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Blue Rose Meaning: Little Mystery Behind Blue Color

Blue Rose Meaning: Little Mystery Behind Blue Color

It was only a matter of time before you would start wondering about rose color meanings. Not just roses, other flowers have their meanings behind colors as well. Blue rose meaning?! Telling you anything?

If this is your first “blue” wondering, you’ll get some concrete answers to your questions. By the end of it, you’ll know everything about blue rose meaning in any segment you can think of.

If your coffee is ready, let’s start.

7 Hidden Meanings Behind These Mysterious Flowers


Every rose flower has different meanings. And our lovely blue rose has some hidden meaning as well. Let’s go through some of the most popular meanings of a blue rose and blue color in general.

Freedom, faith, imagination, confidence, stability, inspiration, and sensitivity are the most popular things a blue color presents.

1. Freedom

When you get a blue rose as a gift, I’m sure that someone spent several hours thinking about a perfect gift for you.

And here it is, a perfect blue rose just for you. They see you as someone open-minded, someone free as a bird, and someone adventurous. If that’s your favorite color then that’s just a bonus.

2. Trust

You’re someone faithful, someone, who they see as a person they can also turn to. You’re a great friend or a great significant other but on top of that, trust matters.

In any kind of relationship, you want someone whom you can trust. After the respect and love, trust comes. And if someone points that out to you, that truly means something.

3. Imagination

At the end of the day, you want someone whose imagination is beyond limits. Someone who’s not up for a movie night for the 6th day in a row.

You want magic, butterflies, adventures, someone who’ll do anything you think of, and there it is. They gave you a blue rose, it speaks for them.

4. Inspiration

Oh la la, I would prefer this one. What is nicer than someone saying “you inspire me” with their gift?

I can’t think of anything else. A blue color rose painted just for you means that you’re a big inspiration to that special someone.

5. Confidence

Maybe I like this one better, but its others are important as well. I’m pretty sure is very flattering to receive a flower that says “you own it, you’re so confident.”

Us ladies pay a lot of attention to that and someone pointing that out-truly romantic and lovely!

6. Stability

You want adventure, you want 9 meters above the sky, you want a cloud 9 experience in a relationship, but you also want stability.

We all do! Nothing is more beautiful than knowing that someone who cares for you deeply feels stability with you. Stability will lead to “and they lived happily ever after.”

7. Sensitivity

You might get white roses or a purple rose for this matter, but I think the blue one is the best option.

It’s not strange that many brides receive blue roses at their wedding, we know how big is that day for them.

Sensitivity isn’t bad. It doesn’t have to be bad. You’re a human being who’s expressing your feelings, both happy and sad, what’s wrong with that? Someone likes it and they appreciate you because of it.

Blue Rose Meaning In Friendship


If you’re friend (a male friend I guess) gave you a blue rose, I am sorry, but, he’s not in love with you.

Of course, unless you told him how much you like blue roses, that means he listens to you and that might mean something.

When a friend gives you a blue rose, he’s telling you this:
  • I think you’re brilliant.
  • You’re very intelligent.
  • I think you’re very funny and I like spending time with you.
  • You’re so sophisticated, just like royal blue blood. I am not you, but if someone gave me a blue rose, and I know what it means, I would be more than happy to get one.

Meaning Of Blue Roses In Love (Relationship)


In Asia, the love message of the blue rose is clear: it signifies perfect and fulfilled love. In the West, however, another meaning is attached to the blue rose.

Perhaps because the naturally growing blue rose does not exist and is only a dream, it has also become a symbol of unfulfilled longing.

When a man you are in a romantic relationship with gives you a blue rose, it has many meanings.

He sees you as a calm person who is refined, loyal and reliable. The blue rose means that your man has a lot of confidence in you, that he is planning big things with you.

A similar meaning has an orange rose, and if you want to find out more, this link will answer all of your questions.

