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Primrose Birth Flower: Appreciate The Sacred Flower Symbolism

Primrose Birth Flower: Appreciate The Sacred Flower Symbolism

Today we’re going to talk about the primrose birth flower (primula vulgaris). Mostly when we talk about zodiac flowers, it is important to know and learn what are the birth flowers for each month.

We’re focusing on the primrose flower, its birth month, and everything else that’s interesting about this primrose birth flower.

Among the violet flower (violet February birth flower) we will discuss the main February flower of the February month, ie, the primrose birth flower.

How to learn about February birthday flowers, well, super easy-continue reading this article.

When February’s birth flower blooms in the early spring, you will know what flower exactly is the one for the people born in this month.

Birth month flowers aren’t a hard thing to remember, just think about a delicate flower with vibrant color and young love as well.

If you need a wonderful reminder of flowers that symbolize hope and much more, let’s learn more about those flowers below. Let us start with the primrose birth flower.

Is Primrose A February Birth Flower?

Primrose birth flower is the February flower for all those who were born in this month and who belong to the zodiac sign born in this month.

The second month of the year has a primrose flower for its title and decor. Flower belongs to the rose family of course and it’s native to the temperate northern hemisphere.

The primrose path dates back to the Victorian age and even ancient greeks loved and cherished this flower. The flower is also often mentioned in Japanese culture.

What Does The Primrose Flower Symbolize?

Primrose birth flower symbolizes purity, spiritual wisdom, the virgin mary, symbolizes protection, and passionate love, and it is believed that it scares off evil energies. Ancient celts used to think of it as a symbol of modesty.

For all the people born in February, the primrose flower is a perfect gift. If you want to plant them for your special February soul, plant them in moist soil in direct sunlight conditions.

What Are The 2 Symbolic Flowers Of February?

Two symbolic flowers of February month are primrose flowers and violets. If you want to plant violets and prepare garden beds for the blue-purple flowers, choose these flowers for February sweethearts you know, or just for yourself. But guess what?

Even if you plant an iris germanica flower, you won’t do wrong. They grow well in partial shade on the east coast and they have European origins. They are a great gift for an Aquarius sign. In Norse mythology

Why Are There 2 Birth Flowers For All Months?

Two birth flowers for all the other months are:

  • February – violet, and primrose
  • March – daffodil, and white rose
  • April – daisy and sweet pea
  • May – lily of the valley and hawthorn
  • June – rose and honeysuckle
  • July – delphinium and pink gerberas
  • August – gladiolus, and poppy
  • September – morning glory and the aster
  • October – marigold, and cosmos
  • November – chrysanthemum and red rose
  • December – holly, and daffodil

Other Popular Beside The Primrose Birth Flower – Often Mentioned February Birth Flowers

Below we bring you other 3 flowers that are very popular as the February birth flowers. Let’s check out the symbolism and meanings of violets, rose,s and iris flowers.

Violet Flowers’ Meaning And Symbolism

All the species of violets stand for modesty and gratitude, and in the language of flowers, they also present deep love. Genus viola was used in ancient Greek along with the primrose flower as an ingredient for love potions.

This flower also presents innocence. They are popular in areas such as Rhode island, new jersey, and Wisconsin and very rarely in Illinois.

Iris Flowers’ Meaning And Symbolism

The iris flower represents faith, hope, courage, and wisdom. The Iris flower is one of the popular flowers in greek mythology and a much-used flower as flower for fertility.

Iris is one of the flowers that bloom in early spring, but some consider it the flower of February precisely because of this.

Roses’ Meaning And Symbolism

The red rose meaning is well known all around the world, especially the red rose meaning in relationships.

After the red rose, I’m sure you all read at least once about the pink rose meaning in a relationship, the white rose meaning in a relationship, the blue rose meaning, the orange rose meaning and the yellow rose meaning in a relationship.

Roses’ meanings are usually love, gratitude, passion, trust, friendship, and innocence, depending on their color. One thing is sure, no matter what the color is, we love getting roses as a floral gift.

Interesting Facts About A Primrose Birth Flower

Primrose has medicinal properties that were not known until the Middle Ages. At that time it was not recorded as a significant species in this sense.

The first records of primrose appear in the 15th century. It was also mentioned earlier in Norse mythology as a dwarf flower.

In the Middle Ages, its healing properties for strokes, as a remedy for various salves and creams, and as a remedy for paralysis were discovered.

In the 17th century, it appeared in medical manuals and gained importance only in the 19th century.

Among its various symbols, the primrose is also a symbol of life, so it is also used in Easter arrangements. Primrose is also a symbol of first love.

It was also believed that primrose summons the sun and has a positive effect on mental health.

FAQs About Primrose Birth Flower


In this section below we bring you more info about the primrose birth flower and primrose flower use in general. Shall we check it out?

What Does The Primrose Tattoo Mean?

Primrose tattoo means that you can’t live with someone or something. It stands for people’s dependence on something in their life.

When Does A Primrose Have Blooming Flowers?

You will have a lovely bouquet full of primroses in April month. Each bloom stands for deep love, life, and gratitude. Their yellow color also stands for happiness.

Do Primroses Grow In The Northern Hemisphere?

Primrose flowers are a flower native to the northern hemisphere and it’s rarely found in other parts of the globe.

What Is A Primrose Day?

Primrose day is the day when in the UK, people traditionally celebrate primrose flower day. They do it as a part of the commemoration of prime minister Benjamin Disraeli.

In Conclusion About The Primrose Birth Flower

Today we talked about the primrose birth flower. If you were wondering earlier about the birth flower of February, today we pretty much determined what that flower is, right?

The flower is adorned with beautiful symbolism, and only then is its beautiful appearance in cheerful colors, which many owners of colorful gardens look forward to in the spring.

If your garden lacks symbolic flowers with a bright yellow color, choose primrose and you won’t go wrong. Also primrose is perfect for beach gardening.

If there are people in your close circle who were born in February, that can only be a plus. You can pick it fresh and give it to your loved ones.

We hope you enjoyed today’s article. That would be all for today, see you soon with more similar topics.