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Edelweiss Flower Meaning: Symbolism Of A Wild White Flower

Edelweiss Flower Meaning: Symbolism Of A Wild White Flower

Today we will talk about the edelweiss flower meaning. This amazing perennial plant carries many hidden messages in its petals. It has amazing cultural significance and many honorable qualities.

This beautiful flower is a common flower in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark, and very rare in other countries. This is also one of the reasons why this flower is so special.

This little flower has many meanings, and today we will learn more about them. Let’s find out then below, what is the meaning and symbolism of the edelweiss flower.

What Is Edelweiss Flower Meaning?

Edelweiss word comes from the German word Edelweiß which means noble and white. But this is not the national flower of Germany. Due to its combination of words, this flower means devotion.

Flowers also present purity in some cases. Edelweiss plant grows in wild conditions in mountains, and this is another reason why this flower has such meaning.

What Is The Symbolism Of the Edelweiss Flower?

The symbolism of the edelweiss flower is devotion and love. Since this flower has a short life span, and the edelweiss flower grows in wild conditions of rocky areas of the Alps, it’s more than logical for this flower to have this symbolism.

The flower belongs to the sunflower family and exactly because of its symbolism, this flower is Switzerland’s national flower.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Edelweiss Flower?

The spiritual meaning of the edelweiss flower is noble purity due to its noble white hairs on the flower.

If you give this flower to someone who is not very famous for nobility, it is believed that pure nobility will awaken that person.

In order to achieve this, you have to give that person an entire flower, which means with its roots as well.

Meaning lies in changing the person from their roots. A long time ago, it was believed that this wildflower had such an influence. It was in the “sound of music” for a reason. The song talks about Austrian patriotism.

Edelweiss Flowers Characteristics

Edelweiss flower is a flower that can be used for many occasions. Since we mentioned all about its meanings, let’s mention some general facts about the flower as well.

  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Botanical name: Leontopodium nivale subsp. alpinum
  • The shape of the flower: double star formation
  • Leaf shape: arrow-shaped leaves
  • Toxic/Non-toxic: can cause allergic reactions and abdominal pain
  • Native habitat: rocky mountains
  • Use: healing properties, medicinal properties, if used properly good for human skin
  • Symbolism: true love, deep love, devotion

Edelweiss Flower Interesting Facts

Since we want you to have a full picture of this lovely flower, we bring you some interesting facts about it:

  • Edelweiss flower was found by a German botanist George Karl Reinwardt.
  • Edelweiss is the national flower of Switzerland.
  • Edelweiss is the national flower of Austria.
  • Extract the flower has many benefits.
  • Anaphalis Javanica is the botanic name of the flower in Indonesia.
  • Even though it’s said that the flower is found only in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, it can be found in Indonesian regions as well.
  • Edelweiss flowers bloom only in rainy weather conditions and that is usually from April to July.
  • Edelweiss in endangered flower now.

Edelweiss Flower Meaning – FAQ


Below we bring you the most popular FAQs about the edelweiss flower. Let’s see what have we prepared for you below.

Why Did German Soldier Wear Edelweiss?

German soldiers wear edelweiss flowers on their uniforms as a sign of “victory” and achievement.

Wearing such a flower was like saying indirectly that you’ve been on very high parts of rocky mountains. High tops are mostly the only places where this flower grows.

Does Edelweiss Flower Grow In The USA?

Even though this flower doesn’t grow in the USA, it could be produced in the USA in hardiness zone 4. Zone 4 is one of the coldest zones in the continental USA. These regions also have lots of rain during the year which would be great for this plant.

Where Does Edelweiss Wool Flower Grow?

Edelweiss flower grows in very high altitudes of rocky mountains. Since it has such a grow wild conditions, it’s considered that you’re lucky once you find edelweiss. Due to the height of its growing conditions, the flower has a deep love meaning as well.

What Does The Edelweiss Tattoo Mean?

Edelweiss’s tattoo has many meanings but the most popular one is love. It can be love that two lovers have for each other or love between mother and daughter. It’s mostly described as the mother’s love for her daughter.

Are Edelweiss Flowers A Birth Flower?

It is believed that the edelweiss flower is a birth flower for zodiac signs born in July, August, and sometimes even September.

What’s Edelweiss Flower Used For?

Edelweiss flower has many medical properties. Tea made from the edelweiss plant has good benefits for stomachaches, and diarrhea, it can treat bad cough and rheumatic pain.

Is Edelweiss Rare Flower?

Edelweiss flower is a rare flower. It grows in tall regions of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. It’s rarely found in lower areas of the mountains and that makes it much harder to find.

Final Thought On Edelweiss Flower Meaning

Today we talked about the edelweiss flower meaning. If you were wondering lately why is this flower Switzerland’s national flower and why is it so respected, we hope you had your closure today.

We learned that the edelweiss plant’s meaning is devotion, noble, and love. Besides that, we learned some basic characteristics of this flower.

We hope you enjoyed our today’s article about the edelweiss plant. That would be all for today, see you here tomorrow with more similar topics.