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National Flower Of Canada: Provincial Flower Maple Leaf

National Flower Of Canada: Provincial Flower Maple Leaf

Today we will talk about the national flower of Canada. I’m more than sure that at least once you wondered while using maple syrup, why is it a national emblem of a country?

Country pulls many reasons for this and they date back in time when you couldn’t provide an online vote or an online petition for this. Master gardeners, citizens, the federal government – all of them agreed that maple is the one.

But what are the reasons behind it, why is this flower the national flower of Canada, and what is its symbolism? If you want to learn more about those parts, let’s start reading then.

What Is The National Flower Of Canada?

The maple leaf is the national flower of Canada. This is one of those flowers that, like tulips, the national flower of the Netherlands, we all know.

Since the early 1700s, this flower has been adopted as the national floral emblem of this country and has retained its title.

Why Is Maple Leaf The National Flower Of Canada?

There are many reasons and ways that the maple leaf has become a symbol of Canada. It wasn’t always like that.

Over time, however, Canadian residents and those with higher ranks began to adopt it as an important symbol of this country.

A few important facts include that the maple tree grows everywhere in Canada and that it is the most common tree in this country. It was at first a big part of northern heritage only.

In addition, already in the 19th century, the famous Canadian newspaper (the old gazette) used a maple lead today’s national flowers as a symbol above its name on the front page.

Later, it was also used as a symbol in literary works in the form of a golden maple. Around 1850, coins with a maple leaf engraved on them begin to be produced.

From 1850, 1890, and 1940, until 2012, this coin remained unchanged. The laurel leaf is also found in the royal collection, such as badges and coats.

Later, the laurel leaf was carved into the shields for both Quebec and Ontario. In the later wars that befell Canada, including the one with Britain, this symbol appeared on the battlefield for the first time – this time on helmets.

In the First World War, Canadians also used this symbol on their uniforms and badges. From history to sports, even Canada’s hockey team takes this symbol as its own.

In 1965, this leaf found its place on the official flag of this country and has not changed since then. All these are the reasons why this flower is the national flower of Canada and why are they decorating the streets with it on Canada day.

Maple Leaf-Official Floral Emblem Features And Needs

  • Family: Aceraceae
  • Scientific name: Acer
  • Growth type: slow-growing type
  • Flower color: white flowers, usually having two flowers or a little white flower
  • Flower pollinators: these flowers are a food source for solitary bees, native bees, syrphid flies native bumblebees, and migratory birds that collect winter forage on these flowers
  • Blooming time: late spring, summer (June)
  • Leaf shape: lobed round and symmetrical
  • Water needs: water twice a week
  • Light: bright indirect light
  • Soil type: acidic, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, etc.
  • Fertilizer: fertilizers that are not high in nitrogen
  • Native habitat: Canadian provinces (provinces and territories), varied areas in the forest, grows among red berries, golden wattle, hooded lady’s tresses, and orchid flowers in gardens usually.

What Is The Symbolism Of Maple Leaf-Official National Flower?

The symbolism of the maple leaf isn’t simple. In different cultures, it presents a different thing. With that being said:

  • In China – the unity of lovers
  • Among the ancient Greeks – a sanctuary
  • Among the Poles – a sign of those who have gone to the other world
  • Among Celts – strength will live, invincibility; a symbol that gives strength to solve problems on different life fronts;
  • Among Ukrainians – fallen maple leaves personify parting with a loved one.
  • In Germany – the maple tree symbolizes beauty, splendor, and diversity of life.
  • In Japan – the maple leaf personified eternal love and the lovers themselves.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Maple Leaf?

In the spiritual world, the floral emblem maple leaf represents balance. Its leaf is perfectly balanced, it has a perfect number of ends and peaks on both sides, and this is precisely what this unsurpassed natural balance represents.

It is believed that for everything in life it is necessary to have a balance so that everything always works well.

The Legend Of The Maple Tree

According to an old legend, an evil stepmother once “cursed” her disobedient son and turned him into a maple tree. The maple has become beautiful and spreading.

Once wandering musicians, walking through the grove where this tree grew, settled under it to stop. The musicians liked the tree so much that they made a violin out of its branch, which, in the voice of the enchanted son, told the world about his mother’s guilt for many years.

Interesting Facts About Canada’s National Flower

  • If the maple bends over its branches – a sure sign that it will rain in a few hours.
  • If the maple branches lean together in one direction, this is a sure sign that there is a good water body nearby.
  • If the maple releases sap in the spring – wait for warming soon.
  • If the maple leaves bloom later than the birch, then the summer will be dry.
  • In autumn, we collect beautiful fallen leaves to put them between the pages of books and preserve their fleeting beauty. By carrying such a maple leaf with us, we can help our five senses to open up and see more deeply the joys of life and the beauty of the nature that surrounds us. The maple tree is a symbol of autumn all over the world.

National Flower Of Canada: FAQ

What Is The National Tree Of Canada?

The national tree of Canada is the maple tree. In Canadian provinces, there are more than 10 species of this tree. That is one of the reasons why this tree is the national tree of Canada.

What Does A Maple Tattoo Present?

A man and a woman in love often make a tattoo in the shape of a maple leaf. This tattoo presents love, loyalty, devotion, determination, trust, and honesty.

What Is The National Animal Of Canada?

Dating back to 1975, the beaver has become the national animal of Canada. Castor canadensis is the official sovereignty symbol of Canada.

What Is The National Flower Contest In Canada?

A research horticulturist among master gardeners gathers every year in different cities in Canada for the national flower contest. Among many flower species and types, they decide which ones are the best-grown types and which deserve to take their reward home. It’s a great annual event that unites people’s love for plants. The rest is

Wrapping Up

Today we learned everything about the national flower of Canada. This lovely plant definitely deserved its title by many uses of it throughout history. Today it is the most popular national emblem of Canada.

Just in case you want to plant one in your garden, we brought a simple care guide for you at the very beginning. They are not high-maintenance trees, but will surely provide you with good shade and amazing sights in your yard.

That would be all for today. See you soon with more similar topics like the national flower of France, the national flower of Germany, or the national flower of Guatemala!