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Flowers For Gemini: Lovely Gemini Birth Flowers

Flowers For Gemini: Lovely Gemini Birth Flowers

If you’re in doubt to choose the perfect flowers for Gemini, that special Gemini in your life, don’t worry. With us, you’ll have more than luck in surprising your special Gemini with a floral gift.

Geminis tend to love flowers more than other signs. This is one of the reasons their friends panic when they need to get them flowers. But don’t worry. Today we’re here to save you with 7 perfect flowers for gemini.

Gemini flowers carry such a strong symbolism within and once you’ve learned that, you won’t have to worry about anything. You will be able to see what flowers suit your friend’s personality the best.

Let’s find out all about the perfect 7 flowers for Gemini. I hope your coffee is ready.

What Is A Gemini Birth Flower?

A Gemini birth flower is a flower for a Gemini sign(a sign that’s born from May 21 to June 21).

Since all of us love beautiful flowers, beautiful bouquets, and the sweet scent of flowers, today you’ll learn what are the perfect flowers for a Gemini sign.

After you’ve done with this article you’ll know what gift to buy for your Gemini friends and how to awaken happiness on their faces with simple blooms. Since the gemini sign is known for its playful and curious character, we will find flowers that match that.

Most floral gifts have a strong symbol. If you weren’t sure what zodiac flowers tell us about a zodiac sign, you’ll get a new insight into life today. And don’t forget, other signs such as Virgo, Aquarius, and pieces, have their own birth flowers as well.

What Plants Represent Gemini Sign?

We can’t say that there is only one plant that can present gemini sign the best. Daffodil rose, and orchid, present them in a pretty good way.

There are many flowers and herbs that are more than suitable for this sign and we will talk about them below.

No matter which flower you chose for your Gemini, you will notice how cheerful they get. Aries and Leo signs have similar plants for their favorites too.

Today, either you’re just giving the flower for their birthdays or in a romantic way, you will learn how flowers can speak in many ways when you lack words. All of the plants we mention will match their personality and soul.

What Are The Best Gemini Flowers For Girls?

Gemini girls mostly prefer lilies and roses. It might be because of their bright vibrant colors, the fact these flowers are like the sun just like Geminis.

However, you will learn more about their symbolism below and I’m sure you’ll understand why these flowers are so accurate to this sign.

7 Flowers For Gemini – Astrology Matching Flowers

As we said at the very beginning, this is the main part you should focus on. Here we present you 7 flowers for Gemini.

If you’re in doubt about what flowers to buy for your Gemini, this section will solve your doubts. If you’re a Gemini sign that’s not sure how is flowers’ symbolism and zodiac sign connected, well, surprise, you will learn a lot here.

1. Daffodil


Daffodil flowers symbolize rebirth, fertility, and new beginnings. In the spiritual world, if a person (Gemini) chooses their birth flower at spring equinox time, they will be bounded by that flower for the rest of their life.

The flower is perfect for a Gemini sign since Geminis like new challenges, they are very curious and playful.

If you want to surprise your dear Gemini with a flower, bring them a daffodil flower, also known as a Narcissus flower. This is one of the few flowers in greek mythology with very powerful symbolism.

2. Lily Of The Valley

The Lily of the valley symbolizes purity, youth, sincerity, and discretion. Types of lilies and their meanings have been interesting from the moment they appeared in this world. A gentle flower with bright and vibrant colors is a powerful flower in mythologies and the spiritual world.

Gemini sign is very honest and sincere, they carry youth energy in them no matter how old are they and we can see why this flower is so matching with its sign.

Due to its powerful symbolism, the Japanese death flower is a lily flower but it is also one of the 9 flowers that mean friendship.

3. Lavender

Lavender symbolizes purity, silence, devotion, serenity, and calmness. As we already mentioned above in the lily flower section, since Geminis are sincere and devoted, but also extrovert at the same time, we can see why this flower is a good match with this sign.

