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Flowers For Aquarius: The Best 11 Aquarius Sign Birth Flower

Flowers For Aquarius: The Best 11 Aquarius Sign Birth Flower

Among many zodiac flowers, today we put our focus on flowers for Aquarius. The Aquarius birth flower is one of many special flowers for this zodiac sign.

They also have their official lucky flower, the flower you can wish them a happy birthday with and a perfect flower to brighten up the day of your fun-loving Aquarius.

People born under this sign are thankful star sign that will appreciate such a gesture, so in order to make them happy, we present you 11 flowers for Aquarius today.

In case you want to avoid being stuck in a floral shop and talking with your local florist for 15 minutes about perfect flowers, get there ready the next time.

Your friends or family members that belong to this sign category will enjoy the vibrant colors you choose for them.

The innate qualities that this sign has, point out the spiritual wisdom this sign carries within and unlike other flowers, you might choose, these, they’ll actually completely love. So, how to wake a sensitive side of this air sign?

Well, deep thinkers time is off, now we’re here to help you with everything. Let’s start reading about the birth flowers of Aquarius.

What Flower Symbolizes Aquarius?


The flower that symbolizes Aquarius sign the best is the orchid. If you want a perfect floral gift for the special Aquarius in your life, go with a flower that stands for new beginnings, beauty, nature, creativity, and much more.

Sometimes, you might read that the official flower for Aquarius is carnations. That’s not so wrong since their meanings are very similar, but orchids still match better. When it comes to the color of its blooms, Aquarius prefers purple and white orchids.

What Flowers Does Aquarius Like?

Since the Aquarius sign is often considered a bit nomadic, they love wildflowers as much as the perfectly chosen flowers for vases.

When choosing floral gifts for them, you won’t go wrong if you choose verbena or some kind of roses for them.

Colors are usually purple, yellow, and white for this sign. Since they’re go-getters, they might buy flowers for themselves very often too. Besides flowers, they prefer colorful houseplants as well.

11 Flowers For Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Birth Flowers

In the section below, we bring you some of the favorite plants/flowers for the Aquarius sign that will truly show how much you appreciate your friendship with that Aquarius in your life.

We all have a special person in our lives and to give them something with a symbol, in times like this, means a lot. Let’s wake happiness on their faces by choosing the right bouquet for them.

1. Verbena


Verbena is among its many titles and symbols also known as the popular flower for fertility. The symbolism of the verbena flower is healing, creativity, and happiness.

Aquarians are known as people who are creative, although they often don’t like to show off and brag about their work.

Aquarians are art lovers, and often practice it themselves. It is usually about painting and photography, and in rare cases also about music.

Aquarians love their alone time because that’s when they paint, make, listen to music, or simply take a peaceful walk and take photos.

This is exactly why this flower is the perfect link between the Aquarius sign and the verbena flower.

2. Clematis

Clematis flower has a similar meaning to the ladies of the night plant, which Aquariuses also like.

The Clematis flower represents the beauty of ingenuity. This excellent flower is just one of a series of flowers that match the traits and characteristics of the Aquarius sign so beautifully.

Although they are often cold and lonely because they want it to be, this sign is very creative and resourceful.

It is in these moments of solitude that their creativity is at its peak and they will often surprise you with their ideas.

The color of the flower is violet, which confirms the fact that the Aquarius sign enjoys purple, white, and yellow tones of flowers.

The flower is wild and usually grows at higher altitudes, and as we already know, this sign loves wildflowers for their symbolism and freedom.

3. Yellow Roses


If you’re dating Aquarius, a yellow rose due to the yellow rose meaning in relationship will make perfect sense as part of the bouquet.

This zodiac sign enjoys vibrant yellow colors and when you add perfect symbolism to it, you pretty much made their day better!

But before you think that this flower is the perfect romantic flower, it’s not. The flower is actually given to celebrate the love between two very good friends.

If you and your friend have an anniversary of your friendship or you simply want to brighten their day, a yellow rose is a perfect choice.

In addition to the symbol of friendship, the flower is a sign of modesty and gratitude, two very important characteristics that adorn this sign.

Aquarians are always modest, even when they are in leadership positions, and never lose their honest, humble, true face.

4. Viola


If your dear Aquarius enjoy a viola flower, they will most likely love purple house plants too. The Viola flower represents innocence, modesty, and decency.

If you pose this sign well, then you know very well that exactly these qualities adorn Aquarius.

Known for their innocence, seclusion, modesty, and honor that actually comes quite naturally without any pretense.

Another purple flower in the series will be the perfect gift for your friend or partner belonging to this sign.

Although they are not exactly the perfect flower for a bouquet, gifting them a wild version of this flower or simply seeds to plant and grow it themselves is sure to be a creative and interesting thing for Aquarians.

5. Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums represent friendship, happiness, and well-being. They are one of the most popular autumn flowers and also represent gratitude, which is another in a series of qualities that adorn this sign.

