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Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings: Real Meaning Of The Beauty!

Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings: Real Meaning Of The Beauty!

For many people, the lily flower (genus Lilium) is the most beautiful plant in the world. With its elegant flower shape, colors, and co. this flower is simply an eye-catcher. But what do we know about types of lilies and their meanings?

Few know what a symbol this flower is and what meanings are behind this plant. From religion to love, the lily has great symbolism.

In this article, you will learn everything about the types of lilies and their meanings. So you know exactly what symbolism in flower form you hold in your hand and of course, the appropriate species to the color incl. the best care tips we have for you too! Or the answer to the question of what to do when lilies have finished flowering?

Lily Flower Meanings: What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Lily?

The language of flowers goes deeper than just the expression of their beauty. Because behind every plant and flower lies a profound side full of symbolism and deep meaning.

Especially the lily meaning fascinates not only the flower merchants or gardeners but also other people, who just love the Plant World. Exactly about the lilies meaning you will learn everything here.

Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings: How Many Types Of Lily Are There?

In the world there are many species of the lily flower to be more precise, there are over 90 different species and lily varieties.

All these species can be accurately identified by the flowers of the lily. But the variety of colors will not leave any wish unfulfilled, because every taste and every beautiful bouquet or floral arrangement will be a true lily.

From the color pink to the beautiful color of romantic love red, lilies hold everyone a surprise. These flowers can be used in so many variations, from potted plants to cut flowers.

In early summer from the Lilium family, we can expect a slight fragrance and bright colors, that light up our day.

From the Water lily, Canada lily, Turk’s cap lily, trumpet lilies, or Henry’s lily, which are just a few varieties in the lily family, we can expect more than just Beauty, a deep symbolic meaning is behind these flowers.

The symbolism was already known in Greek mythology, the Victorian era, as well as in various cultures such as the Chinese culture or the Western culture. These flowers are still among the favorites today.

Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings: True Lilies The Symbol Of Purity

Types of lilies and their meanings: With the lily family, when you mention the symbolism, you immediately think of purity. This is because the lily is associated with purity, especially in religion.

First, the stunning flowers are associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary and, over time, with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, the lilies in the sense of purity are often taken at weddings as a decoration or as a bridal bouquet, especially in the white color.

But in this category of the true lilies, should you not include the water lilies, calla lilies, or voodoo lilies. These species belong to other flowers even tho they look like the true lilies/native lilies (green lily, pink lilies…).

Femininity And Beauty: Sweet Fragrance And Elegant Shape

Femininity-and-beauty_-sweet-fragrance-and-elegant-shape-, types of lilies and their meanings

The appearance of the lily is very specific, and from distance, you can see it. Lily’s meaning also goes in this direction of symbolism, femininity, and beauty.

Precisely because of the fragrance and elegant shape of the leaves, lily bulbs and flowers are associated with these symbols.

Their history and connection to femininity and beauty go back a long time ago. With lilies of different colors would be crowned queens of, for example, Egypt or Greece.

Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings: Are Lilies Beautiful?

The underlining of this question is on the viewer because as we all know, the subjects like beauty we can only define individually. Calla lily, tiger lily, Easter lily, oriental lilies, green lilies, pink lilies, or white lilies, all of these are more or less beautiful flowers in the eyes of the viewer.

So whether something is beautiful or not, is up to each of us, regardless of whether this flower is a symbol of beauty.

But we all can agree that the lily is a masterpiece of nature. The shape, and the color combinations, are simply stunning creations.

Why Are Lilies The Flower Of Death?

Lilies’ meaning also lies in the transience. With their elegant shape and especially the white color, they are the appropriate flowers for sad occasions.

Many people put the lilies in the center of the mourning bouquet and as a sidebar, green foliage plants or various green plants are placed. Because green is the color of hope and that is most suitable for such occasions.

Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings: Which Lily Is The Flower Of Death?

The red spider lily flowers are most associated with death. This legend about the red spider lily comes from Buddhism.

In this culture, these lilies are planted on graves. Therefore, you will not see anyone giving a red spider lily as a gift.

