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Rose In Different Languages: The Magical Rose In 92 Foreign Languages

Rose In Different Languages: The Magical Rose In 92 Foreign Languages

Did you ever want to be able to say rose in different languages? When preparing a floral gift for your dear ones did you wish to be able to write a rose word in a different language on the flower card?

Or any other flowers maybe? Well, we’re pretty sure that after today’s article you won’t lack any words on your flower card any longer. In the article below, we bring you 92 words for the roses.

We sincerely hope that after today’s article you won’t have trouble writing that special floral card for someone you like or highly appreciate.

If you’re ready to learn, let’s learn how to charm people in different languages.

What Is A Rose In French?

Word rose in French is rose. Considering that French belongs to the group of Anglo-Saxon languages, we can see that it is very similar to English.

How Do You Say Rose In Different Languages?

American-Amalia-Red-Rose, On Rose In Different Languages

Does this look okay to you? گل سرخ polish, sawv Hungarian, gül Ukrainian, gül basque, ruža Czech, ruža Bulgarian, bilie Indonesian, роза Catalan, роза Khmer?

I don’t blame you, you probably don’t know if these words match the countries. But I have great news for you.

Below, you’ll find the real words for all these languages and then you’ll know. How to say rose in different languages? Let’s learn it today below.

On Rose In Different Languages – Word Rose In African Languages

1. Bright Yellow Roses
  • rose in Sesotho: tsoha
  • rose in Igbo: bilie
  • rose in Hausa: ya tashi
  • rose in Swahili: ilipanda
  • rose in Chichewa: ananyamuka
  • rose in Afrikaans: gestyg
  • rose in Yoruba: died
  • rose in Somali: kacay
  • rose in Zulu: rose

On Rose In Different Languages – Say Rose In European Languages

  • rose in (ruža)Czech: růže
  • rose in Polish: Róża
  • rose in German: Rose
  • rose in Bulgarian: роза
  • rose in French: Rose
  • rose in Swedish: reste sig
  • rose in (rós) Italian: rosa
  • rose in (mawar)Irish: rós
  • rose Greek: τριαντάφυλλο
  • rose in (trandafir)Russian: Роза
  • rose Dutch: roos
  • rose in Catalan: rosa
  • rose in (róża)Portuguese: rosa
  • rose in Albanian: trëndafil
  • rose in Danish: Rose
  • rose in (kacay)Spanish: Rosa
  • rose in Bosnian: ruža
  • rose in Basque: igo
  • rose in Romanian: Trandafir
  • rose in Finnish: ruusu
  • rose in Ukrainian: троянда
  • rose in Galician: rosa
  • rose in Maltese: tela
  • rose in Croatian: ruža
  • rose in Slovenian: rose
  • rose in Estonian: roos
  • rose in Icelandic: rós
  • rose in Latvian: roze
  • rose in Hungarian: rózsa
  • rose in Norwegian: rose
  • rose in Slovak: ruža
  • rose in Welsh: rhosyn
  • rose in Lithuanian: rožė
  • rose in Belarusian: ружа
  • rose in Yiddish: רויז
  • rose in Serbian: ружа
  • rose in Macedonian: се зголеми

Word Rose In Asian Languages

  • rose in Hindi: गुलाब का फूल
  • rose in Gujarati: ગુલાબ
  • rose in Chinese (simplified): 玫瑰
  • rose in Chinese (traditional): 玫瑰
  • rose in Hmong: sawv
  • rose in Korean: 장미 꽃
  • rose in Myanmar (Burmese): နှင်းဆီ
  • rose in Tamil: உயர்ந்தது
  • rose in Bengali: গোলাপ
  • rose in Armenian: վարդ
  • rose in (rosa)Georgian: გაიზარდა
  • rose in Khmer: កើនឡើង
  • rose in Kannada: ಗುಲಾಬಿ
  • rose in Nepali: गुलाफ
  • rose in Malayalam: പനിനീര്പ്പൂവ്
  • rose in Mongolian: өссөн
  • rose in Sinhala: රෝස
  • rose in Marathi: गुलाब
  • rose in Kazakh: Роза
  • rose in Tajik: бархоста
  • rose in Telugu: పెరిగింది
  • rose in Urdu: گلاب
  • rose in Azerbaijani: gül
  • rose in Uzbek: atirgul
  • rose in Thai: ดอกกุหลาบ
  • rose in Vietnamese: bông hồng
  • rose in (rosa)Japanese: ローズ
  • rose in Lao: ເພີ່ມຂຶ້ນ

Word Rose In Austronesian Languages

  • rose in Javanese: wungu
  • rose in (tela) Maori: whakatika
  • rose in Malagasy: nitsangana
  • rose in Indonesian: mawar
  • rose in Haitian: creole
  • rose in (rosa) Cebuano: mitindog
  • rose in Malay: meningkat
  • rose in Filipino: rosas

Word Rose In Other Foreign Languages

  • rose in Esperanto: altiĝis
  • rose in Sindhi: اٿي
  • rose in Scots Gaelic: Ròs
  • rose in Latin: surrexerunt
  • rose in Pashto: ګلاب

How To Say Rose In Middle-East Languages

  • rose in Arabic: ارتفع
  • rose in Hebrew: וֶרֶד
  • rose in Turkish: gül
  • rose in Persian: گل سرخ

Popular FAQs On Rose In Different Languages


Below we bring you the most popular FAQs on rose in different languages. Let’s learn a couple more information about roses and rose words in different languages.

What Is The Most Unique Rose?

The most unique rose has to be the black rose. Its color already says a lot, but the black rose meaning is definitely something you’ll love as well.

Right after the black rose, we have a blue rose which is a hybrid specie but also has a blue rose meaning that’s more than interesting and unique.

Orange roses meaning and other bright colors usually have different symbolism and are not so much as mysterious as these darker colors.

However, due to its interesting evergreen look that dates back to Ancient Greece, the flower is today the most popular flower in the world and it’s the national flower of England as well.

Rose is today a popular flower for fertility too, and its oil has great importance in the essential oils and oils for fertility. Along with this, it’s one of the oldest flowers in the world. It’s one of the 15 important flowers in greek mythology.

How Do You Say Rose In Arabic?

Rose is ﻭَﺭﺩَﺓ in the Arabic language, and it is pronounced Warda.

How Do You Say Rose In Japanese?

You say 薔薇 for a rose in Japanese and it’s pronounced bara.

Final Thought On Rose In Different Languages


Today we learned to say the word rose in different language – 92 different languages. Okay, we didn’t really memorize, but I’m sure you remembered the interesting ones.

The next time you prepare a bouquet for a loved one, show off your newly acquired knowledge and use one of these words on a card for flowers.

After all, you have as many as 92 chances to do it, right? Jokes aside, we hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful and interesting.

That would be all for today. See you soon with more similar topics.

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