Lavender is a flower that’s native to Africa. Why is that important for this topic? Geminis prefer tropical climates, hot weather, and sunny times. Lavender is exactly a flower that grows in such conditions.

4. Carnations


Carnations symbolize fascination, distinction, and love. If you’ve ever been loved by a Gemini sign, then you know what are we talking about. Geminis are fascinated by the person they love and they are passionate lovers.

Since they are good friends, especially gemini women, this flower is also a universal floral gift for International woman’s day. That’s another floral significance that makes so much sense.

5. Orchids

Tale Old As The Time About The White Nun Orchid

Orchid flowers symbolize thoughtfulness, refinement, curiosity, beauty, charm, and love. I think we just described a Gemini person, right? Due to their lovely symbolism, flowers are one of the top 5 flowers for girlfriend.

Just like lilies, orchids date back to Ancient Greece and they have their unique special place in Greek mythology. Due to their other meanings, they are today known as the national flower of Guatemala and the national flower of Brazil.

This flower is known for its charming beauty and that is another thing we can relate to our special Geminis in our lives.

6. Roses


Roses symbolize romance, love, beauty, and courage. I think that we can all agree that besides lilies, this flower is the best match with a Gemini sign.

If you’re dating a Gemini, then lucky for you, you can also learn the white rose meaning in a relationship, the red rose meaning in a relationship, the pink rose meaning in a relationship, and the yellow rose meaning in a relationship.

However, if you’re giving a rose flower to your best friend, I think you’ll be interested in the orange rose meaning. They are more friendly than romantic flowers.

7. Daisies


The Daisy flower symbolizes childbirth, motherhood, adventure, and new beginnings. Another flower in a series that suits the adventurous spirit of the Gemini sign. The sign of twins is also known for motherhood.

The Gemini sign is a devoted parent who has a friendly relationship with children. If your friend is from Blois, then you know what we are talking about.



Below we bring you more about a Gemini flower and other important significant things for this zodiac sign. Let’s stick with Gemini’s birth flowers a bit more then.

What Are The Best Flowers To Give To Gemini Zodiac Signs For Birthday?

If you want to choose the perfect flowers for this air element to say “Happy birthday” with, go with classic roses or lilies.

For your Gemini special person, you won’t miss these two flower types since they carry such strong symbolism within.

What Does Gemini Flower Gemini Like The Most?

Most Geminis prefer lilies and roses the most. You won’t make a mistake if you choose any rose you find in a flower shop for your special Gemini.

To show how much you truly care, we advise you to write a sweet plant quote on the flower card. Now that is a real effort.

What Herbs Does Gemini Like?

Some of the most famous herbs that are good and popular in the Gemini sign world are dill parsley, anise, and marjoram.

Do Gemini Girls Like Flowers?

Among all the astrological signs, Gemini girls like flowers the most.

What Color Does Gemini Like The Most?

Geminis love yellow and green color the most. As yellow stands for happiness and green for adventures, these colors describe the Gemini sign in the best way.

Personality Of A Gemini Sign

Geminis are charming, witty, sociable, seductive, playful, wild, and unpredictable. They hide two personalities, just as this sign suggests. At one moment the twins are modest and caring, and at another they are sarcastic.

Geminis are dynamic partners, and in an argument, they will not stubbornly stick to their own beliefs, but will also take into account their partner’s arguments. Geminis are known for their extraordinary intelligence and curiosity.

Gemini gets bored of everything quickly, which is why they need constant change and communication with others. They are constantly on the move in search of new challenges and something that will entertain and occupy them.

Gemini women are widely known for their irresistible charm, their strongest weapon. In love, nothing is more attractive to her than a man who matches her intellect and she has a balance.

Wrapping It Up

My dear Gemini, and friends and acquaintances of this sign, did you enjoy today’s article? I hope that in addition to enjoyment, you combined the pleasant with the useful and learned a lot as well.

You know how to make the most of your next birthday or other special occasions. You will come to the florist ready to order the perfect flower for your Gemini special someone.

That would be all for today, see you tomorrow with similar articles.