Aquarians are known as loyal and good friends and lovers, and anyone who has them in their life is a happier person.

They wish others well and strive to achieve this by having good relations with the people around them and by always helping those who need it.

6. Lilies


Types of lilies and their meanings are well-known all around the world. Lilies have many symbols, and some of them are rebirth, innocence, purity, love, femininity, passion, and gratitude.

We can’t say that each of these meanings has a direct link to these flowers, but we can see some traits that Aquarians have that lilies represent.

It won’t surprise you, I’m sure when I tell you that they like yellow and white lilies the most.

7. Freesia

Freesia is one of the flowers that mean friendship. Freesia flower represents trust, thoughtfulness, and innocence.

In the series of flowers that we mentioned in today’s article, this flower is definitely right on the point because it represents this sign so well.

The consideration that this sign takes into account every time before doing something and thinking about how it will affect other people around him is exactly what this flower represents.

On the other hand, the fresh cheerful colors of this flower also match the favorite choice of flower colors for Aquarians.

8. Ballon Flower

The Ballon flower has two meanings, namely honesty and obedience. We can agree that both meanings have a perfect connection with this sign.

Aquarians are honest people, not at all corrupt and devious, they will deceive you only when they prepare a surprise for you.

Its purple-blue color is the perfect color choice for Aquarians, and since they are wildflowers, they will love them even more for that.

9. Salvia

The Salvia flower represents wisdom. I know that this flower immediately associates you with Aquarius because they are known as moody and wise people.

These people are mostly silent in groups of people, but when they burn through even a few sentences, they are usually some meaningful words.

They are not stingy with words, this sign simply does not like to have meaningless conversations, so they enjoy solitude more. Again the violet-blue color indicates their love for these colors.

10. Begonia


Choose begonia white for your special Aquarius. Begonia represents caution and consideration, and good communication.

I think we have a winner in symbolism and connection with the zodiac sign. This flower defines and describes the character of Aquarius.

They are always on guard and keep their distance from people so as not to hurt them, and enter relationships slowly and without haste.

They will rarely be the first to say I love you to a person, but they always have good communication with people (emotional communication not so much).

11. Bidens

Bidens flower symbolizes the end of summer and the beginning of colder days, and in this transferred meaning it would mean these beginnings and the better days to come.

We cannot really say that this symbolism has a direct connection with Aquarius, but the color of this flower speaks for itself. The flower has a bright yellow color and members of this sign adore it.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs – Personality

On the one hand, Aquarians are shy and calm, but on the other hand, they can be energetic. In both cases, they are deep thinkers who like to help other people.

These people are considered to be highly educated and eloquent, and this is a sign of independence from which comes intuition followed by logic.

These are usually unprejudiced people, which makes them excellent problem solvers. Although they are very attuned to the energy that surrounds them, Aquarians have a deep need to be alone for a while with their thoughts away from everything.

People born under the sign of Aquarius are very optimistic and always see a lot of chances and potential in the world around them.

Aquarius uses their mind at every opportunity. If there is no mental stimulation, they lack motivation.

Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, gave them the power of quick and easy transformation, so they are known as thinkers.

They feel good in a group and community, although they always secretly strive for solitude.

Problematic parts of the body for Aquarius are joints and circulation. For good health, it would be best if they train or see a doctor regularly.

Aquarius does not like feeling constrained or limited. Because of the desire for freedom, he will always strive to ensure freedom of speech.

Aquarius has a reputation as a cold and unfeeling person, but that’s just their defense mechanism.

Learning to trust others and expressing emotions in a healthy way are things that are acquired through developing relationships with people, certainly not immediately at the beginning of those relationships.

Popular FAQs On Flowers For Aquarius


Below, we will answer the most popular questions about the flowers for Aquarius and some other facts about this zodiac sign. Let’s check it out.

What color presents Aquarius?

Color that presents the Aquarius sign the best is blue since it stands for freedom and sky, and this is the air sign.

What herb is Aquarius?

Aquarius’s favorite herb is the fennel herb.

What plant is Aquarius?

The plant that is Aquarius’s favorite is the pothos plant. You’ll spot them in their homes 80% of the time.

In Conclusion About Flowers For Aquarius

Every month has a birthstone and every zodiac sign has its birth flower. That is why we talked about flowers for Aquarius today.

We already know that libra, Gemini, Virgo, and other zodiac signs have their own zodiac flowers as well.

All earth, water, air, and fire signs have their own special flower that stands for many things, most likely linked with their personality.

Some stand for passion, and affection, some for the romantic traits of their sign, some for hard work, and so on.

Today you learned what to expect when buying a flower for your Aquarius friend. It won’t be easy to find a perfect lily flower for them, a chrysanthemum, or a special rose, but it will be worth it I bet. People born in February under this sign will be thankful.

That would be all for today, see you here tomorrow with more similar topics.