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Flowers For Taurus: 9 Best Fragrant Flowers Of Taurus Earth Sign

Flowers For Taurus: 9 Best Fragrant Flowers Of Taurus Earth Sign

Among many zodiac flowers, today we will talk about flowers for Taurus. If you’re doubting your choices of flowers for Taurus, today you’ll learn about the best flowers for this sign. The Taurus zodiac is well known for its choice of seasonal flowers.

If you know any Taurus people, you know very well that in the Taurus horoscope, white flowers, large roses, and other flowers similar to that are appreciated by Taurus folks.

This sign of the zodiac is ruled by the planet Venus and due to that, they’re deeply connected to white and yellow flowers.

So, let’s learn what people born under this star sign prefer in a floral world. Among that, some other finer things as well in our ending FAQs section. Buy a vase, and get ready to learn all about the romantic language of flowers and their beauty that will make your Taurus smile.

9 Popular Flowers For Taurus (April 20th-May 20th)

Taurus-Zodiac-Flowers-April-20-May-20 flowers for taurus

Below we bring you 9 perfect flowers for the Taurus zodiac sign. With our help, choose the best flowers for your favorite and special Taurus.

1. Lavender As Flowers For Taurus

Lavender represents serenity, grace, and calmness. Precisely because of its colors and symbolism, it is an excellent flower that fully represents the character of Taurus, who does not get too excited about things and does not get annoyed about insignificant things.

Among many symbols, lavender is also a symbol of elegance, and we all know how elegant bulls can be.

Just like lavender, the flower is not overly popular and you will not be the first to pick it in the garden, but when you notice it, you will pay attention to it and be grateful for the beauty of these flowers.

2. Lilies As Flowers For Taurus

The Lily flower is one of the most famous and most beautiful flowers in greek mythology. It is also one of the many spring flowers that mean friendship.

In addition to its many symbols and titles awarded for its beauty and symbolism, the flower is also one of the favorite flowers of the Taurus sign. It represents purity, elegance, gratitude, hope, effort, dedication, and happiness in life.

In these symbols, we can find signs of the Taurus character because it is the Taurus who looks forward to things in life, appreciate business success and always optimistically hope for the future.

3. Daisies

The daisy flower has many symbols, and the two most famous are the symbols of motherhood and new beginnings. How does this relate to the sign of Taurus you ask?

Taurus is a sign that is very dedicated to its work and completes every project to the end, but if the job does not suit it at least a little, it will not stay at it.

Taurus are not known as great creatives in their work, but they are experts in their fields and everything needs to be well arranged in order to commit to a project.

Because of this, they often go to new jobs, change jobs and dare to boldly embark on new beginnings.

Not only in the business world, but also in the love world. They love risk, just like the flowers that dare to grow right after snow and cold temperatures.

4. Carnations

The carnation is a symbol of many things, and its most important feature is the symbolism of female strength. It is precisely for this reason that it is given as a gift on International Women’s Day.

It is a symbol of both love and strength. We can already conclude why the symbolism of this sign is connected with this flower. Taurus is one of the strongest, but also stubborn signs.

The flower comes in various colors, and since Taurus usually likes vibrant colors, this is one of the reasons why this flower fascinates members of the Taurus sign so much.

5. Poppy Flowers For Taurus

The poppy flower is today a national flower of Poland. This symbolism comes right after the First World War, and it is believed that poppies sprouted on the battlefields.

Its red color represents spilled blood, a symbol of victory over the greatest evil in the world – war, and the exit of the country itself from war after years and years of struggle, and finally freedom.

And here we can notice how the meaning of the flower and the symbolism of the Taurus sign harmoniously match.

Taurus is known for daily struggles with themselves, doubts, and striving for bigger and better even if they will lose a lot of energy and work until they achieve it.

This metaphor represents the “shed blood and sweat” of the bull until he realizes his plans.

6. Foxglove

Foxglove is a flower that represents insincerity, pride, intuition, and energy. All this describes the Taurus sign very well.

