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The Amazing Story Behind The National Flower Of Dominican Republic

The Amazing Story Behind The National Flower Of Dominican Republic

In today’s article, we will talk about the national flower of Dominican Republic. Not many people know about the national flower of Dominican Republic, they often mix it with some others flowers, similar to this national one, but today, we’ll break it for you.

We will talk about its features, interesting facts, symbolism, and spiritual meaning and at the end, as always we bring you the faq section.

We will also mention a wonderful place, the hometown of national flower of Dominican Republic and just like that, you’ll learn so much about this flower, it will be like you’re a citizen of that country.

If you want to learn all about the national flower of Dominican Republic, let’s start.

Bayahibe Rose: Why Is This Rose A National Flower Of Dominican Republic?

Bayahibe-Rose_-Why-Is-This-Rose-A-National Flower Of Dominican Republic

French botanist Henri Liogier found this mahogany flower back in 1977. This botanist named it quisqueyana, in honor of the Dominican Republic, and later on, they decided to name it the national flower of this country. It also has an endangered status so they made sure that’s protected like this.

Unlike other countries, this flower “belongs” and it’s unique to the Dominican Republic only. In honor of Quisqueya the bayahibe rose got its name: this is also the reference to the beautiful region/town where these flowers come from and we will talk about it more below.

Bayahibe Rose: Dominican National Flower Features And Characteristics

  • Family: Leuenbergeria quisqueyana
  • Growth type: slow-growing type of the plant
  • Flower color: pink
  • Leaf shape: arrow-shaped leaves
  • Toxicity: nontoxic
  • Soil: well-drained soil
  • Water: water it 2 times per 15 days
  • Humidity: 40-50%
  • Fertilizer: 10-20-20 fertilizer

Bayahibe rose is a shrub-like dioecious cactus that reaches up to 20 feet tall. Its trunk is surrounded by groups of spines that emerge in bunches.

The national flower of Dominican Republic is pink in color and blooms from the ends of its branches. It gives black seeds that you can use later on for propagation.

What’s The Bayahibe Rose Symbolism?

The Bayahibe rose symbolizes the freedom and beauty of the Dominican Republic. They call it the money tree sometimes as well, and due to that, Dominican Republic put a new set of bills into circulation and you can see bayahibe rose on them. When gifting someone with this flower it means you see them as a brave person who has a free spirit.

Bayahibe Rose City: Hometown Of Bayahibe Rose The National Flower Of Dominican Republic

East of La Romana, Bayahibe was founded in 1874 as an authentic fishing town, perfect for marine life.

The region offers a combination of picturesque beaches, magnificent nature, excellent accommodations, and fun attractions. This area is home to the national flower – the exotic Bayahiba rose – and is an ideal place for those who love diving.

In this region, you can also spot rare cactus plants. Charming restaurants on the beach offer fresh seafood, fish, and national specialties every day.

The Bayahibe rose is a beautiful light pink rose that with its perfect shiny bright green color leaves really creates an overall perfect picture for everyone who visits this place. If you want to know what a pink rose means in a relationship, you can read it in our other article.

In the capital Santo Domingo, you can spot hundreds of these beautiful flowers all around the city. However, this city, Bayahinbe city, they have some sort of endangered status right now, especially on the southeast coast.

Since they are critically endangered, if you visit this place, savor the flower, don’t destroy its petals, and take care of it as Spanish, Cuban, Mexican, and Dominican people do.

Growing National Flower Of Dominican Republic Bayahíbe Rose In Your Garden

Namely, the bayahibe rose enriches our living space with its flower and beautiful fragrance, but at the same time, by releasing some harmful substances into the soil, it “makes life miserable” for other roses.

Before buying a seedling, find another suitable position where the roses will have optimal conditions for growth.

You will provide them in any sunny and airy place, where the soil is loose and rich in humus. If it is not, improve it by adding compost or peat for light soils, or sand and compost.

FAQ – National Flower Of Dominican Republic


As always, we make sure we answered all of your questions, so even today we bring you an FAQ section in which we answer your most often asked questions about this topic. Let’s learn more about the national symbols of the Dominican Republic and why the Dominican people choose those.

What Does This Flower Mean To Dominican People?

To the Dominican people, this flower represents people’s courage, strength, and resilience, and for Dominican people, these 3 characteristics are the most important ones among people.

What’s The National Anthem Of The Dominican Republic?

The National Anthem of the Dominican Republic is called Quisqueyanos valientes. It was performed for the first time back in 1883. in Santo Domingo. It goes like this:

Hail, the nation who is strong and intrepid, Into war launched itself set to die When in a warring challenge to the death Its chains of slavery still cut it off.

No people deserve to be free If it’s an indolent slave and servile; If in its chest the flame doesn’t grow that forged virile heroism.

Final Thoughts On The National Flower Of Dominican Republic

In today’s article, you’ve learned all about the national flower of the Dominican Republic. I’m sure that you didn’t know much about this flower since it’s very rare, endemic, and endangered.

However, we made sure that you learn a lot about it, and we provided you with the basic and some other interesting information about this flower and know you know so much!

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed today’s article about bayahibe rose, the national flower of the Dominican Republic, and we hope to see you here soon for some similar topics. For example the national flower of Germany, the national flower of Vietnam, or the national flower of Italy and so on.

That’s all for today, see you soon on our site!

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