He feels safe next to you and he tells you that with a blue rose. Next to you, he feels relaxed and calm. Of course, if your boyfriend or husband knows that you just simply love blue roses, then he is someone worth keeping for a lifetime.

Blue Rose Meaning in Life


Blue roses present new beginnings. At the wedding ceremonies, you might see rose petals down the altar. What is a better example of new beggings than a wedding ceremony? Two people who are madly in love are starting a new chapter in their lives.

If those are light blue roses ie their rose petals, it is obvious why is that shade used. Lighter shades present stability and reliability in this case. Two of them are more than ready to sail into marital waters and dedicate themselves to each other for life.

If you, however, believe in astrology and hidden symbolism, if you start noticing blue roses around you, it might mean this: unrequited love is around you or you’re going for it but there is no real chance there.

If however, you notice a darker shade of blue roses around you, it means that you should hope. A darker shade of a blue rose presents hope and you shouldn’t stop hoping. Maybe that special someone is just around the corner. No matter what your feelings are at the moment, don’t stop hoping. Seek more beauty in life.

Another example of a blue rose used in life is simple elegance. You will see blue roses in big houses, big important halls, buildings, and rich-good-looking villas. It is pretty clear what doe that mean. They prefer an elegant look and they’re achieving it with beautiful blue roses.

Blue Roses Meaning In The Funeral


Even though the most popular are often flowers/roses for a funeral are black roses, you might sometimes see blue roses as well. You can also read about the black rose meaning on our site.

When you bring a blue rose to the funeral, it means that you’re in a state of deep sadness and empathy with a family who’s going through a hard loss.

Blue Rose in a funeral also means peace. You want peace for the deceased and you’re throwing a blue rose on its coffin to show that.

Since its symbolism, for these occasions, when choosing a memorial service, it’s best to go with blue roses. Black roses are, in my opinion, maybe just too sad and they don’t leave a lot of space for peace and hope.

What Does A Bouquet Of Blue Colored Roses Mean?

If I were you, I would gather all these thoughts and meanings above and I would make a big blue roses bouquet out of them.

Someone giving you a blue roses bouquet means they see you as someone sensitive, imaginative, and free.

You’re adventurous, and definitely, someone they see their future with. The blue color doesn’t seem so interesting at first, but when you dig deeper, it makes you happy.

Meanings Of A Single Blue Rose

Blue roses are often a symbol of mystery. If you get a blue rose from your friend, mum, brother, your fiance, or your boyfriend it means they see you as someone who has a unique mysterious personality and character.

They’re telling you with that blue rose that anything you imagine is possible, that nothing in this world is impossible for you. You can achieve whatever you imagine is what they mean.

The Blue rose message is something like the “go get them, go for it, dream big” message. You might see blue roses at graduation parties, graduation ceremonies, and other events that are crossroads in our lives.

What Does A Blue Rose Present In Art?

Artists like painting lavender roses. White roses as well and true blue roses were created with their brushes.

There’s something about that blue color that speaks to their soul. I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression “I feel blue.” Well, no one knows how to present color feeling better than the artist.

“Paint dripped from a canvas, and a blue rose was born.” That’s no one special, It’s not Shakespeare, just me being poetic.

Blue roses in art present deep sadness, freedom, or unrequited love. I guess we all understand that blue feeling a bit more now?

Creating Blue Roses: How Is It Done?

The rose wakes up in the spring in a new life and creates beautiful flowers. It uses “almost” the entire color palette. However, by nature, a pink bush can never form a color: blue.

  • the genetic material for blue is completely lacking
  • Roses are slightly acidic in origin
  • too angry for a blue tone
  • Blue needs a neutral PH value. If we want to get blue roses, it is enough to use the appropriate blue color, for example, ink or poster color. Cut the stem of the white rose diagonally and place it in a vase with water and add a few blue drops to it. The rose, which stands in the blue liquid, gradually changes color. After 2 days we will get the desired flowers. The color of the rose – blue, corn blue, and darker dark blue – depends on the amount of blue dye added.