Also, the Easter lilies are associated with the symbol of death. To be more precise, with Jesus Christ.

The story tells that a drop of blood and a drop of sweat fell from Jesus’ face onto the ground. These drops then turned into seeds and from them grew beautiful lilies.

Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings By The Colors Of The Great Lily Flowers

Meanings-by-the-colors-of-the-great-lily-flowers, types of lilies and their meanings

The lilies not only have general meanings, but also meanings that focus specifically on the flower colors.

Here you will get a “close look” at the colors and the lilies meaning in this sense.

In this way, gifting with these flowers will become even more special, and perhaps based on their symbolism, the lily will become your new favorite flower!

White Lily Symbolism

White lilies are the most popular type of lilies and the most purchased (according to consumer portal links). For all occasions, whether sad like funerals or happy things like weddings, the lily is the first choice.

Because we have nicely mentioned its symbolism of purity, it is exactly this symbolism that one attaches to the wise color. White lilies are also a symbol of innocence because the white color represents exactly that.

The peculiarity of the symbolism of the beautiful lily can be found in the names Fleur de Lys. Under these names, the white lily is known in the French region.

Because with this symbol, the nobility would be decorated. In this region, the white lily is considered a symbol of loyalty, dignity, and power.

Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings: Madonna Lily (Lilium Candidum)

When you think of a lily, the Madonna lily always comes to mind first, the majestic flowers. The white variety of the lily is the most popular among the many species from this plant family.

Not only that you will delight in its beauty and purity, but also its beautiful fragrance. It is not by chance that the lily is always found in the most beautiful perfumes.

Care for the Madonna lilies:

The substrate is the only thing that is a little elaborate with this beauty. Calcareous potting soil, loose and permeable, is the perfect substrate for Madonna lily.

Madonna lily should be enriched with conventional fertilizer only once a year.

As for watering, you should pay attention to the location. In the garden, the rain is quite enough. But in the pot, you should pay attention to regular watering.

Location of the Madonna lily:

For them beautiful Madonna lily, you should keep a warm place free. A lot of Sun and a lot of heat need this variety of lily.

When locating, whether in the garden or a container, keep the plant protected from drafts and cold.

Red Lily Meaning And Symbolism

Red is, after all, the color of love and exactly here, too, you can connect the symbolism of the red lily with love. The lily is also a symbol of fertility and desire, and especially this refers to the red lily.

Red lilies are the perfect choice if you want to surprise your special person on a date. The red color of the lilies will ignite passion and flowers are, after all, the perfect gift for a date.

Asiatic Lily Flower, Meaning Fiery Red

Asiatic lilies (hybrids) come in many colors, but the red variety is the most beautiful and intense. These types of lily can grow even up to 200 cm, the lowest size of this plant is 50 cm.

The leaves on the long, thin stem are a beautiful dark green color that best compliments the red color. But the highlight, of course, the oriental lily, are the six petals, which can grow up to 15 cm long.

Care red lily:

As a substrate, you can use simple potting soil or garden soil. It should be noted that the substrate is rich in nutrients and well-drained.

For these lilies’ rainwater will be quite enough. But when watering yourself, you should make sure that you do not cause waterlogging.

Location of the red lily:

Sun and warmth are the favorite things of the Asiatic lily. These plants like best when the soil is fresh and the flowers are completely in the sun.

As for the location, you should take care that the plants are protected from the wind. Also, in the heavy rain, you should protect the leaves and flowers!

Yellow Lilies Meaning

Yellow-lilies-meaning, types of lilies and their meanings

Yellow is such a beautiful and cheerful color, which has such a special meaning in the lilies. Because the yellow color of lilies represent friendship, and gratitude for the special people in life.

The yellow lily is also a symbol of happiness. It wants to remind us with its color that we enjoy even the smallest things in life.

Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings: Lemon Day Lily (Hemerocallis Citrina)

After all, the yellow color is the most cheerful color that the world has seen, especially when such a beautiful plant as the lily carries this plant. With this color, it lives up to its meaning.

