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Weeping Podocarpus: Care Of A Green Cloud

Weeping Podocarpus: Care Of A Green Cloud

Hey ladies! How are you doing today? I’m sure you’re all better now that you’re here! Today, we’re going to talk about the lovely evergreen plant (tree)-Weeping Podocarpus.

It’s a must-have tree for your home or your garden and due to that, we will provide you with an easy-written tutorial of its care guide.

I’m sure you want to know more about it now, so, let’s start, shall we?

Make that coffee and let’s do some reading ladies.

Weeping Podocarpus Plant Care

To make sure your podocarpus is receive the best possible maintenance and care, stick with us and learn all about it. This shrub can be a perfect yard three when taken care of properly.

To avoid pests, possible diseases, and issues, we’re bringing an ultimate care guide for your lovely weeping podocarpus tree.

No need to search for it anymore. Let’s find out more, here.

Right Light For Your Podocarpus

These shrubs are shade and partial shade trees. One thing is sure. Weeping podocarpus doesn’t like full sun conditions. It could also easily day in the full sun due to its sensitive bright green foliage.

Provide it some shade and watch this outstanding tree grow in your garden. Light conditions are very similar to its “podocarpus brother” fern podocarpus.

Watering Weeping Podocarpus

One thing is sure: this tree isn’t drought tolerant. Sure, you can grow it on a parking lot, but even there it needs its water. Water it 2 times per week, especially in its active growing season.

They slowly grow usually so in case you notice that you’re still giving it enough water. Various plants experience this, not just your lovely weeping podocarpus.

Weeping Podocarpus Soil Type

Plant specs are critical as well. This can be a parking lot tree and of course, I’m sure that the right type of soil isn’t used there for its growth, but when you’re planting it at home, you can provide it with the right soil I’m sure.

Use topsoil for your podocarpus and that’s as much as this tree asks when it comes to the soil. It’s urban tolerant as well so it will stand well possible issues too.

Podocarpus Fertilizer

The best fertilizer for your podocarpus is composted cow manure or a good quality granular fertilizer. When using them on this moderate grower, you can’t go wrong with them.

When you use the right fertilizer, that’s about it. Your bright green tree doesn’t need anything else to grow healthily. Well, maybe some water and light and the right soil.

Propagation Of Podorcapus Tree

Podocarpus trees are propagated by cuttings. Place cuttings in water before “official” repotting for new cuttings and new growths begin.

They use the topsoil in the new pot as well and place the pruned cuttings in there. In about 4 weeks, you can notice some changes in the pot and you’ll notice little new growths from the ground. Don’t worry about surface roots as well when you notice them.

Is Pruning Needed+Foliage Emerging?

With branches left full of soft, fine-textured foliage, podocarpus is one of the most beautiful weeping trees in South Florida. What a beautiful effect it will have in your garden!

This tree isn’t considered a problem species. When you see a formed hedge after pruning, add a bit of water to your lovely plant.

You can leave the branches completely on the ground or you can cut them as the tree grows to reveal the trunk. Weeping branch tips: sometimes you can only prune lower branches to keep the shape under the control, sometimes the branches droop, so due to that as well.

The dense and wavy leaves of the tree provide a good and deep shade, and the tree is not too big to be used on a terrace or near a house. If you want a bushier effect on the tree, especially lower limbs, left unpruned isn’t a bad option. It won’t do any harm to a tree.

Is This Weeping Podocarpus Tree A Good Indoor Plant?

Once when this tree is a shrub, small tree, and often pruned, it can be a lovely indoor tree, but since it grows for years, it grows bigger than your ceiling.

When grown indoors for a shorter period, you’ll enjoy its presence in any room you put it in.

Wrapping It Up About Weeping Podocarpus

That would be all for today darlings!

I hope you enjoyed in this short article about weeping podocarpus and its maintenance and care.

If you have enough space to grow it indoors for a while, enjoy its presence for a year or two before it grows bigger.

Then, this beautiful tree will make a great effect on your balcony, in your yard, or your garden.

Until next time darlings!