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National Flower Of El Salvador: Flor De Izote

National Flower Of El Salvador: Flor De Izote

In today’s article, we will talk about the national flower of El Salvador. If you wanted to learn more about a lovely yucca flower, today’s your big chance for it.

Below in the text, we bring you all about its features, symbolism, and reasons for its title, and of course, we’ll mention some other inevitable national symbols as well.

Yucca flower is truly special, and why did the people from El Salvador choose it and cherish it so much, let’s find out.

National Flower Of El Salvador: Yucca Flower Blossom Characteristics

  • Family: Yuccaecaea family
  • Growth type: slow-grower
  • Flower color: white color
  • Leaf shape: sword-shape leaves
  • Soil type: well-drained slightly acidic soil
  • Water needs: water once a week
  • Humidity: 40-50%
  • Fertilizer: low in nitrogen fertilizers

Why Is Yucca Flower National Flower Of El Salvador?

There were no official terms and conditions for this Salvadore flower to become the national flower of El Salvador. This decision was made by the national congress many years ago and since then, izote flower presented and symbolized the national flower of El Salvador.

President Maximiliano Hernández Martínez -executive decree gave this flower its title. This flower also has a big role in people’s lives, especially the ones working in industry fields (textile industry mostly) of work. This flower is used as a raw material.

What Is The Symbolism Of Flor De Izote?

Also called the pink poui flower, this flower has a pretty simple symbolism. The Izote flower symbolizes purity, new beginnings, protection, bravery, and loyalty.

Since they grow mostly in high position flower also presents victory when something seemed unreachable.

Its symbolism is slightly different in the mesoamerican region where it means opportunities, the joy of life, and innocence. This plant has different meanings in other continents as well. For example, in Japan, it means the beauty of life.

In some parts of Europe, this flower is a symbol of pure love and ever-lasting love due to its white pure color. As you can see, these plants’ meanings variate from place to place.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The El Salvador National Flower?

It is considered in some countries, especially in Asian countries that the yucca flower is a good luck flower. The one who plants this flower in front of their house or has it in their home will be lucky in life.

If you’re also having troubles in life, plant this flower, and your problems will go away. This is s process in which you wait for these flowers to bloom, and once they do, you can expect better luck in your life according to sayings.



As always we make sure we answer all of your questions, so today as well we bring you this section below-faq section.

If you want to learn more about this flower, and other national symbols of El Salvador country stay with us because below, we bring you all of those things.

What’s El Salvador’s National Tree?

El Salvador’s national tree is a pink tufted national tree. It’s been famous for centuries in this country and the one that’s most commonly planted in people’s gardens all around the cities.

There is no other reason for this tree to become a national tree. It’s also called rosy trumpet tree sometimes.

What Are Other Popular Flower Of El Salvador?

In El Salvador, besides yucca flowers, you can also spot orchid flowers, roses, and lots of lilies as well.

Besides fowers, in El Salvador, people also plant lots of fruits and vegetables so you’ll often see a tomato in the garden, lettuce, and other organic vegetables.

What’s The Most Famous National Dish Of El Salvador?

If you visit El Salvador, you’ll get to see and try many local dishes, but the famous ones are the ones with tomatoes, onions, and scrambled eggs.

This is a simple dish that people from El Salvador truly adore. They mix the blossoms of these flowers with this dish, and that is what makes it so unique!

What’s El Salvador’s National Anthem?

El Salvador has had its official anthem since 1866. It goes like this:

In the blissful homeland resounds
A blessed song of the free:
She never, to the cursed stigma
Of vile oppression, surrendered.
Joyfully beholding, in Heaven
Her splendid star raised,
From the Union in the beautiful Pleiad
She will give admiration to the world.

What’s El Salvador’s National Bird?

The national bird of El Salvador country is the turquoise-browed Motmot. It’s a green bird with a single blue strip above its eyes.

They are a true scientific miracle and in their presence, you can hear sweet pitchy noise. At present, they live in El Salvador and Ecuador only. They are more popular in southern parts of the country.

Where Does Yucca Cane Flower Grow Besides El Salvador?

Besides El Salvador, yucca flowers grow in Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador (national flower of Ecuador), and basically many countries around the globe with warm climates and humid air conditions.

Japanese Legend Of The Yucca Flower

What many people do not know, even those who grow yucca flowers in their garden is that the flower has poisonous toxic chemicals in them, and if a person comes into contact with them and they enter the body, it can be life-threatening. Japanese samurai in the past were guided by this bit of knowledge.

They would rub the juice of this flower on the tip of their swords and every time they stuck their sword into someone, they were sure that person would die, if not from the blade, then from the poisonous composition of the flower. They also once knew how to squeeze the juice of flowers into drinks or teas.

It is said that on one occasion the invincible enemy was invited to tea by the Japanese samurai. Under the guise of coming to an agreement and succeeding in making a compromise, they put a few drops of the juice of this flower in his tea and thus killed the enemy.

Greek Legend OF The Yucca Flower

In some legends, it is said that this flower originates from the time of the ancient Greeks. Of course, this information has not been confirmed, but legend says that this flower was first spotted near a Greek goddess. A commoner was passing through the wooded areas of Greece and at one point he saw a beautiful woman bathing in a lake. He was enchanted by her beauty, and even though he wanted to do it, he hid behind the bushes and watched the Greek beauty take a bath.

The commoner knew there was no chance he would ever approach such a woman. He was just a mere mortal and she was a beautiful goddess. The commoner ventured, however, noticing a beautiful white flower right where he crouched behind the bushes. He picked a few of those flowers and headed for the lake. The goddess screamed seeing him and asked him what he was doing.

The man, however, quietly and without answering approached the lake and went down on his knees, offering the goddess a bouquet of yucca flowers. She inhaled them with all her might through her nostrils and was so intoxicated by the scent of these flowers, she got up and left the lake, throwing herself around the man’s neck. The smell of yucca flowers completely intoxicated the goddess and she gave the man a kiss as a sign of gratitude.

Final Thought

In today’s article, you’ve learned all about the national flower of El Salvador. In case you didn’t know much about yucca flowers before, today I’m sure, you learned all of it.

We talked about its mysterious symbolism, spiritual meanings, and reasons behind its title as the national flower of El Salvador.

This flower isn’t so famous in other central American countries or other countries in general, but they love it in El Salvador and that’s what makes it so special! Its blooms are remarkable here!

Hope you enjoyed today’s article, see you here soon with similar topics.

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