These lilies grow from 80 to 120 cm tall with beautiful bell-shaped flowers. In the garden or as a houseplant, this lily will steal every look!

Care of the lemon day lily:

The substrate for this cheerful variety of lilies should be very light and well-drained. Humus and nutrients in the substrate are just a plus for the proper nourishing of the plant.

The substrate should always be kept moist so that you can keep the flowers longer. Freshwater should be, but not too cold so that the plant does not get a temperature shock.

Location of the lemon daylily:

A lot of Sun should be for this cheerful plant because it needs a lot of heat for the beautiful flowers. But a partial shade can also be good for the plants, where the lemon daylilies also feel comfortable.

But in wind and weather, you should pay attention to the right protection. These plants are not hardy, so before winter comes, make the right preparations.

Orange Lily Meaning And Symbolism

Orange-lily-Meaning-and-symbolism, types of lilies and their meanings

Orange lilies are very powerful in their meaning and the plant language. The orange lilies represent power, wealth, and strong assertiveness.

But the significant symbol that this beautiful species carries is the symbol of trust. So, if you want to give someone your trust, then a bouquet of orange lilies is the best idea!

Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings: Tiger Lily (Lilium Lanciofolium)

One of the most beautiful species of lily and one of the most interesting. Tiger lily lives up to its name with its looks with its color combination. A bright orange, paired with black small dots.

This species of lily can even grow up to 200 cm tall with the right care. It comes to us from far and exotic Asia.

Care of the tiger lilies:

The substrate for the tiger lily should be mixed with a little clay and sand to achieve the permeability that the plant needs. Many nutrients and high humidity of the substrate are a plus for the tiger lily.

To keep the substrate moist, you should water the plant regularly. Especially in the summer, you should not skimp on watering, because the plant can not cope so well with drought.

Location of the tiger lily:

As for the location, you should make sure that the plant is not directly in the sun. That is, the flower likes it warm and bright, but the root should remain in partial shade.

Through low perennials, you can form the perfect shade for the root of the tiger lily.

The Meaning Of Purple Lily Flowers

The-meaning-of-purple-lily-flowers, types of lilies and their meanings

Purple in all its tones is a beautiful color. A color that one associates with something royal. It is the same with the meaning of the purple lily.

This lily carries the meaning of success, achievement, and dignity. However, the symbol with which the lily is most associated with the royal is precisely the symbol of privilege.

Types Of Lilies And Their Meanings: Iris (Iris Sibirica)

The iris or also called the meadow lily delights with its beautiful and very intense purple color. This species is especially popular for the garden or even for the tub.

This type of lily can grow up to 150 cm high with the right care. With its flower shape, the plant gets a recognizable feature by which you can immediately recognize the plant.

Care of the iris:

The substrate for this species of lilies should always be kept fresh. Plenty of nutrients and humus best help this plant to develop its flowers.

Regular watering of the plants will help the soil to stay moist at all times. It would be best that you use plain rainwater for watering the plants.

Location of the iris:

In the case of iris, adaptability is the best feature as far as the location is concerned. Because here, the partial shade, as well as the full sun, can be a bull’s eye.

Because this species comes from the meadow, it can withstand wind and weather well, only you need to pay attention to frost protection in winter.

The Lily Meaning In Medicine

The-lily-meaning-in-medicine, types of lilies and their meanings

The lily has not only its meaning in the color or its beauty, but it also has great importance in medicine in its healing properties. Here you will learn about the healing properties of these beautiful medicinal plants.

Lilies and their importance in medicine:

  • Lily is widely used in plant healing and medicine, for example, for wounds, injuries, cuts, or abrasions.
  • Lilies are often used in folk medicine as a cold remedy for coughs or colds, or even for respiratory problems.
  • For the skin, lily is also a great natural medicine option as it is a great way to fight acne.
  • With its beguiling scent and cheerful color, the lily can also have a positive effect on the nervous system.
  • Its scent also relieves psychological ailments, such as depression.
  • Also for various inflammations, such as the spleen or kidney, the lily can offer its healing effects as a relief.
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