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Sunflower Symbolism: Real Meaning Behind Yellow Petals Beauty!

Sunflower Symbolism: Real Meaning Behind Yellow Petals Beauty!

When someone says sunflower, or we see one, we inevitably think of summer, the sun, dance, and fun! Many people buy this flower in the summer because it simply provides a lot of summer vibes and a good mood and that is the Sunflower Symbolism.

But what if you want to give a sunflower to someone, what message do we send with the beautiful flowers? In all cultures from the old Greeks to the Native Americans, the sunflower is a special Flower with all the flower parts, from Sunflower seeds to sunflower oil.

In the following article, we want to bring you closer to this beautiful flower and explain sunflower symbolism and sunflower meaning!

Sunflower Info: Origin, Appearance, And Growth

The sunflowers, also called Helianthus, have their origin in North and South America. Here are several varieties that go with growth and heights between 10 to 120 inches.

There are numerous varieties of sunflowers, they can be annual or perennial plants, but all are beautiful without underlining! But it is important to know, that most Sunflowers do not have a long life, most of them are sunflowers annuals, flowers that live just for that year.

The most beautiful flowers of all sunflowers are yellow to orange-red and appear from July to August or even September, depending on the species.

As we all know, this unique flower always turns toward the sunlight. On sunny days, the flower head, and leaves track the sun as it travels from east to west, which is very interesting!

Also, we can call this flower “Follow the sun Flower”, what a fun name for the yellow petals Flower.

If you want to make beautiful gifts, this plant is ideal for a garden, balcony in a pot, or individually. Then, the color Yellow from the Sunflower petals brings sunshine to us, and for what more can we wish for?

Sunflower Symbolism – The Sunflower Myth From Ancient Greece!

The first thing that we can connect with the sunflower symbolism is one special ancient Greek myth. But first, when we look at the name of the flowers, we can see the connection to Greek Mythology.

Two separate Greek words make the beautiful Name of this precious Kind. The first Word is “Helios” and the translation of this word is “Sun”.

Next is the word “Anthos” which in our native language flower means. So when these Greek words are put together, a Sunflower is born.

But let’s go back to the interesting Greek Mythology about the lovely Sunflower symbolism in the color Yellow.

Probably the most famous myth about the sunflower comes from Ancient Greece! This is a love story that does not have a happy ending, which ends rather tragically!

One story says that a nymph named Clytia fell in love with the sun god Apollo. However, Apollo did not return her love, which made her very unhappy.

She tried every possible way to seduce Sun God Apollo, but unfortunately, every attempt was unsuccessful.

She realized that this love had no future and sat down on a stone to suffer for Apollo and weep for her fate. For 8 days she did not eat or drink anything, she just stared at the sky and watched Apollo move his chariot across the sky.

Sunflower Symbolism: The Greek God Took An End To Her Pain, She Became A Sunflower

The other Greek gods saw her pain, the heartbreak, and all the tears that were turned always towards the sun. They took the decision Clytie in a common Sunflower to transform.

Eventually on the 9th day, all in pain and heartbreak, Clytie began to change color, turning yellow and brown, and the transformation continued until she turned into a beautiful yellow sunflower.

And as such, she continued to turn and follow Apollo, the sun god in the sky! According to legend, therefore, sunflowers still turn to the sun and stare at it in rapture!

What a sad love story, what a strong symbol of unconditional love and loyalty!

Sunflower Symbolism: Sunflower Meanings

Each flower has its symbolism, and we should pay attention to this when we give a flower as a present to someone. Each flower has a beautiful, deep meaning and so has the sunflower.

What is the meaning and symbolism of the sunflower? Here we analyze each side of this flower in the color yellow, and everything you should know about it!

Sunflower Symbolism – Sunflower Means Sun, Light, Life, And Warmth!

The sunflower stands for many positive things! In short, the sunflower stands as a symbol of the sun — the color and warmth of the sun!

No person in the world does not like the color yellow. The yellow is just cheerful and spreads fine positive energy around!

How can you bring liveliness and positive energy to your apartment, house, or office?

A beautiful bouquet of sunflowers will do the job!

Bouquets like this will bring a little ray of sunshine into your home, warmth, and colors that please the eye! Because of this deep meaning, many Artists, and Painters took the Sunflower as an inspiration.