They are proud, often stubborn rather than proud, they have a strong intuition, like their spirit animal, and they have a lot of energy even after long working days, but sometimes they know how to keep things quiet for their own good and the welfare of the society they are in, which is insincerity.

The flowers are in a beautiful purple color, and so far we have learned how much bulls enjoy the vibrant colors of nature.

7. Jasmine Flowers For Taurus

Besides its many symbolism, jasmine is today the national flower of Cuba. Its symbolism is not closely related to the character of the Taurus sign, as it represents love and purity, but the

Taurus sign appreciates it because of its taller growth and its delicate white color, which is very striking and tempting.

8. Geraniums

Geranium flowers represent happiness, friendship, and good health. Just like the jasmine flower, its symbolism is not associated with Taurus.

However, its tempting red color is the reason why this sign enjoys these flowers so much. In addition to the green color, bulls love the bright red color that this flower has.

9. Gardenia Flowers For Taurus

The gardenia flower is decorated with a beautiful white color that is striking in nature. It symbolizes purity and gentleness, and in some cultures, resilience, which can practically be connected with the character of the Taurus sign. Most of all, they appreciate this flower because of its beautiful silk white color.

Is Rose A Birth Flower Of Taurus?


If you have some sort of romance with a Taurus in your life, it would be nice to buy them rose flowers, but Taurus isn’t a rose. Taurus would much more appreciate an orchid or a bouquet of lavender.

Arrangements with daisies, lavender, and violet can be perfect gifts for Taurus more than roses as well. We suggest that you always turn on your creativity when making a bouquet for

Taurus loves and appreciates sensual things, beautiful things, art, and passion in everything. Luxury isn’t really their thing.

Flowers For Taurus – Taurus Sign – Personality

Tauruses in the business world are excellent employees who are very committed to their work and usually very qualified for their roles.

The key to understanding their work environment is balance and stability in work. Their social environment and demeanor enable a large number of business associates.

Tauruses like to have a lot of money and will work hard to get it, even if they don’t spend it on luxuries afterward. They strive to secure their future and try to maintain a certain image of themselves in society.

When we talk about bulls, we are talking about very loyal people who do not like sudden changes, criticism, and the imposition of guilt by their partners.

Despite being dependent on other people’s emotions, they have the ability to bring a voice of reason in unhealthy and chaotic love situations.

Once something catches their attention, they will make many efforts to get it. They do not court aggressively but through casual, interesting conversation and attention.

Failures and setbacks do not affect their positive thinking. When they focus on a project, they completely commit to it until they complete it perfectly.

FAQs About Taurus Birth Flowers And More


If you think we have missed some information regarding this sign, below we bring you the FAQs section where we will answer the frequently asked paths regarding flowers for the Taurus sign and a few more.

What Plant Is Taurus?

A plant that presents the Taurus zodiac sign the best is the fiddle-leaf figs plant that’s one of the most famous big-leaf houseplants.

Which Herb Is Taurus?

Taurus herb is a catnip. The herb is native to Eurasia and it’s usually used to create tasty tea beverages.

What Spirit Animal Is Taurus?

The Spirit animal of a Taurus sign is a bull. They truly represent this earth sign.

What Color Is Taurus Favorite Color?

Taurus’s favorite color is green. It presents the connection of this sign with nature.

Does Taurus Like Getting Flowers?

Taurus likes getting flowers but it is not like some other zodiac signs that truly enjoy flowers. They prefer plants and herbs more than flowers.

Final Thoughts On Flowers For Taurus

If you wanted our article about flowers for Taurus, we’re sure you would enjoy the one about Aries flowers and other zodiac flowers as well. It’s always handy to learn about these things from all the different people in your life.

Once you learn what flower arrangement to get for each sign, you’ll be more than confident in choosing the perfect floral gift for your friend’s or partner’s birthdays and celebrations.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed our today’s article about flowers for Taurus and we hope you’re ready in your florist role now. That would be all for today, see you tomorrow with similar topics.