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National Flower Of Netherlands: Tray Of Jewel Tulip

National Flower Of Netherlands: Tray Of Jewel Tulip

If there’s a popular flower that we all know of, that has to be the tulip flower – the national flower of Netherlands. In today’s article, we will talk about these amazing flowers.

We will talk about its characteristics and its needs in case of growing, symbolism, spiritual meaning, and of course, the most important thing: why are the tulips a national flower of the Netherlands?

In the text below, you’ll find all the needed, interesting answers for this topic and you’ll learn a lot about these crazy popular flowers. If you’re ready to learn all about tulips, let’s begin.

National Flower Of Holland: Characteristics Of The Tulip Bulbs

  • Family: Liliaceae family
  • Growth type: slow-grower
  • Flower color: red, purple, pink, yellow, etc.
  • Leaf shape: rectangular shape
  • Soil type: neutral soil
  • Water needs: nonexisting beyond the occasional rain
  • Humidity: high humidity, it doesn’t stand temperature drops
  • Fertilizer: 10-10-10 fertilizer

Why Are Tulips National Flowers Of Netherlands?

The first blooms of tulip flowers in the Netherlands date back to 1593. From that moment, people in the Netherlands fell in love with this amazing flower and they realize they have good conditions and a chance to produce more and more of these flowers.

A couple of propagations later, now they have over one billion bulbs of tulip flowers in their country. Since they also present love and warmth, Dutch people found the fit more than perfect for them.

What Is The Symbolism Of The Tulip Flowers?

The symbolism of tulips is very simple. It came to European cultural and fine arts later, compared to other popular flowers.

Tulip represents the perfection of love. If a man gives you tulips, know that they are worth saving and that you really mean a lot to him.

  • The red tulip is a symbol of passionate love
  • The yellow tulip is a symbol of friendship
  • The purple tulip is a symbol of fidelity

What Are Spiritual Meanings Of Tulips?

The spiritual meaning of tulips came to European culture from Persia, where these flowers have always been a highly valued decoration of gardens. In Persia, poets celebrated these colorful flowers as a symbol of beauty, love, and longing.

The tulip flower is in the shape of a cup, which is why it is sung in poetry as a symbol of a full cup of love’s rapture and intoxicating delight. The tulip is also an Easter symbol and symbolizes awakening and the birth of a new life.

History of Netherlands National Flower-Tulips

Images of tulips have been found in Bibles from this period. We can say with a high degree of certainty that the cultivation of tulips originated first in the Middle East (Persia). It was in this country that tulips were first introduced into a culture and became widespread.

Legend About Tulip Wild Flowers

In spring, a yellow tulip suddenly grew in a faraway town. Everyone hoped that the yellow tulip would bring him happiness and waited for it to bloom.

Days passed, nights passed. Weeks followed days, but the yellow tulip still did not open. What people did not think of, but the tulip did not open and did not pay attention to all their tricks. The fact is that in order to get happiness from a yellow tulip, it needs to open itself.

And it will be open to those who sincerely wish for happiness for all people. Who will be pure and open to goodness? One sunny day, a little boy happened to run past a flower.

The boy saw a yellow tulip and was very surprised because he had never seen such flowers before. The boy liked the flower very much and he smiled and then laughed. Later he brought water and watered her. And then a miracle happened! And take care of things from the heart, and do not ask for happiness in return.

When Do You Give Someone Tulips?

In the Netherlands, it is popular to give tulip flowers to your friends on a friendship day. Besides this day, since they are so joyful, you can give them to anyone any time you like.

Their many colors will make a brighter day out of anyone’s bad day and they’ll “scare away” all the grey clouds you have above your day at some point.

They’re not the third place in the most popular flower competition for no reason. Almost everyone likes and appreciates a good tulip bouquet.



As always, we make sure we answer all of your questions about a certain topic. That topic today is the tulip-the national flower of the Netherlands.

Below we bring you some so far unanswered questions and we will provide you with the best possible answers for all of them. Let’s learn more about tulips then, shall we?

Where Do Tulips Originate From?

The first tulips were planted in Portugal, back in 1530, and a “more aggressive” level of distribution was achieved in the 1550s. During that period of time, tulips appeared in Northern Europe as well.

What Are Other National Symbols OF The Netherlands?

Other symbols and very famous symbols of the Netherlands are wooden shoes, windmills, and tulips.
These beautiful flowers and windmills are definitely things you’ll spot right away after you entered this lovely country, especially around the north sea where the climate is perfect for these flowers.

Is The Netherlands The Center Of The World Flower Trade?

The Netherlands is the world trade center, especially in the spring and early summertime when there are over a billion tulips blooming all around the country (an incredible number right?).

Big income in this country is from tulips earnings. This functional trade system makes this country one of the richest countries in the world. They are the most popular flowers in the country, and second place belongs to the roses.

How Many Tulips Are Planted Per Year In The Netherlands?

If there is a number of flower bulbs that is more than fascinating, those are definitely tulip flowers. Billion flower bulbs annually are planted in the Netherlands gardens, botanical gardens, plantations of tulips, etc. One national flower is truly appreciated in the Netherlands.

The widely recognized bulb is well known to everyone, no matter if it’s South Holland, North Holland, others parts of the European Union, or other continents.

The official flower of the Netherlands has almost two flower bulbs, that’s a famous dutch tulip and I think we all know how popular flowers these are. They cut flowers planted in plantations for trading purposes only.

What Tulip Species Are Most Popular Tulips?

The purple heather tulip variety is the most popular tulip flower. Even the famous national hero-Vincent Van Gogh painted them and used them for his inspiration.

But almost all of the tulips (cultivated varieties) from the lily family have their place under the sun and they are all equally loved. This species is famous since the ottoman empire and it’s mostly used as an official symbol color of tulips.

Final Thought

In today’s article, we learned all about the national flower of Netherlands. I’m sure we all knew a lot about tulip flowers, long ago before this article since they’re so popular, but today we wrapped it up.

Today we learned more about tulip flower symbolism, beautiful signs of attention expressed with these flowers, legends, and the history of these popular bulbs.

In the very beginning, you’ve learned a bit about its features and care guide as well, in case you wish to plant these in your garden as well.

That would be all for today, see you soon with some similar topics.