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Orange Roses Meaning: Rosa Tropicana Hidden Symbolism

Orange Roses Meaning: Rosa Tropicana Hidden Symbolism

In a world of beautiful flowers and chocolate and nice gestures we receive from our significant other, today we stumbled upon orange roses meaning in a relationship.

Us ladies, we love to explicate things to the minor details especially when it comes to relationships. What did he mean by that? Why did he do it? Why would he give me that? Why would he say that and so on?

It is doubtless that all of us received roses at least once in our lifetime. It could’ve been a nice gesture from your family member, someone you’re in a romantic relationship with, or just a nice gift from a friend.

One thing is sure though, no matter which color they are: yellow roses, white roses, red roses or pink roses-we love them! They will fix a dull day and make us smile! But today, we are going to talk about orange roses’ meaning and symbolism.

Orange Color Meanings

When this color shifts to yellow, then it is more positive, joyful, warmer. The red spectrum adds energy, aggression, in some cases causes irritation, nervousness. Not all people are tolerant of rich orange color. One of the most pleasing shades is “pure” orange, unobtrusive, evokes positive emotions.

Color is associated with movement, change, activity, joy. Everyone has seen the sunset and sunrise, where yellow and red are especially emphasized. And the sky gets a pleasant shade that you want to watch without stopping.

Color symbolizes energy, health, positive mood and courage. In Buddhism, orange dresses are a symbol of humility and renunciation. In tantra, it is liberation from vice, passion, greed. Orange is also associated with fire, the combination of this color with black signifies heroism and courage.

Orange Roses Meaning In A Relationship

Receiving or giving a bouquet of orange roses can mean the beginning of developing deeper feelings. And the desire to raise the friendship to a higher level.

It can also be an expression of fascination or a gift that says you are proud of someone or that someone is proud of you and your deeds.

Orange roses can also mean that it’s time for you to express feelings to someone you love. In case you’re receiving them, that someone is telling you something, listen and observe carefully.

Sometimes, you simply love orange roses and your other half will just want to make you happy with a nice orange roses bouquet.

Orange Roses Meaning In A Friendship

The orange color is obtained by combining red and yellow and combines the radiant power of the former and the vitality of the latter.

The orange rose was seen as a bridge between the friendship symbolized by yellow roses and the love represented by red roses. The yellow rose meaning in a relationship is also quite interesting.

If you think it’s time to say sorry for something you did or you just want to celebrate a long-lasting friendship, pick an orange roses bouquet in a flower shop.

The symbol of the orange rose is most often associated with energy, joy, positivity, and life itself.

Meaning Of Orange Roses (3 Hidden Meanings)

In case YOU are the one who will send orange roses or you simply want to know more about receiving them, here’s what you need to know before you do so or before you start freaking out.

Every rose color meaning is a unique one and you may not always receive the one you expect, but learning more about their meanings can’t hurt right? Let’s dig deeper into the language of flowers.

You Fascinated Him

Bet you didn’t see it coming! I’m here to tell you that the orange rose bouquet represents fascination.

If you got one, he’s fascinated by you, your appearance and he surely wants something with you.

You don’t need to have a special occasion, he will just want to make you happy and let you know how amazing you are. Let’s be fair, special occasions are overrated! We love flowers every day!

He Wants To Express Feelings

Not every man is great with words, sometimes, a bouquet of orange roses will speak for itself, it just makes sense.

Since orange roses present deeper feelings (starting to grow feelings for someone) in case you receive them, you’re one lucky lady. It might be a path to everlasting love.

He Sees You As A Friend

Oh, honey, you are amazing, but sometimes, just sometimes, even though you feel the chemistry the other person might not feel it.

But not every man who doesn’t have feelings for you will walk away. Some of them are still true gentlemen and as a way to show you that, he will give you a lovely bouquet of orange roses.

Single Orange Rose Meaning

Single Rose, no matter what rose color is will always mean the same thing: love at first sight and are a good idea as flowers on a first date. It might also include such feelings as joy, enthusiasm and optimism. Who wouldn’t want that in a relationship? If two of you just met and started dating or simply going out, having fun, and enjoying each other’s company, if he gives you a single rose: he wants you to be his girl.

Two Orange Roses Meaning

If you ever got two roses, I am sure that you have asked yourself a simple question “why?” Nobody goes randomly in the flower shop to buy two roses? It has to mean something? Why two roses. If you got two roses today and now you want to know why: it’s time to put a smile on your face. Two roses mean mutual love and affection. So when you look at it like that, it’s maybe better and nicer to receive two roses than a whole bouquet of roses.

Three Orange Roses As A Perfect Gift

Why do three roses make such a good gift? In some cultures, and now it’s worldwide well known-three roses should be given to someone when you’re celebrating your anniversary. If your man bought you three roses on your big anniversary night, no, he’s not trying to save some money on you silly, he did his homework! He knows what those three roses present and he’s doing it right!

Four Orange Roses And Their Eternal Love Meaning

“Nothing can ever come between us.”

