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Black Rose Meaning: What Does The Black Rose Say?

Black Rose Meaning: What Does The Black Rose Say?

Flowers can simply be a decorative element, whether you decorate your home or your garden has more colors. However, each flower world is full of many meanings. What about the black rose meaning?

The type of flower, its color, and even its origin are important characteristics when choosing one or another plant. Because each of these elements gives it a unique and special meaning.

A good example of this is the rose. Which is not a flower we would give to anyone, as they mostly symbolize love and respect.

There are many types of roses and each color has its own psychological implications. In the following article, we will analyze in detail what the black rose means. So that you know to whom and when you can give this type of flower.

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Where Are Black Roses Coming From?

The exact origin of a true black rose is not yet known. Some experts think it is an indigenous species of some regions of South America, especially Uruguay. Where they have been cultivated for more than a century. Then they are exported to other countries like the United States.

Some say there is a village in Turkey where only black roses grow. However, no one can explain its special color. Which, they claim, can come from it the too cold and snowy climate.

Since we don’t know for sure if they actually exist somewhere in the world right now, we know that genetic engineers are working on it. One day soon, in the future, we might be actually able to grow black roses in our yard.

But hey, don’t be desperate now. There are other methods to get black roses. Put it in black ink and voila, for a couple of hours you’ll have a perfect black rose.

Black Rose Meaning and Symbolism

The black rose has always been associated with dark, pagan meanings and sciences studied supernaturally and paranormally. In fact, in history, they have always been associated more with fantasy than with the real world.

However, before we learn the meaning of this mysterious flower, it is important to answer this question: do black roses really exist?

The answer is no. What we really see is a flower with purple or dark red petals that is, so dark, that the human eye appreciates it as black.

Within what we know as black roses we find two species:

Black Copper: It is a very exclusive plant and a collector’s item that is sometimes paid for millions of dollars.

Black Pearl: It is even darker than the previous one. It grows in the “Black Pine Nursery”. Nurseries that stand out with humidity and temperature conditions, with which this unique flower is grown by hybridization.

Some Of The Older Black Roses Meaning

As for its first meanings, we discover that this flower had the following psychological connotations for many years:

Occult Symbol: In Gothic literature, this plant has always had symbolism associated with the spooky, the occult, and the dishonorable. It was also sought after by alchemists. For them, the black rose was associated with witchcraft and the cult of various demonic entities.

Anarchist Symbol: At some point in the history of anarchism, a black rose appeared on his flag. If you were a notable anarchist back then or a libertarian socialist you would surely have a black rose symbol somewhere.

A Pre eminent anarchist bookstore back then was based on these mysterious symbols and their hidden meanings.

Nazi symbol: At some point in the history of the Nazi party, the use of the black rose as a sign of triumph and success was built into the symbology.

Black Rose Meaning In Love?

A message of love and serenity: if they are given to our partner, especially if only a black rose is given, it means that we love that person in the purest and most dedicated way possible.

A symbol of stability and serenity: finally, roses of this color are a symbol of stability and serenity, because they have always been closely associated with the spirit world.

When you get a black rose from your partner, you can look at it this way: that person loves you very much and feels that they have a strong stable relationship with you.

That person has an important relationship with you and their letting you know that. If you seek for its deeper meaning, it sort of presents eternal love and a deep connection with someone.

But not every love is pure devotion and romance. I’m sure you’ve seen movies in which someone gets a black rose? In horror movies, it’s mostly a sign of obsessive love that we surely do not want for ourselves.

Black Roses in Literature And Journalism

Black roses have been featured in movies, songs, books, magazines, fiction, and ancient history. This is not even strange, we will all agree that they look very mysterious.

Interest in black roses in literature was born in the victorian era. Due to its mystery and symbolism, this rose color always had a big interest.

Later on, with all the movements in the world that were constantly happening, black rose found her place in journalism and books as well.

Anarchist lecture series, anarchist ideas published, anarchist lecture series addressed to bigger crowds, small press imprint, bookshops, and later on the respected journal as well. Anarchist bookshops became very popular.

They started naming books, prints, and papers after black rose. Some explained different rose varieties and their meanings, such as Tuscany superb, black jade, piranha roses, etc.

On the other hand, they started talking and writing about a secret organization called Black rose. What kind of impact did it have and what were they doing.

Until the late 80s and beginning of the 90s, the black rose definitely had new beginnings due to its name and symbolism.

How Did Ancient Rome And Ancient Greece Use Black Rose?

Guided by floriography (the language of flowers) in ancient civilization, people in ancient Rome or ancient Greece used the symbol of the black rose to show their strength, rebellion, strong character, and strength.

Of course, it has not been confirmed, but black roses were allegedly thrown in the wrestling arenas after the victories in the matches.

Of course, it has not yet been confirmed that people knew how to “make” black roses at the time or that they had them at all, so we will stick to strict symbolism.

We believe that they only drew and painted it on their shields and uniforms and that way represented the symbolism of the black rose.

Black Roses And Its Sad Side: Symbol Of Grief

A black rose can mean the separation and death of a very important person. Therefore, it is very often seen at many funerals where they are given to a deceased person by a person who loved them unconditionally.

