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Flower For Fertility: 3 Most Effective Plants For Fertility

Flower For Fertility: 3 Most Effective Plants For Fertility

For a very long time, it was believed that there is no such thing as a flower for fertility. People thought that it was all part of Greek myths and symbols.

People used to think that in life, you simply need to be lucky to have a child and that there is no flower that could help your body conceive.

But when you’re expecting a baby or want to get pregnant, your emotions and feelings are shaken. You will try anything that might increase your chance of having a baby.

Even if you try flower essences and flower oils, they’ll give you enough confidence and hope to continue your “to get pregnant” journey.

Today, for all of you who need hope and didn’t try flowers for fertility yet, we present you the entire article about it, so let’s find out.

What Is The Flower For Fertility?

Fertility flowers ( γονιμότητα-greek word for fertility) are actually the essences of different flowers that help a woman to get pregnant.

Of course, there are also flowers that symbolize fertility, and we will discuss them as well. If you’re a person that needs a gift on this journey, consider this article as the one since we’re sure it will help you.

How To Use Flower Essences For Fertility?

Flower essences (orchid, iris, roses, fuchsia, iris) help preserve physical energy, maintain attention, have a good and quality sleep, reduce stress, balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and improve digestion.

All these things are of great importance to a woman trying to conceive a baby. Bottled water with flower essences was recently launched on the market: water for women and water for concentration.

These waters are, in a way, a dietary supplement for women who are trying to get pregnant and given that we all drink a lot of water every day, and a simple way to achieve this.

Do Fertility Flowers Help To Get Women Pregnant?

For many women, fertility flowers, that is, the essence of individual flowers has a great significance for fertility.

When you use something continuously and in addition to practicing the other things that your doctor or gynecologist advises success is certain.

For now, I hope you are sitting somewhere in your lovely gardens, relaxed, as we approach the main part of the article. Here we bring you key flowers that are very good in your fertility journey.

What Flower Is A Good Luck For Fertility?

Orchids are lucky flowers for fertility. Since ancient Greece, women used to decorate their beds with orchids when they wanted to get pregnant.

It was said that the color of orchids dictates the sex of the child, and its sexuality as well. So those who tend to put brighter or stronger shades of orchids on top of the bed before having sex with their partner.

People believed that orchids bring happiness and health to the baby that comes into this world as well. In these aspects, I’m sure that this isn’t very effective in reality.

There are many interesting things on Earth, and we humans always search for them, but effective ways are effective ways much more than the myths.

3 Flower Essences For Fertility

I’m sure that this part is the part of the article that will being you the most joy. No need for grief, we have the right words for you.

Flower essences are effective and we bring you the 3 best flower essence for your pregnancy journey.

It’s usually a creation of a pharmacist, but sometimes, with simple ones, you can make them by yourself as well. Let’s learn now more about the rose, orchid, and chrysanthemum essence.

1. Roses Flower Essence

Rose fertility spray is intended for women who have difficulty conceiving. It helps reduce stress, controls the quality of your sleep, and relaxes you a lot because it is plant-based.

The elixir is based on the essence of rose flowers. In addition to rose essence, i.e. rose oil, the elixir contains:

  • Heather
  • Centaury
  • Chinese plum
  • Chicory
  • Verbena
  • Mint grass
  • Mountain grasses

I’m sure you’re wondering, how do I use it? It is very simple. You can spray it directly in your mouth or mix it with your food or tea. Its taste is very nice and you won’t have a feeling like you’re drinking something that’s sort of a “cure.”

2. Orchid Flower Essence

Different oils are made from orchid flowers, just like roses, which are then put into elixirs for pregnancy. In addition to supporting your pregnancy process, the orchid reduces the risks of your decay due to its beneficial effect on your organism.

Considering that pregnancy is a period full of various emotional and physical difficulties, the orchid elixir will soothe and relax you during this process.

With adequate nutrition o elixir orchids, your fertility will be excellent. The composition of this elixir are:

  • Orchid essence
  • Whirling
  • Shepherd’s needle grass
  • Oman
  • Black cumin

This special elixir/syrup is in use in many cultures. Most of the plants are found in the wild and they are very popular in Egypt and China. There are definitely many factors that affect pregnancy, but why not reduce them with this power elixir? It’s all out there in nature and it’s 100% checked.

3. Chrysanthemum Essence

Another elixir is made with a fertility flower essence-chrysanthemum. This elixir will also show great support for your fertility journey.

Throw away all the things you’ve used before because this is the effective and natural way of helping yourself. Focus all your love on this elixir you’re gifting yourself with. Once that hope is born again, the rest is very easy. Aside from chrysanthemum essence, it’s also made of:

  • hemp
  • sage
  • ginger
  • tea plant
  • mountain grass
  • Kim

The most helpful things on our planet are in nature so we better use them wisely. There’s a reason why these plants have been cultivated for centuries. God made the ground space full of useful natural stuff, we just need to learn to use them. It is believed that this elixir was discovered 120 years ago.



Below we bring you the most popular FAQs about the flower for fertility. We hope you’ll find out some new interesting facts that you could use as well. We also bring some historical fun facts about flowers of fertility.

Who Is The Goddess Of Fertility?

Venus is a Goddess of fertility. In Egypt that was an Isis Goddess. In Inca culture, the fertility Goddess was Oclio.

Almost every older culture has its own Goddess of fertility. They all wanted to create a female figure that carries passion, understanding, and representations of other women.

What Flowers Symbolize Fertility?

As we already mentioned above, the most popular flowers of fertility are roses, orchids, iris flowers, chrysanthemums, and rarely lilies.

What Signalizes Fertility In A Woman?

The most common signs of good female fertility are regular and healthy periods, cervical mucus, you don’t feel hot flashes often, and sleep well and quality. Of course, when that fertility is realized, you yourself know that your period will be “late.”

What Is The Best Fertility Herb?

To be honest, there is not only one best herb for fertility, so we bring you the three best fertility herbs you can make your daily tea of. Those herbs are agnus castus, black cohosh, and Chinese herbs.

What Color Presents Fertility?

Orange color presents fertility since ancient times. Why? It’s made out of two colors: yellow happiness and red love.

What Fruit Is Good For Fertility?

Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries contain natural antioxidants that are a must for your body when you’re trying to get pregnant. A fruit that’s a symbol of fertility is the pomegranate.

The End

We hope that our article on flower for fertility was useful to all of you who are currently going through the stages of studying your body for pregnancy (or might be one day).

Fertility and pregnancy can often be complicated, learning about our body in the process before and after, but don’t get discouraged.

There are many, at least hundreds of ways and things you can apply to increase your chances of conception, and flower essence elixirs are one of them. They give your body the balance it needs, which is needed now more than ever.

We hope that our article was helpful, see you tomorrow with more similar topics!