That is the message that a bouquet of 4 roses tells you. Before you become sad for not receiving a fully arranged bouquet, maybe you should know this.

He loves you more than anything and he is more than ready to plan his whole life with you. I hear some bells ringing, how about you?

Five Orange Roses And Their Intended Message

If he’s having trouble saying those words out loud, but here he is, standing with 5 roses in his hand, “I care for you a lot,” is what he’s trying to say.

Or maybe you know it already but your man is one of a kind and he really wants you to know how deeply he cares for you. That kind of love and affection is a kind to hold on to.

Wedding Day And Rose’s Role

I know that you’ve been thinking about it since you were twelve. We all have. That perfect day when you give all of you to someone and say vows sincerely from your heart. But it is not that simple. There is this other side that might not be all about romance and love and dresses: planning the wedding.

Such a big part of one wedding day is decoration. It’s what represents you, your style and your way to show if you’re an elegant lady or just someone super nervous who didn’t have much time to do it right. To avoid that, we’re bringing some nice ideas for you when it comes to floral decoration for your big wedding day.

Peach Roses, Lavender Roses And Orange Roses

Oh dear, this floral combination will blow your guests away! Just picture it now. All soft shades combined in little bouquets placed on tables, pure magic! If you dig deeper into different meanings of these colors it will make even more sense to choose these colors for your big day. You think that’s it? No, there is more suggestions coming.

White Roses, Yellow Roses And Orange Roses Floral Arrangement

This one is classic. It’s a safe zone, something you don’t really have to be brave to “go for it. It’s maybe even what your guests expect from your wedding. I am not saying it’s a wrong choice. White rose and yellow rose will perfectly balance the fire that orange rose has.

It is simply what you chose when you don’t want to have another brainstorming session about your wedding day. Elegance, friendship, joy, eternal love and other hidden meanings will make a good choice and floral arrangement for your wedding if you go for this one.

Light Pink Roses, Green Roses And Orange Roses

This combination is pure show! I know for sure that many people will just say “Woah” when they see this amazing combination. Contrast of these colors is perfect, but still not too much to make them wonder why would you choose that for your wedding.

Your florist will have to take some extra time to make these floral arrangements since green roses are spray roses but it will be worth it! This arrangement screams ‘happiness‘ all over the place and that is what this day is all about!

Blue Roses And Orange Roses Bouquets

Its symbolism isn’t really something you would pick for your wedding day, but truth to be told, warm and cold shades of colors combined always look good! Rose color meanings play a big role in these moments but if you’re really a fan of this combination, it’s your day after all, go with this one! Bottom line is, it will look amazing. And the blue rose meaning is quite something.

Victorian Era Vs. Orange Rose

Orange roses are hybrid flowers developed in the mid-20th century by crossing red and yellow roses. The resulting flower was very popular, and rose growers adopted the new color. Shortly afterward, breeders began to create new varieties such as Rosa Independence, Rosa Tropicana, Rosa Alexander, Rosa Arcade, etc.

Orange roses are a great choice of colors for fall weddings and fall celebrations such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. However, it is important and nice to know that the first rose ever came from Central Asia almost 5.000 years ago. Rose is one of the most ancient flowers. Roses were found in a 5th-century Egyptian tomb. I bet you’re not even surprised? Cleopatra loved beautiful things, of course, she loved roses, we all do!

Early Christians saw a rose as a symbol of paganism and their oppressors, the Romans, and they were warned by church leaders not to plant it. Napoleon’s wife Josephine, who was a big enthusiastic fan of roses, established the first collection of roses at Chateau de Malmaison where her garden contained more than 230 rose varieties. The history of orange roses and other roses as well is surely a beautiful one.

Don’t Wait To Get One, Plant One

As we said, why should you wait to get one, go plant one girl! It doesn’t take much time, you don’t need to do some special reading about it plus, it looks fabulous once you’re done!

However, people often make mistakes when planting and later become disappointed, either in receiving the seedlings or in the lushness of the rose bush.

We usually plant roses in autumn, which is much better, but you can also plant them in early spring.

If you plant them individually, you should dig a pit that has these measures: 19x19x19 inches. Put mature manure on the bottom, and a layer of loose soil on it. After that, you should put the seedling so that the grafted place is 2 inches below ground level. Before that, shorten the root tips.

Fill the seedling that you placed in the pit with the rest of the loose soil and tread it well. Watering is mandatory regardless of soil moisture.

Which Rose Presents Love?

We all know this one, it is clear as the day and old as time: the red rose always presents pure love full of passion and desire.

Receiving an orange rose vs a red rose isn’t the same of course, but it doesn’t mean you should lose faith and hope in love.

You’ll get there. Just as the flower itself is crossbred, when you cross friendship and the joy you feel when you’re together, it might eventually cross into love.

Without Further Though

Now that you’re done with our article and fluent in the language of flowers, you know what to expect from rose colors and how to interpret them.

We hope you’ll stay happy, joyful, and loved and be receiving more flowers than your vases can handle! And if you don’t, go to the begging and read again: don’t wait to get one, plant one. You can make yourself happy as well.

Until next time darlings!

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