For example, the most popular Painter in the world, Vincent van Gogh and his beautiful Painting of the Sunflower in the most fun color yellow.

Sunflower Symbolism: Symbol Of Loyalty

The sunflower meaning, sunflower symbolism goes even better, this flower is also the symbol of faithfulness! You ask yourself, how can this be? How can a flower be a symbol of faithfulness?

Well, it’s simple! We all know that the sunflower accompanies the sun from morning till night! The sunflower is faithful to the sun, and therefore the sunflower is faithful in every category!

Remember the story about Greek Mythology at the beginning of the article? That’s why we put the sunflower in the same meaning as loyalty.

So if you want to prove your loyalty to a special person, choose the sunflower. This flower is the best way to say: “I will always be on your side!”.

Sunflower Symbolism – Hippies And The Sunflower As A Symbol Of Love!

The 60-is and the great hippie movement! The main motto of this movement was to spread peace and love among all people on the planet.

They also fought for human rights and the protection of the environment! We all know that the hippie symbol was a sign of peace, but what else was the symbol of this movement?

Of course, the queen of flowers—that is the sunflower! Because as mentioned above, the sunflower is a symbol of love, sincerity, loyalty, and everything important for an interpersonal relationship!

The sunflower has been a popular symbol in the world for years! Genuine followers of the Hippie movement believe in the power of this flower, that they can bring joy, happiness, luck, love, and loyalty to their personal life.

Do you know what is the national flower of Germany? Or what is the yellow rose meaning in a relationship? Other rose color meanings can you also find here. For example orange rose, blue rose, or black rose meaning and much more like types of lilies and their meanings.

Sunflower Symbolism: The Sunflower As A Gift!

As we have already mentioned, the sunflower symbolizes the radiance of an unforgettable summer and thus represents cheerfulness, warmth, and confidence!

You can also give the sunflower when declaring love or sunflowers are a good idea as flowers on a first date. Do not declare your love through SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, or email address!

Nothing can stand in your way when you want to give someone a bouquet of sunflowers! What does a sunflower radiate?

Love, loyalty, positive energy, and of course love. With a sunflower as a gift, you are sure to give each person a big smile on their face!

Sunflower Symbolism – Who Is The Best Gift Recipient For The Sunflower?

Now you know at a glance the meaning of Sunflower! We have explained all the sunflower themes, and you can now understand this flower language!

When it comes to meanings, there is probably no other flower that expresses more happiness than the sunflower!

You can give the sunflower to anyone! It can be a gift for your best friend/boyfriend, for parents, or neighbors, but also for your partner/partner!

With this flower, you say, “When I see you, the sun rises for me” or “I like you, and you are important to me!”

Gifting the sunflower to friends and family or your favorite person or partner is always a great idea!

These blooms are just as effective in a bouquet as they are in individual specimens! The search has come to an end, brighten someone’s day and give a lot of pleasure with this plant!

Fun Facts About The Sunflower!

  • Sunflowers are a whole special kind of plant and were extremely useful for people in the past.
  • For years, sunflower has been a popular snack and part of the diet (sunflower seeds)! At that time, sunflower traders had a lot of work on their hands.
  • Many famous painters throughout history had fun with these flowers. Sunflower as a motif was drawn by many famous painters, which caused a great interest in this type of painting.
  • Especially famous are the paintings of Sunflowers in a Vase by Vincent van Gogh. Fun fact: There is a series of paintings of the sunflower by him!
  • Did you know that the sunflower was the most sought-after tattoo motive of the year? But that’s not so surprising. Given the symbolism and meaning that these flowers have, everyone wants something like this specifically on their body.
  • Whether it’s in the sense of love, friendship, or family – the sunflower motive stands for love in every sense!
  • Did you know that the Sunflower is the only flower that was planted in areas with radiation? The reason behind this is, that the sunflower has a great possibility for the toxins of the radiation to absorb and the environment to clean.
  • The Native Americans collected seeds from the sunflower and made the flower. Also, the sunflower was an important source of food for many tribes.
  • The sunflower tattoo tells the world that you are an optimist. A person who sees the absolute best in life and people.
  • These are perfect flowers to decorate the interior of the house. These bring joy, happiness, good fortune, and a Highlight to the Room.
  • In the sunflower family, about 70 species are present.
  • Did you know that sunflower, a great source of vitamin D is? Now you know!
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