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Idaho State Flower: Syringa Fragrant Flowers

Idaho State Flower: Syringa Fragrant Flowers

Today we will talk about the Idaho state flower. During the Lewis and Clark expedition, this flower was found, and later on, it was named the state flower of Idaho. But why did it go like that? What’s the reason behind this flower’s title?

Idaho’s state flower is today found in Boise national forest. Often called mock orange/mock orange blossoms, its use dates back to the use of native Americans.

Flowers grow in British Columbia, Northern California, and usually in warmer areas. Let’s check out now, why the discovery of Meriwether Lewis had so many good sides.

Below, we bring you all about the Idaho state flower, let’s learn more then.

What Is The Idaho State Flower?

Idaho state flower is the Syringa flower. It’s one of the most beautiful woody shrubs in the USA.

Flowers’ use is so big that it’s even edible. You can make jams, jellies, and syrups out of this flower. It’s been found in the 1930s and since then, it’s been cultivated all around the USA.

Do you know what is the Louisiana State flower or the Alabama State flower?

Why Is Syringa Official State Flower?

Once the state of Idaho became a part of the union, Idaho representatives choose this flower for its state flower.

Why do you wonder? Every hill and every forest area in Idaho is covered with Syringa flowers. This amazing wildflower is more than popular in this region and that is why it’s a state flower now. It represented Idaho since the 1940s.

Idaho State Flower – Features And Characteristics Of Syringa Flower

With its leafy branches and lovely branching shrub, pipe stems, and amazing blossoms, the flower reminds me a lot of mock orange blossoms.

Their woody shrub looks very similar. Idaho syringa gem state’s floral emblem has the following features and characteristics:

  • Family: Oleaceae
  • Botanic name: Syringa vulgaris
  • Flower color: purple
  • Leaf shape: heart-shaped leaves
  • Sun: full sun conditions
  • Soil type: humus-rich, well-draining soil
  • Fertilizer: humus, high organic matter

What Is The Symbolism Of Syringa Flower?

Syringa flowers symbolize renewal, new beginnings, and spring, precisely because of their strong, specific purple color.

The flower, precisely because of its strong smell and its outstanding smell and appearance, also symbolizes self-confidence, love, and romance.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Syringa Flower?

You can gift this flower to someone who is starting a new chapter in life. Its most significant spiritual meaning is a new beginning.

If someone close to you is going through new exciting phases in life, give them this flower.

Given the symbolism of love, in spiritual flower is used as a magnet to attract love, so give it to someone you have feelings for.

History Of Syringa Flower

The Syringa flower, like many other flowers, dates back to Greek mythology. A Greek myth tells how Pan, the God of the forest, fell in love with a nymph named Syringa.

The god of the forest besieged Syringa, and followed her, she had no peace from him. In the end, with the desire to save herself from him, she was forced to turn into a flower.

The flower also has its place in Celtic culture. The Celts believed that the power of this flower came from its strong intoxicating smell. Widows carried this flower to their husbands’ graves.

Interesting Facts About Syringa Flower

Below we bring you the most interesting facts about the Syringa flower:

  • Native Americans used to make root-digging sticks from it.
  • Native Americans used to make drinks from it.
  • Native Americans used it for making shafts and harpoons.
  • Today it’s used in cuisine as syrup, jam, and jelly.
  • Pastry shops sometimes use it for the decoration of cakes since it’s edible.
  • Syringa flowers have waxy flowers with 5 petals usually.
  • Their fragrance is very strong.



Below we bring you the most popular FAQs about other Idaho state symbols as well. Let’s see what did we prepare for you in this awesome section.

What Is The State Bird Of Idaho?

Sialia currucoides, also known as the mountain bluebird is the Idaho state bird. It’s native to northern regions of the USA. It belongs Turdidae family of birds. Male and female birds are very similar, the only difference is their beak.

What Is Idaho State Animal?

The Peregrine Falcon is the Idaho state animal. It’s native to Idaho state just like at least other 50 mammals.

Is Syringa Flower Native To Idaho?

Idaho state flower Syringa is a flower that’s native to Idaho. Also known as the mock orange, it grows up to 20 feet tall when taken care of nicely.

Final Thought

In today’s article, we learned all about the Idaho state flower. If you were wondering about some little things about this flower earlier, I hope that you have learned everything about it today.

The flower is truly special and fragrant, and it was the inspiration for some poetic works, such as John Ashbery’s poem about this flower.

The poem is quite long, so we bring you only a snippet of the poem for the end of today’s article.

“I’m a maverick. Nothing of this is happening to me, Although I can understand the language of birds, and the itinerary of the lights caught in the storm is fully apparent to me. Their jousting ends in music much, as trees move more easily in the wind after a summer storm, and is happening in lacy shadows of shore trees, now, day after day.” That would be all for today, see you soon with more similar articles.” – John Ashbery, Syringa