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National Flower Of Sweden: Pink Twinflower Linnea

National Flower Of Sweden: Pink Twinflower Linnea

In today’s article, we will talk about the national flower of Sweden. If you wanted to find out some interesting things about the national flower of this country lately, it’s your lucky day. Today we’re bringing lots of interesting facts about it.

We will talk about the national flower’s features, but not just that. We bring you all about its symbolism, spiritual meaning, characteristics, and some sort of care guide.

Below you’ll also find some interesting facts about this flower and of course, why not find out a bit about other national symbols as well?

If you want to learn all about the national flower of Sweden, stay with us, let’s read.

What Is The Official National Flower Of Sweden?

The official national flower/floral emblem and most recognizable national symbol of Sweden is Linnaea borealis flower.

It won by public voting in 2021. Flower experts claim that it is also one of the most famous flowers in extensive forests in Sweden country and not so much popular in other countries.

No wonder why is this flower officially declared the national flower due to its amazing small bluebell look.

Daisy, Eurasian elk, rose and rather similar species were on the list for the national flower as well, but the beauty of a linea flower won.

Linnea Borealis Features And Characteristics

Linnaea borealis have these characteristics and features. Most of the similar species of this plant such as roses, the famous provincial flower marguerite daisy, and red carnation, have these characteristics:

  • Family: Linnaea
  • Growth type: slow-grower
  • Stem: very thin stem
  • Leaf shape: soft-almond shape
  • Flower color: pink flowers
  • A number of flowers: two flowers
  • Water: once in 2 weeks or once in 10 days
  • Soil: perlite, peat moss
  • Light: bright indirect light
  • Fertilizer: not needed

Why Is Linnea Borealis the National Flower Of Sweden?

The flower got its name after the Swedish ‘father of taxonomy. This flower is also native to Sweden and that might be another potential reason for this flower to be the national flower.

Other than these two reasons, they don’t have other reasons for choosing these plants for national flowers.

Soon enough, after growing in Sweden, the plant is now found in Norway, Denmark, and other Scandinavian countries as well.

Now, you can find it in many parts of the world, but it definitely has the most symbolic meaning in Sweden.

What Is The Symbolism Of Linnea Flower?

Its symbolism is very simple and you’ll definitely remember this one: Linnea flower symbolizes beauty.

Everything that beauty presents, this flower stands for it. If you’re amazed by any sort of beauty and you want to express it, using a Linnea flower is more than suitable.

They are very tiny and not really your ideal flowers for the bouquet but flowers still carry a special meaning and beauty among them.

You can simply pick 5, 10, or even more of these flowers and make a tiny bouquet that you can, later on, make a herbarium out of.

That way, you’ll keep this flower forever. Some women also make a necklace of it by using resin for the flowers and necklaces.

If someone gives you this necklace, it’s definitely a sign of love. Its petals are truly great gifts for someone we love and adore.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Linnea Borealis Flower?

With Linnea flowers, it’s said that even without any words you can express your true emotions for someone. It is believed that those who own this flower own true beauty and true emotions that come from beyond.

These flowers and their seeds are a true spiritual surprise and they are meant for anyone who wants to feel loved again, for those who are beautiful inside and out, and for those who need to believe more about how truly wonderful they are.

Who Was The Botanist That Discovered Linnaea Flower?

Linnaeus was born in 1707 in a small Swedish village: This region was rich in natural beauty. Karlo’s father was a great lover of plants and often took him to the garden from an early age. The two of them would peacefully observe nature and natural beauty together.

Linnaeus was noticed by his various botany teachers wherever he traveled. Instead of becoming a pastor like his father, at the age of 20, he enrolled in medicine and herbalism in the city of Uppsala. The creator of his surname was Carolus Linnaeus, while the term “Nils nit” was still in use at the time.

