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9 Flowers That Mean Friendship: Meaningful Messages In Petals

9 Flowers That Mean Friendship: Meaningful Messages In Petals

Ever wondered – what are the flowers that mean friendship? Today we will talk about those lovely flowers.

Next time when you decide to buy a gorgeous bouquet for your friend(s) you will know what flowers exactly mean for friendship.

Not all flowers have meaningful friendship messages behind their petals. Language flowers are very interesting for those who know how to read them. Today we’re offering you the skills of reading friendship flowers and their deeper messages.

Below we bring you 9 flowers that mean friendship. Let’s learn all about their messages.

What Are Friendship Flowers?

Friendship flowers are colorful flowers and beautiful flowers that mean friendship. After reading these sections below, you’ll be sure to choose a flower meaning friendship in the flower store the next time you visit one.

They don’t depend on the flower color, it doesn’t matter if it’s yellow blooms or red blooms. Some flowers simply have such symbolism and they’ve been famous as friendship flowers throughout history.

9 Flowers That Mean Friendship

Peruvian lilies, gerbera daisies, sunflowers, and many other flowers that mean friendship. Even the asymmetrical petals have wonderful meanings that date back to Greek mythology.

Let’s learn all about their deep messages and symbolism. Next time you’ll know what beautiful flower to choose for your friend.

1. Bright Yellow Roses


Bright yellow roses are the universal symbol of friendship. They present a good friendship between two friends.

They celebrate friendship and cherish the love between those two friends. If you’re not sure what to give to your friends for national friendship day, give them a yellow rose.

The bright yellow color speaks for itself and this time it says “I love you my best friend. I’m happy to have you in my life.”

Although these flowers symbolize friendship, different rose colors don’t mean the same thing. Only two roses represent friendship-orange rose and bright yellow colors of the rose.

Spiritual Meaning

When you give/gift someone yellow roses, it is believed that you bring that person joy and happiness.

The yellow color itself is a universal color for happiness and joy. Add beautiful flowers and petals to that and you have a flower that sparks joy.

When you’re not sure what flower to choose to brighten up someone’s day, always go with the yellow colors. Something about the yellow color is relaxing and joyful and simply makes us happy and optimistic.

2. Gerbera Daisies


Daises don’t have an “official” friendship flower title as yellow roses for example. They symbolize worshiping someone special, adoration, and celebration of love.

Due to such symbolism, it is assumed that these flowers celebrate friendship as well.

Who else do we worship and admire than our friends and family? They are also a symbol of high esteem for someone.

In this case, those are our close friends. If you want to choose a flower that tells your friend “I admire you”-go with gerbera daisies.

Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meanings of gerbera daisies are purity, innocence, cheerfulness, and loyal love. This is definitely a “friendship package” of emotions and feelings we have towards someone. Real friendships are pure, innocent, cheerful, and definitely have that type of loyal love.

A good friend is someone who will never betray you and who’s always next to you. Good friends got your back and that is exactly what the spiritual meaning of yellow gerbera daisies presents.

3. Peruvian Lily


The meaning of the Peruvian lily is friendship and devotion. Peruvian lilies have such meaning that says “respect your friends, devote to your friends.”

If you’re lacking inspiration these days and you’re not sure what to give to your friends, go with lilies.

These six petals flowers were a symbol of friendship among greek gods as well. They also symbolize strength in some cultures.

Even though these fast-growing flowers have such soft colors, they still symbolize strength and friendship that stands strong through tough times as well. They rarely symbolize good wishes.

Spiritual Meaning

Unlike other flowers above, this flower isn’t given for another occasion. It can only be given when you’re gifting your friend for personal achievements or you simply want to celebrate your friendship with a floral gift. The spiritual meaning of these flowers is the same as their symbolism.

4. Pink Tulips


Pink tulips symbolize caring and good wishes. They are one of the popular flowers that represent friendship.

In the Netherlands, as you can assume for sure, they are the most popular flowers for friendship occasions.

Besides friends, you can gift pink tulips to your family as well. Like some flowers above, these flowers symbolize good wishes too and rarely good luck like yellow tulips in some cultures.

Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of pink tulips is very interesting. Pink tulips have many spiritual meanings. The most popular ones are affection, love, good wishes, and caring.

You can gift these flowers to your best friends, family, and even the person you’re in a romantic relationship with.

They don’t present deep affection and love as red tulips and red roses, but they can serve the purpose as well.

5. Sunflowers


Dating back to Ancient Greece and greek mythology, the sunflower’s symbolism is loyalty, trust, and adoration. These symbolisms exist thanks to the myth of Clytie and Apollo.

Sunflowers are given to friends you have strong bondage with. Friends who are loyal, trustworthy, respectful, and very close to you deserve this flower.

Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the sunflower flowers is loyalty and following God. Those who follow God, according to this spiritual meaning, are loyal and trustworthy people.

