Roses were born and died, but it was obvious that they were no longer happy

One sunny day, a young couple, holding hands, came to the rose bush. They stopped, mesmerized by the beauty of the roses, and bent down to smell them. The boy reached out to pick the most beautiful rose from the bush. As he picked her up, her other sisters burst into tears – he killed one of them!

Of course, he didn’t notice that, and he gave the girl that rose, at which she smiled warmly, and then kissed him. Her smile was warmer than the sun that warmed them, softer than the rain that nourished them. Then the red roses realized their purpose. Beauty for beauty. Only someone as beautiful as a red rose can awaken the beauty of a girl’s smile. That was worth living for. That was worth dying for.

FAQ – Red Rose Meaning In Relationship


We know that you are interested in some other interesting facts about rose colors, and it probably includes other rose colors. Then let’s know the meanings of other colors in brief.

What Is Red Rose Meaning In Friendship?

Red roses meaning is never connected with friendship. Other rose colors symbolize friendship while the red rose mostly presents romantic love and passion.

What Do Light Pink Roses Mean In Relationships?

The Pink rose meaning in relationship is exciting love, a blossoming relationship that’s ready for some new better phases. In friendship, it doesn’t have a specific meaning.

What Do Orange Roses Mean In Relationships?

Orange roses meaning in relationships are pretty simple. If someone gives you an orange rose while you’re dating, they’re fascinated by you. It can also mean that they are proud of you and your successes. In friendships, they mean true friend love between two people.

What Do Lavender Roses Mean In Relationships?

Lavender roses represent enchantment. Along with dark pink roses and burgundy roses, it means that your other half is amazed by everything you represent. Some say these roses represent jealousy but that’s not true.

What Do Purple Roses Mean In Relationships?

Purple roses in relationships symbolize new fresh beginnings and they are perfect for wedding occasions, and anniversaries, especially dark purple roses.

What Do Peach Roses Mean In Relationships?

Peach rose in relationships presents genuineness, modesty, and gratitude. Your other half is thankful for the love they’re receiving and for you in general.

What Do White Roses Mean In Relationships?

White roses in relationships present young new love, pure and innocent romantic love. It’s a perfect flower gift for someone you just met, but you feel something for them. A similar meaning is for the cream roses. They are also a perfect gift for new relationships.

What Do Blue Roses Mean In Relationships?

Blue roses meaning in relationships is mutual trust and respect. Blue rose can also present an inspiration. That other person finds you inspiring, and what is more romantic than that?

What Do Yellow Roses Mean In Relationships?

Yellow rose meaning in relationship is love, but a kind of love that is not romantic, and jealous as well. If your other half gives you yellow roses, it’s not a good sign for sure.

What Do Green Roses Mean In Relationships?

Green rose in a relationship don’t have a specific meaning since these roses symbolize the rejuvenation of spirit and energy. Similar meanings have rainbow roses and purple carnations.

Final Thought On Red Rose Meaning In Relationship

We hope you enjoyed the stories about the symbolism of the red rose. Red roses have long been a symbol of beauty, and the red rose meaning in relationship must have positively surprised you if you received it recently.

There are many colors of roses, but the most special thing is to receive a red rose from our loved ones, right? That would be all for today. See you soon with more similar topics.

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