It is therefore a symbol of grief and regret that represents the last farewell from a person. It can also represent a tragic romance and tragic love. In that case, you would have to give it to someone who is, unreachable to you.

Tarot Cards Meaning Of Black Roses

If you believe in astrology, it is very possible that you once visited the tarot to read your future from cards. Not every tarot card is a lucky one.

Unlike white roses and red roses that you would like to see in your cards, you would not like to see a black rose. White and red signify a new beginning, upcoming love, while a black rose in the cards signifies death.

It represents the impending death of your loved one. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t like to see a black rose on my map.

Use Of A Black Rose In Pop Culture

Since we talked a lot above about black rose meaning, I’m sure it is very obvious why is it so popular in the songs.

There is a song called “Black Beauty” performed by Lana del Rey. Song called “Black Roses” that was performed by the Clear Light music group. You certainly know a rock band that mentioned a black rose in their song.

It’s usually a metaphor for grief, sadness, pain, and unrequited love. The songs are a bit sad but they are both worth listening to. Give it a try.

Black rose also had a big use in series and movies as well. In the vampire series of Amelia Rhodes, Lisa Jane Smith used a black rose to present non-humans.

The same goes for anime series in which black roses present something dark.

What Is A Black Rose Meaning In Video Game?

If you ever played video games or simply an ad popped on your screen, you surely saw a black rose somewhere.

It might’ve been a great fairy’s sword with a symbol of a black rose or black rose that the main character is searching for in the game.

Producers of video games don’t put it there for no reason. The reason is very simple: the black rose is there to symbolize death.

It might be a bad plot twist for your game character or your avatar, but that is the way it is. In the elder scrolls universe black rose presents deep romance.

In rare cases, it presents love, evil love between two anti-heroes in the game. But we all know that most video games have a dark side.

How Did Sicilian Mafia Use A Black Rose?

I’m sure you’ve heard of vendetta or black hand? Many mafia-related films often mention the black hand and what it symbolizes.

As the black hand, the Sicilian mafias used the symbol of the black rose as coded messages for an impending murder or a murder that has already taken place. Just like in tarot cards, they would call it a death card.

That way, you would not have concrete evidence of recognition, but it would be quite clear to those in those circles what it is all about.

Tattoo Of A Black Rose

There are many people who choose a black rose when tattooing, it is because they want to perpetuate on their skin the memory of a loved one who left this world. On the other hand, there are those who believe that a black rose tattoo can symbolize, hope or a drastic change in their lives.

There is also a side associated with rebellion because some of us are different and stand out differently from everyone else. For some cultures, black roses symbolize the end of a long and arduous journey that can be interpreted as the culmination of a phase in our lives or the end of a cycle.

As we can see, black rose tattoos can also have positive connotations. It can also be considered a symbol of a new beginning, a new career, or a new chapter in your life.

About Black Rose Anarchist Federation

Dimitrios Roussopoulos, an Anarchist philosopher, and a founder of the black rose anarchist federation were pretty much obsessed with secret symbols of a black rose. The black rose for them was an obscure anarchist symbol.

It comes from the Irish song “The Little Black Rose”, which sings about the Irish fight against the British. It has since been a symbol of resistance and rebellion.

In this period, not only a black rose was used for its symbolism. They used a black flag, black cross, black cat, black stars, and a black wooden shoe.

When To Deliver Black Roses?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. A single black rose, gift box of roses, or a roses bouquet should be delivered to that special someone when you think it’s time to do it.

It can be your anniversary, her birthday, it can be the “we’re thinking of you” funeral gift box. Just like any other flowers or rose colors, when the situation fits the flower color or when you just want to deliver it, do so.

As long as you know that it will make that other person happy or satisfied, your answer is right there.

Black Roses History

Black roses come from the village of Halfeti in the province of Urfa (lianlıurfa) in southeastern Turkey. The rumor that started with the black rose in the local news in Anatolia soon became known as the master of roses or interesting semi-black roses. It became so popular that in 2013 a drama series about the black rose ‘Black Rose’ or Karagül was filmed.

But the real black rose dates back to the late 1600s. Róisín Dubh or Dark Rosaleen, an Irish political song, used the metaphor of the black rose. Another proof is the magazine of anarchist ideas ‘The Black Rose Books’, published in the 1970s, and the British organization of black rose workers.

You can find many other sources on the internet, such as the horror movie Black Roses or the famous black rose lyrics of the Nashville song, which show that there are still many unknowns about the origins of black roses. In addition to the uncertain history, numerous meanings and symbols are attributed to the unique black rose flower.

Wrapping It Up

I know what you’re thinking. “Wow.” I know right? Who would say that there is so much behind a single rose color?

When you start reading it is like a whole world behind it and it just gets better and better.

Flowers’ symbolism has always been interesting and attracted people and their interest. I hope this article was useful for you and all the questions you had due to the black rose meaning.

In the meantime, maybe you can make one for yourself. If however, you discovered that this dark shade rose isn’t for you, read more about a bit lighter version on our blog, maybe that one will suit you better.

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