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National Flower Of Poland: Red Poppies Petals

National Flower Of Poland: Red Poppies Petals

In today’s article, we will talk about the national flower of Poland. I’m sure you’ve already read several stories about the poppy flower and its connection with Polish culture. But today we’re going to talk about it in more detail.

Why this flower is so important to Polish culture, we will tell you all about it below in the article. In addition, we bring you the symbolism of this flower and its spiritual meaning. At the very end of the faq section where we will mention other national symbols of this country.

Let’s see what we have prepared for you in today’s article about the national flower of Poland.

What Is The National Flower Of Poland?

The national flower of Poland is the corn poppy or red poppy. This flower in fact has many names: common poppy, fields poppy, Flanders poppy, etc.

It grows all over Poland, mostly in meadows where the soil is not fertilized or cultivated, and therefore this flower does not require much care.

Corn Poppy/Red Poppy Flower Features And Characteristics

  • Family: Papaveraceae
  • Growth type: slow-grower
  • Flower color: red color
  • Leaf shape: lobe shape
  • Soil type: peat moss
  • Water needs: it can survive drought time
  • Humidity: 40-30%
  • Temperature: 55-65 F
  • Fertilizer: not needed

Why Are Corn Poppies National Flower Of Poland?

In the battles on the Polish territory, especially in the Second World War, it is said that the poppy flower appeared on the battlefields after all the wars.

In the places where they once fought and where the biggest battlefields were, the poppy blossomed later and in this way, as if it symbolized victory even where it seems impossible.

Later, thanks to this symbolism, and the fact that poppies grew all over Poland, they gave this flower the title of the national flower of Poland.

They call it a timeless flower in Poland and they wear red poppies to remember the events of the world war.

What’s The Symbolism Of Corn Poppy Flower?

The symbolism of the poppy flower existed in ancient Egypt, where the poppy was a favorite flower that symbolized love.

Lovers gave poppies or decorative dried flower arrangements to their chosen ones and the women they loved.

At the same time, poppy heads also belonged to traditional grave accessories, which were especially often placed in the coffins of young girls.

It grows among grain and produces abundant seeds, and was therefore the sacred plant of the goddess of fertility, Demeter.

Most likely, the participants of the ritual experienced divine purification through apparent death and awakening to a new life with the help of opiates.

The poppy was dedicated to Aphrodite, and one version of the myth about the death of Adonis says that instead of the anemone, a poppy sprung from Aphrodite’s tears.

The field poppy and the anemone have very sensitive flowers, which is why it is not surprising that they share symbolism in terms of the transience of love.

The myth about the origin of the poppy from Aphrodite’s tears is interesting because it warns that it grew with the desire to bring the bereaved goddess “beneficial oblivion of misery”.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Red Poppy Flower?

Because of the image of the cross, which is formed by the joining of four dried petals, the poppy is a symbol of true faith among Christians.

It can represent Christ and his passion because the color of the poppy flower resembles freshly shed blood.

Generally, flowers of poppies can boast of an ancient symbolic tradition, but the symbolism of this actually gentle one has been developed and upgraded more recently and is strongly present in today’s culture as well.

Bright red flowers are a symbol of the fire of love, but also of spilled blood, and the fact that they wither suddenly indicates the transience of love.

Due to the abundance of seeds that ripen in just one poppy head, the poppy traditionally symbolizes abundance, fertility, and wealth.

Due to its narcotic effect, the spiritual meaning of the poppy also includes sorcery, mysterious forces, oblivion, and deep sleep. For example, in ancient Greece, people gave each other poppies as a guarantee of peaceful sleep.

FAQ About National Flower Of Poland

Even today we have not forgotten your favorite chapter of our article, which is faq. We somehow always hide interesting answers in the fac section, so even today we are sure that you will like what we bring you here.

Let’s see what we have prepared for you here about Flanders poppy national flowers.

What’s The National Anthem Of Poland?

The name of the national anthem of Poland is “Poland is not lost yet” and it goes like this:

  • Poland has not yet perished, So long as we still live. What the foreign force has taken from us,We shall with saber retrieve. We’ll cross the Vistula, we’ll cross the Warta, We shall be Polish. Bonaparte has given us an example, Of how we should prevail.

What’s The National Bird Of Poland?

The national bird of Poland country is the polish white eagle. This bird is the national symbol of this country since the Middle ages and it hasn’t changed since.

Final Thought

In today’s article, you learned everything you wanted to know about the national flower of Poland.

Many of us knew about the symbolism of this flower before, but we certainly did not know about the symbolism of this flower in Poland.

An entire historical part of Poland is closely linked to this flower and its symbolism, and that is why Poles still wear and use this ancient flower to mark various anniversaries.

That would be all in today’s article, see you soon with more similar topics.