Those are the people who will always find the light in the dark and those who are respectful. Even in the Bible, there’s a quote about sunflowers. “The fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, justice, and truth.”

6. Iris Flower


Another flower that symbolizes friendship is the iris flower. Along with this symbolism, they also represent admiration, wisdom, faith, and hope. You should give an iris flower to a friend who’s wise and faithful and to a friend you admire as well.

Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the iris flowers is valor and hope. It is not connected to the friendship meaning of the flowers but it is definitely a symbol that’s used in life.

7. Pear Blossoms


The pear blossom’s symbolism is friendship, purity, and longevity. This meaning is even more powerful in Chinese culture than in the USA and Europe.

In China, if you truly want to let them know your friend how much you care for them, gift them pear blossoms.

Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of pear blossoms is comfort. And what is more comfortable and “safer” for people than a good friend who knows to listen and who’s always there for us?

8. Yellow Tulips


Yellow tulips symbolize friendship, happiness, cheerfulness, and hope. Same to pink tulips, yellow tulips are most popular in the Netherlands, its native country.

They’re given for national friend’s day and many other occasions in this country. Yellow color will definitely bring a smile to your friend’s face.

Spiritual Meaning

Back in the Victorian age, Victorians used to say that “there’s sunshine in your smile” with yellow tulips. This is definitely one of the best gifts for your friend.

9. Yellow Zinnias


We hope you will agree with as: this flower with its symbolism of daily remembrance presents one of the best friendship flowers. They present affection that lasts, lasting friendship as well.

Spiritual Meaning

Their spiritual meaning is the same as their symbolism.



Let’s find out more in the FAQs section about flowers that mean friendship. We bring you some interesting facts and symbolism about these flowers.

What Flowers Are Given For National Friendship Day?

For national friendship day, people usually give flowers to the lily family. Peruvian lily is of course #1 lily flower on such occasions. Other types of lilies and their meaning can also be very interesting.

Among these flowers, fresh flowers sunflowers come second and third place are yellow roses. Since sunflowers spark joy, some say that flowers should be #1 on such occasions.

What Flower Mean Friendship Forever?

The yellow rose is a flower you can give to your BFF. The yellow roses are perfect flowers with the most powerful symbolic meaning.

If you want to say to someone “you’re my BFF”, choose this perfect flower for the occasion. The same symbolism has sunflowers.

They are only given to true friends. Next time, for your best friend’s birthday you know what to choose when you decide to send flowers. Don’t miss others’ joyous occasions without flowers that mean friendship.

What Are Blue Flowers That Mean Friendship?

Freesia is a blue flower that symbolizes friendship. They are a symbol of friendship that’s based on trust, loyalty, mutual support, and love. People use this flower for wedding occasions as well.

These heart-shaped leaf flowers are popular flowers for anniversaries as well. Gift them to someone with whom you see a lasting friendship and someone you have a deep love for. Even romantic love.

What Flowers Celebrate Friendship The Best?

As we said above, there are several flowers that symbolize friendship the best. In the Victorian era, people thought that even red roses can be a symbol of any sort of love. Today they only represent romantic love.

Nowadays, friendship flowers are sunflowers, daisies, Peruvian lilies, and iris flowers, and one of the first flowers in Ancient Greece.

The Iris flower is a flower with strong bonds and strong roots that date back to Ancient times. Friendship flowers can also represent new beginnings and the reunion of old friends.

Do Friendship Flowers Have Different Meanings In Different Cultures?

In many cultures, 90% of cultures, friendship flowers have the same meaning. Yellow rose will be the main gift for national friendship day in 95% of countries in the world.

Other countries simply don’t have such traditions and they are not involved in such symbolism.

Who is The Goddess Of Flowers?

Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers, and the Floralia festival was held in ancient Rome every year in early spring.

Two temples were also dedicated to the goddess, which speaks volumes about how much the Romans valued flowers. Although there are some indications that the Greeks already knew the symbolism of flowers and entangled them in myths, the Victorian period is considered the most responsible for the development of the language of flowers.

In that conservative and very closed era, especially when it comes to repressed emotions, it was difficult to communicate. Intimate messages were difficult to convey, but attaching meaning to a single flower opened a passage into the world of secrets, or more precisely, the flower carried a message for the one who receives it.

Mary Wortley, Lady Montague, the wife of the Turkish ambassador to England, is most credited with the modern development and recording of the language of flowers. Her booklet “Secret Messenger” was very popular in England. She collected the available knowledge and combined it with folk beliefs to create a kind of dictionary of flowers and the messages they convey.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our article about flowers that mean friendship. Today we presented you with 9 such flowers and we hope you’ll use them for special occasions next time.

In case you want them near you and you want to grow them, you can check our site for care guides for these flowers.

It’s best to end this article with such a beautiful quote about flowers and friends.

“Fame is the scentless sunflower, with gaudy crown of gold; Friendship is the rose, with sweets in every fold.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

That would be all for today, see you soon with similar topics!