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National Flower Of Greece: Wild Lands Of Laurel Flowers

National Flower Of Greece: Wild Lands Of Laurel Flowers

In today’s article, we will talk about the national flower of Greece. I am sure you will agree with me if I say that Greece is one of the rare countries whose history never disappoints.

Ancient Greece, Greek mythology and myths, architecture, and even national symbols, all have their own interesting story.

Today we will talk about the national flower of this country, why exactly this flower deserved that title, and its symbolism and role in the history of this country.

If you want to learn all about the national flower of Greece, let’s start reading.

What Is The National Flower Of Greece?

The Laurel flower is now the official flower of Greece. There have been many discussions about the national flower of Greece.

It wasn’t so simple to choose a perfect flower/plant for this title between oyster plant (bear’s breech), violet plant, olive tree, and roses, but at the end pink flowers Laurel flower won.

Features Of Laurel Flower – National Emblem Of Greece

  • Family: Lauraceae
  • Growth type: slow-grower
  • Flower color: pink and white flowers
  • Leaf shape and features: shiny dark green leaves, almond-shaped
  • Type of plant: evergreen shrub
  • Native habitat: rocky slopes
  • Soil type: moist, well-drained
  • Water needs: water once per week
  • Fertilizer: 15-15-15 fertilizer
  • Use: valuable flavoring agent

What Is The Symbolism Of Laurel Flower?

The Laurel flower is a symbol of perseverance. It’s a perfect flower to give to someone when they’re starting new things, giving chance at new opportunities, moving away, or just starting a new chapter of their life.

The Laurel flower is a perfect floral gift for such occasions. It also symbolizes victory and freedom.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Laurel Flowers?

Ancient greeks used to believe that this flower can save you and protect you from unexpected attacks and from any bad natural occasions and events we can’t control.

They used to call it a flower of Gods as well since they thought it can control nature. It’s a famous ancient greek belief that this plant can save you from any bad spirits and evil as well.

What Was The Role Of Laurel Blooms In Ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece, a big part of Greek culture and ancient Greece were the Olympic games. The Olympic Games were an important event on Mount Olympus in Greece where they held various competitions in various skills.

The winner would receive wreaths of olive leaves and wreaths of laurel flowers. Apollo’s symbolic plant is another name for this plant since Apollo was a Greek God.

What Role Does Laurel Flowers Have In Western Civilization?

This flower has a slightly different meaning in the rest of the European Union, in African countries, and in Western civilization.

In this rich culture, the laurel flower and its violet crown don’t play a big role. It’s simply another mountain flower among many beautiful flowers. In these civilizations, a bear’s breeches or a bear’s foot (acanthus Mollis) is more appreciated.

History Of Laurel Flowers

We all know the stories about Greek nymphs and Greek gods. This legend refers to exactly one such. The Greek God Apollo fell in love with the Greek Nymph Daphne who always rejected everyone.

Even the god Apollo failed to win the heart of the nymph Daphne and she rejected him. She instead begged to be freed from those shackles of constant search for love, she wanted to be free in any other form. Therefore God turned Apollo into laurel flowers.

FAQ – National Flower Of Greece

You have learned the importance of the national flowers of Greece, but it remains to learn a little about the other national symbols of Greece.

In the following, we bring you everything about other national emblems, stay with us a little longer.

What’s The National Animal Of Greece?

The national animal of the Greece is Dolphin. Dolphins are a symbol of protection and since they’re close to the beach all year round, it’s said that they’re protecting the Greek cities all year round.

What Are Other Popular Flower In Greece?

Besides laurel flowers, in Greece, popular flowers are peony, Paeonia parnassian, violet, and white roses flowers.

The oyster plant is also famous and as we mentioned above bear’s breech. Bear’s breech genus derives from the plant ἄκανθος ákanthos.

These are not the long petiole plants nor the longest plants in Greece, but they are one of the most beautiful flowers in Greece.

They are rarely found in other countries, but in Greece, close to the sea level and with full sun, they’re deeply lobed in Athens and other Greece cities as well.

Where Does Laurel Flower Grow?

Laurel flower grows usually in the Mediterranean region, close to a sea dock and the Mediterranean sea.

This flower is rarely found in the mountain areas of any country where it grows such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Brazil, USA states that have warmer climates, etc.

What’s The National Tree Of Greece?

I think we all knew this one: the national tree of Greece is the olive tree. As we already said above, its use rates back in Ancient Greece when this tree’s leaves were used for wreaths of olives at the Olympic games.

What’s Greece’s National Dish?

One of the most popular dishes in Greece, also its national dish is the famous Moussaka. It is a traditional Greek meal made from lamb meat, garlic, bay leaves, oregano, aubergines, and olive oil.

What’s The Greek Mythology Flower?

The daffodil flower is one of the most famous flowers found in Greek mythology. They are found in many poems, songs, and stories in Greece mythology.

Narcissus is also another flower named after a man who was so amazed at his reflection in the river that he stared at himself until he died.

Final Thought On The National Flower Of Greece

In today’s article, we learned everything you need to know about the national flower of Greece.

If until now you thought that the olive tree was the national plant of this state, today we learned about the importance of laurel flowers and we saw how far back these flowers date.

The beautiful wildflowers that grow near the sea and in warmer regions are the national flowers of Greece for all their virtues and past uses.

We hope you enjoyed our article today. See you tomorrow with more similar topics, like the national flower of Norway or the national flower of El Salvador.