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National Flower Of Ecuador: Native Ecuadorian Chuquiraga

National Flower Of Ecuador: Native Ecuadorian Chuquiraga

In today’s article, we will talk about the national flower of Ecuador. Many people think that the red rose or a pink rose is a national flower of Ecuador due to their cipher in Galapagos national park but they’re not. Ecuador is also famous for its rose business.

Those who pay attention to weeping podocarpus national park could’ve noticed a real national flower there, and today, we will talk about that flower exactly.

We will talk about features, symbolism, spiritual meaning, history, and more about the national flower of Ecuador. If you want to learn more about it, let’s do some reading.

They’re great for the immune system. They are great for the economic empowerment of the country as well, along with other special plants and flowers of Ecuador.

Why Is Chuquiraga The National Flower Of Ecuador?

Chuquiraga is a flower that’s native to Ecuador, and since it grows on almost every corner, it was more than logical to choose this flower for the national flower.

This amazing orange-brown flower is a perennial plant that has many medical benefits such as the immune system as we already mentioned above. That gives it another reason to get its well-deserved title.

Features And Characteristics Of South America Native Chuquiraga Flower

  • Family: Asteraceae family
  • Growth type: slow-grower
  • Leaf shape: pine-shape
  • Flower color: orange-brown
  • Native habitat: rainforests, Ecuador, Colombia, north American countries, etc.
  • Soil: sand, peat
  • Water: water once in 10 days
  • Light: bright indirect light
  • Fertilizer: not needed
  • Use: for decor of landscapes, immune system, etc.

What Is The Symbolism Of the Chuquiraga Flower?

It is not noted that the chuquiraga flower has specific symbolism. The beauty of this flower is simply its own beauty. Its flowers hold a special passion in them, but they aren’t that type of flora that have a symbol or a special meaning behind their branches and petals.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Chuquiraga Flower?

It is not noted or mentioned in any botanical documents or any websites that this flower has a spiritual meaning.



As always, we make sure we answer all of your questions. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about it, not even today. In this section below, you’ll learn more about other national symbols and other plants in Ecuador as well. Let’s see what have we prepared for you below.

What’s Ecuador’s National Anthem?

The National Anthem of Ecuador is “Salve, Oh Patria.” It goes like this:

Hail, Oh Fatherland, a thousand times! Oh, Fatherland, Glory be to you! Glory be to you! Now your chest, your chest, overflows, Now your chest overflows with joy and peace; And your forehead, your radiant forehead, we contemplate shining more than the Sun.

The firsts, the sons of the soil, Which Pichincha superbly adorns, Declared you as their sovereign lady forever, And shed their blood for you. God observed and accepted the holocaust, And that blood was the fertile germ, Of other heroes whom the world in astonishment, Saw rise up around you by the thousands. Rise up by the thousands!

What Is The Ecuadorian National Tree?

Sinchona succirubra is the national tree of Ecuador. It has lovely reddish flowers and it’s mostly present where there’s a lot of vegetation. Its flowers are blooming in late spring and early summertime. They are similar to the orchid flowers.

What Are Endangered Species Of Plants In Ecuador?

The plants below are endangered species of plants in this country:

  • Abarema killipii
  • Abarema ganymedea
  • Acalypha tunguraguae
  • Acalypha schimpffii
  • Acalypha eggersii
  • Acalypha ecuadorica
  • Acalypha dictyoneura
  • Acalypha andina, etc.

What Is The Ecuadorian National Bird?

The Andean Condor is the national bird of Ecuador. It’s a magnificent bird with black and white wings. Bird is also found in Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, etc.

What Are Other Popular Flowers In Ecuador?

Orchids, roses, and acalypha flowers are other popular plants in Ecuador. These plants also thrive in Africa and many Spanish regions.

What’s The Importance Of The Red Rose In Ecuador?

Ecuadorian roses are flowers that are very important for the economy of this country. They are specific because their blooms are much bigger than the regular European roses.

The roses are well sold. They can grow up to 5 feet tall. They grow best on volcanic soil. The interesting fact that you surely didn’t know is that a rose flower is a flower native to Ecuador and this region. Ecuadorian roses are usually dark red, soft, and dark pink. However, the red rose is the most popular flower in the business.

Pink rose meaning in relationship: Pink petals hidden symbolism.

Final Thoughts

Today we talked about the national flower of Ecuador. You’ve finally learned all about the national plant of Ecuador and you know why these plant species are so appreciated in this country.

One of the amazing things you’ve learned, I’m sure is how important flowers are plants are for the country’s infrastructure and of course, how many endangered species there are in this country.

But at the end of the day, the Galapagos islands are home to many wonderful species such as Ecuadorian roses, orange plants, purple petals, and other huge blossoms. The Forest floor is just meant for the flowers.

That would be all for today, see you soon with more similar topics like the national flower of France or the national flower of England.

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