The director of the Uppsala Botanical Garden, Olof Rudbec, took him under his training and supervision and let him enjoy his library and its rich documentation. At the age of 24, Linné had already begun to classify plants. Soon came the time of scientific expeditions, especially in Dalécarti and Lapland, regions that were still unknown at the time. Linnaeus traveled as much as 7,000 km in Lapland and discovered hundreds of botanical species that had not been known to the world until then.

After several scientific trips and various contacts in Europe (mostly Spain and England) with European botanists, Carolus Linneus became a doctor at the age of thirty. After the expeditions, he returned to Sweden, where he started a family and practiced medicine for a big part of his life.

He was still searching and studying the landscape in his region because he always enjoyed herbalism more. 1941. finally got his first job in botany. He even had his own land with many species close to his home. Land didn’t only contain flowers, but other plants and vegetables as well. He became a physician to the king and was ennobled in 1761. He died in 1978 at the age of 71.

FAQ About Sweden National Emblem-Flower

No matter what topic we’re talking about, we always make sure we answer all of your questions about a certain topic!

We took care of it today as well so, in this section below, we bring you a few about the national flower of Sweden and other national symbols as well.

What Were National Flowers Before Linnea Flower?

The first national flower of Sweden was Campanula rotundifolia, a purple color flower very similar to the Linnaea borealis flower.

It’s native to Scotland and belongs to the Campanulaceae flower family. Its symbolism is true love, kind of similar to the current flower’s symbolism.

What Is Sweden’s National Tree?

The national tree of Sweden is Ornäs birch also called Betula pendula. It’s a silver birch that’s native to Sweden and the forests in Sweden are full of this tree, somewhere this tree only! They can grow up to 60 feet tall and usually emerge in springtime.

What Is The National Animal Of Sweden?

Muse or elk is a national animal of Sweden. This wonderful wild animal is a symbol of the wild, majesty, and amazing dignity of Sweden country, its people, and its natural regions in this country as well.

What Is The National Anthem Of Sweden?

The national anthem of Sweden is “Du Gamla, du fria” which means “You old, You free.” It goes like this in English translation:

You old, you free, you mountainous north, You quiet, you joyful beauty!

I greet you, loveliest land upon Earth, Your sun, your sky, your green landscapes.

You are enthroned by memories of the great old days When honored your name flew across the Earth,

I know that you are and remain what you were, Yes, I want to live, I want to die in the North.

I forever want to serve you, my beloved land, fidelity until death I want to swear to you.

Your right I shall defend with mind and with hand, Your banner, the glorious one, (I shall) carry high.

With God, I shall fight for home and for hearth, for Sweden, the beloved mother soil.

Exchange you, I won’t for anything in this world No, I want to live, I want to die in the North.

What’s The National Drink Of Sweden?

The national drink of Sweden and most countries in Scandinavia is Aquavit. Its flavor, ferocity, and specific taste present the Scandinavian spirit very well. Distilled from grain or potato, it’s definitely a drink Swedish people will offer you once you hit the bar.

What Is The Most Famous National Symbol Of Sweden?

Three crowns are the most famous national symbol of Sweden. They are used for the flag, coats, and other royal items, and objects and they represent the true royal spirit of this country.

What Is The National Bird Of Sweden?

The Eurasian blackbird is the national bird of Sweden. This bird is native to Eurasia and North Africa. The spiritual meaning of this bird is exploration and learning.

What National Emblems Represent Sweden The Best?

Those are its national parks that include forests, lakes, and mountains. For centuries now, Sweden was the most beautiful country, along with Finland with its lakes and forests.

Final Thoughts

Today we learned everything about the national flower of Sweden. How fascinating right? How something so small, such as this flower can represent Sweden and the entire country so well?

If you read the article, then you know that these flowers aren’t very hard to plant as well, very simple and very low-maintenance.

We hope that you enjoyed the stories behind its symbolism and of course, other national symbols that we mentioned as well.

That would be all for today, see you soon with more similar topics.