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National Flower Of Cuba – Beautiful Butterfly Jasmine

National Flower Of Cuba – Beautiful Butterfly Jasmine

In today’s article, we will talk about the national flower of Cuba. In order to learn all about the jasmine flower, the national flower of Cuba, we will talk about its features, spiritual meanings, and symbolism.

This amazing flower is a big part of Cuban history and culture, and for Cuban people, if you know what their national symbols are, you’re almost like one of them. They appreciate and cherish their culture very much.

Since Cuba’s national flower isn’t the country’s only national symbol, we will also mention other important national symbols.

If you want to learn more, below, we bring you all about the national flower of Cuba and more.

Butterfly Endemic Jasmine Species: Hedychium Coronarium Features

Butterfly jasmine flower characteristics:

  • Family: olive family
  • Growth type: fast-growing plant
  • Flower color: white
  • Leaf shape: almond shape
  • Water: water it 2 times a week
  • Soil: well-drained soil
  • Fertilizer: 10-10-10
  • Humidity: 50%

Jasmine has a long and thin stem that can grow up to five meters in height. The leaves consist of five to seven small long leaflets, while its flowers are star-shaped and white. In Cuba, you can see it in its capital Havana Cuba in every single garden along with the royal palm tree.

Why Is Butterfly Jasmine Cuba’s National Flower?

If you know something about the history of this country and its time in wars, you definitely know the part that includes Spain And Cuba wars.

In that war, which was a fight and war for Cuban independence, Cuban women used this flower, due to its white color presents freedom in this case mostly as the symbol of their Cuban resistance.

Since then, considering the fact of how important it was this flower in the past, they named it a national flower of the country in 1936. It’s called butterfly jasmine, hedychium coronarium, white mariposa, the flower of freedom, and many other names.

What Is The Butterfly Jasmine Flower Symbolism?

All jasmine flowers, this one included, symbolize love, freedom, sensuality, purity, and innocence.

In our case, two important keywords, the golden keywords freedom and innocence represent a huge part of Cuban history.

As mentioned above, flor de mariposa is an important flower used by Cuban women in the war between Spain And Cuba, and its symbolism played a huge role in the war.

What’s The National Flower Of Cuba’s Spiritual Meaning?

Butterfly jasmine’s spiritual meaning is just slightly different than its symbolism. The spiritual meaning of this lovely pure flower is modesty and inspiration.
It’s definitely a great gift for someone you see as your role model, someone who has just graduated, someone who’s your great inspiration, and so on.

National Flower Of Cuba – Butterfly Jasmine Plant Care

If you also want to have this flower in your garden, do it according to our next steps. It is recommended that butterfly jasmine climbers be planted in the spring when the temperatures are already high enough, in humid places, and there is no danger of frost.

This is especially true for continental areas where the danger of frost lasts a little longer. Precisely because it requires a lot of heat and sun. Butterfly jasmine is planted in previously well-fertilized and drained soil.

Interesting Facts About Butterfly Jasmine Flower

Here are some interesting facts about the national flower of Cuba you might enjoy:

  • This flower has only one stem.
  • In the independence war between Spain and Cuba, women used to enhance their beauty with this flower.
  • In Sierra del Rosario, you can find and spot this flower in escambray mountains.

FAQ – National Flower Of Cuba


As always, we make sure we answered all of your questions, so even today we bring you the faq section in which you will learn all about the national symbols of Cuba once you did that, you’ll definitely know all about Cuba’s culture.

What’s The Cuban National Anthem?

Its original title is El Himno de Bayamo which means The Hymn of Bayamo. It was in the use since 1868. La bayamesa was first performed while Cuban people were in the Battle of Bayamo. They didn’t change it since. Its chores go like this (translated):

Fear, not the vicious Iberians, They are cowards like every tyrant.

They cannot oppose the spirited Cuban; Their empire has forever fallen.

Free Cuba, Its power and pride, where did it go?

Hear the sound of the bugle: To arms, brave ones, run!

What’s The Cuban Flag?

The national flag of Cuba, the one we know today is three blue and two white horizontal stripes and a red triangle at the hoist bearing a white star.
It stands for liberty and equality since this flag was used after the war for Cuban independence from the Spanish occupation.

What’s The Cuban National Bird?

Cuba’s national bird is the Cuban Trogon, a bird that is native and endemic specie in Cuba as well. They are almost extinct since there is only a small amount of them still alive in Cuba.

They belong to the family of birds Trogonidae, and they are beautiful multicolor birds very similar to the bee hummingbird.

In Cuba Naturaleza, there is a big number of wonderful flora and fauna. With la Habana and other two famous Cuban instruments, this bird is an inspiration for many national Cuban songs.

What’s The Cuban National Tree?

As we mentioned at the very beginning, if you visit Cuba, you’ll spot lots of white jasmine flowers and royal palm trees in the gardens.
That’s because the national flower of Cuba is the white butterfly jasmine, and the national tree is a royal palm tree.

What Are Other Popular Flowers In Cuba?

In this lovely country of the rising sun, mostly in sierra Maestra regions, orchids, roses, and jasmine are the 3 mostly found flowers.

This nation appreciates its flowers, they cherish the wild side of this country and in august, during summertime, you’ll spot all these delicate flowers in them.

They commonly use them as landscape flowers. Some flourish and bloom until November and October. Cuban air is just the perfect air with the perfect amount of humidity for these flowers to grow and bloom. Some of these flowers/plants are also found on the Caribbean island.

Final Thought On The National Flower Of Cuba

In today’s article, you’ve learned all about the national flower of Cuba, and why is this lovely white flower so important to the Cuban people.

I’m sure you even want to plant some now in your own garden. Their symbolism truly calls for some admiration and cherishing.

This lovely flower has been such an important part of Cuban culture for so long, and with a couple of seeds, it can be a part of your culture in your garden as well.

White ginger, as they also call this flower carries on secret messages among its petals and leaves, and you can be a part of it if you plant it for yourself in your yard. White is not your favorite color? Try your luck with the blue ginger plant.

That would be all for today, we hope you enjoyed our article, see you soon with some similar topics like what is the national flower of Germany or Ireland?!