Secrets Of Blue Flowers

Blue roses aren’t the only blue flower that is interesting and has hidden meanings. These flowers have always been unique and interesting to read about.

Blue flowers were a main and big inspiration for a romanticism epoch. That’s not so strange since they present desire, love, and the striving for the infinite and unreachable.

Blue flowers symbolize the beauty of life and the beauty of things in life.

Where Can You Find Blue Roses?

There are a lot of blue flowers in a family of flowering plants. Blue roses, however, were not provided by nature. The blue rose has never been discovered in this country or any other distant country.

It was and is the result of imagination and longing. And as strong desires push towards fulfillment, the blue rose is still part of our real world. As a motif in art, but also as a living flower, the color only later appeared in the form of a rose.

What Does Chinese Legend Say About Blue Roses?

In China, a long time ago, an emperor lived whose daughter did not want to get married. The emperor persuaded his daughter, but she persistently refused him. Probably because no one managed to win her heart.

To be left alone, she set an unattainable condition: the applicant for marriage must bring her a blue rose. She was given a blue rose of precious stones, and a colored rose But, of course, no one could bring her a real, vibrant blue rose. She wasn’t happy with it. But then true love came.

The traveling singer came to the capital city and the two of them fell in love. Now the emperor’s daughter wanted to get married too. She was sad because now her condition had become an obstacle to her. The mistress did not turn away and promised to come to the palace next with a blue rose.

There he stood in front of the emperor, holding a white rose in his hand and begging him for the princess’s hand. “But that is a white rose,” said the emperor. “No, the rose is blue,” the princess objected. The emperor crept in, after all, he finally wanted to see his daughter married. The couple stayed in the country house and many white roses were planted in the garden. They always called it a “blue garden”.

The fairy tale about the blue rose is, of course, much longer than this summary. If you seem to be reading it in its entirety, you can easily find it online.

Top 5 Flower Combinations For The Wedding With This Unique Color


It’s every woman’s dream! Wedding bells ring and now it’s time to figure out what color combination to choose for your wedding ceremony. And of course for the big hall where the party will be.

Blue Roses-White Roses: Always A Win

Due to their meanings: white rose presents loyalty and purity and blue roses present stability and trust, it’s your best choice! There’s no need to speak about how amazing that looks. Just imagine it.

White petals down the aisle, blue bouquet in your hands, blue roses around you at the altar! My heart just skipped a beat. Uh-mazing!

Blue Roses-Yellow Roses: Risk It

This isn’t a classic combination for your wedding. This combination says that you’re a special woman who’s not afraid to risk in life. Contrast is a bomb and they will beautiful.

One of the yellow rose meanings is joy, and what’s more important than joy on your big wedding day? If you think it’s too much to put them together, you can always make separate bouquets for the table that will still look lovely.

Blue Roses-Red Roses: White Roses Joyful Flower Decoration

It may not sound like something that will look nice at first, but trust me, it will be. Blue roses with their symbols will create a perfect atmosphere with roses that symbolize eternal love and purity.

Maybe a bouquet made of blue and white roses with white petals down the aisle. I’m sure that looks great!

Lavender Roses And Blue Roses Decoration

I just closed my eyes and I can see it. What is celebrating love more than roses with the meaning of love at first sight?

Combine these two amazing colors and I’m sure you’ll get some oohs and ahhs at your ceremony, and it won’t be because of your dress only.

Pink And Blue Roses Magic

Pink roses mean appreciation, gratitude, and recognition, and with magical blue roses, they will make a contrasting ray of light at your wedding.

You have to risk sometimes, and you might risk big with this color combination since it’s pretty unusual but I assure you, it won’t disappoint you.

We’ve Come To An End Of Blue Rose Meaning


You now know everything there is to know about blue rose meaning. If needed, save our article so you can read it again in case you forget something or if you didn’t understand something well.

We’re more than happy to share our knowledge of flowers with you and if you want to know more, you can always check our site on daily basis and see what else we’re offering for you.

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