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National Flower Of Vietnam: Rebirth Lotus Flower

National Flower Of Vietnam: Rebirth Lotus Flower

In today’s article, we will talk about the national flower of Vietnam-lotus flower. You definitely can’t hate this beautiful flower. This special flower of Vietnam has its own meaning, but not only one. It has many meanings and we’ll talk about them all today.

Lotus stamens are used for tea, and sweet soups, lotus leaves are used in medicine, and their leaves are used to wrap food and so many other useful things. One thing is sure: lotus flowers create enlightenment in the area the flower wilts.

Lotus fields are more than magical and today we’ll talk about each and every one of them. What’s their religious symbolism, what gold signifies, what red lotus is present, etc?

If you’re ready to learn all about the national flower of Vietnam, the lotus, let’s begin.

Characteristics Of Lotus Flowers (Lotus Seeds)

Lotus flowers that are very popular in Ho Chi Minh city have these characteristics:

  • Family: Nelumbonaceae family
  • Growth type: flower grows slowly
  • Flower color: white flowers, red flowers, pink flowers, blue, purple, lotus silk
  • Leaf shape: circular leaf shape
  • Water: freshwater, lotus flower emerges in lakes usually
  • Humidity: 50%
  • Fertilizer: not needed

Why Is Lotus National Flower Of Vietnam?


It’s more than well known that you can find lotus on muddy water thought the entire country of Vietnam, but why is it like that?

Why do they cherish this flower so much? Since this flower was such a big part of their cuisine, medicine, and other uses, it was more than logical to name this popular Vietnamese flower the national flower of Vietnam.

Other than that, there are no other reasons for this flower to become a national flower of this country.

Since they use this flower so much in almost every segment of life, it was the right thing to do. Vietnam has other popular flowers as well, but definitely not as much as the lotus flower.

The Lotus flower plays a big role in Vietnam’s culture and Vietnamese people adore this lotus peach blossoms very much.

In Vietnam, you can’t miss at least a lotus pond in one place. Lotus tea is their sweetest treat as well. They are also a big part of Vietnamese cuisine (young lotus stems).

What’s Vietnam’s National Flower Symbolism?

These beautiful flowers have many shades and shades representing alternative meanings are more than logical.

Below, we will talk about each beautiful flower’s meaning and why are they so special for Vietnam country and India as well, since it’s an Indian national symbol as well.

There is a reason behind Buddha sitting on a lotus flower and it is connected to its meaning.

White Lotus Flower Symbolism

When it comes to lotus, lilies, roses, and similar flowers, there is just something about the white color that we all love and prefer the most.

The white color of the lotus flower as on almost any flower presents purity, innocence, rebirth, and new beginnings.

Pink Lotus Flower Symbolism

The pink lotus flower symbolizes history, a period in your life of no regrets but regrets as well. They teach us that it’s important to move on with your life without regard but once you learn from your mistakes.

Red Lotus Flower Symbolism

Just like the red rose, the red lotus flower emerges from the water presenting love, affection, passion, deep care for someone, and all those strong true emotions for someone.

Vietnamese Golden Lotus Symbolism

This wonderful flower has a similar meaning to the peach blossom and that is beauty overcoming darkness.

This lotus stands for achievements in someone’s life. The golden lotus symbolizes the light in our lives as well. This lotus is of huge importance in Vietnam.

Blue Lotus Flower Symbolism

Blue lotus stands for victory. It is the lotus flower with the most spiritual meanings. It’s not entirely sure, but we guess that a flower that’s Buddha sitting on this one exactly-blue lotus flower.

They also symbolize knowledge and wisdom among human beings. They grow mostly in southern Vietnam, usually in dirty mud or a murky pond.

Purple Lotus Flower Symbolism

Purple shades connote spirituality, freedom, and mysticism. You’ll notice these colors in botanical gardens mostly in Italy, France, and Spain usually, and in front of royal castles in these same countries as well.

Spiritual Meaning Of Lotus Petals

In the spirit world, these flowers are the perfect symbol of rebirth, new beginnings, strength, and purity. This is the meaning of a lotus flower connected with Buddha and religion.

Since this flower opens and rises from usually muddy waters or dirty mud, its symbol is more than right on the point.

They typically survive any danger and conditions around them as well, and that is another reason why are they so special and why their meanings are so accurate.

Spiritual enlightenment in mandala flowers meaning.


In this section below, we will bring you some extra questions and answers about the lotus flower-national flower of Vietnam. If you want to learn more about the lotus flower, stay with us and learn all about it below.

What’s The National Anthem Of Vietnam?

The National Anthem of Vietnam also called Tien Quan ca, means the Marching Song and it has been in the use since 1944. They changed its lyrics a couple of times, but it stayed the same from 1944.

What’s Lotus Flower Good For?

As we mentioned above, they can be used in cuisine, medicine, perfumes, essential oils, other cosmetic products, and so on. In the health aspect, they are used for blood sugar, and swelling, they protect heart rate, etc.

Are Water Lily And Lotus Flower The Same Thing?

Even though these flowers look very much alike, they are not the same flowers. When you carefully observe them you’ll notice the differences between their petals, leaves, and even the way they grow.

Legend Of The Lotus Flower – National Flower Of Vietnam

The ancient Egyptians believed that the lotus flower gave life to pharaoh Egypt on his deathbed. At the beginning of the world, in the dark waters, the lotus flower floated with closed petals.

The petals opened and Ra, the god of the sun, rose from the flower, creating the world. In the evening, the sun would return to the lotus flower to sleep, and then rise the next day from the flower again.

By many legends, the lotus can be a promise of a successful business or marriage. In Buddhism, people are compared to lotus flowers rising from the mud of deep waters, and the flower phases represent the past, present, and future.

Buddhist scriptures say that the lotus combines fragrance, purity, grace, and beauty. The white Egyptian lotus, N.lotus, is the true lotus from Egyptian mythology. Traces of the lotus population can be found in thermal springs in Europe.

History Of Lotus Flowers

Lotus is an aquatic plant of the Nélumbonacées family, which is the national flower of Vietnam, but also of India. Of course, if we include the nationalist party of the Indian people.

The lotus as we know it today comes originally from Asia, and probably, especially from the Indian subcontinent. Unlike the sea bay whose flower floats on the water, the lotus is above the water, which is unique among aquatic flowers.

In Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Brahmanism, the lotus is a divine symbol, associated with Vishnu, the god “whose eye is the Lotus” and Brahma, but also the goddesses Lakshmi and Sarasvati. Although the Buddha is always represented sitting, the lotus flowers would bloom under his feet, while walking, when he was moving.

The blue lotus from Egypt is also an aquatic perennial flower but from the Nymphaeaceae family whose flower floats on water. His origin comes from a nymph who caused Heracles to lose her life through jealousy.

Final Thought

I’m sure you didn’t know much about this flower before this article, but now you know why is it so crucial to Vietnamese culture. The Lotus, the national flower of Vietnam has many symbolism and meanings, and today, we’ve learned all about it.

You also learned why is this flower so important to be named as a national symbol. Green leaves combined with many wonderful colors truly deserve this title.

Blooms depend on the area they thrive in, but no matter what color they are, once you see the full bloom of these underwater flowers they’ll take your breath away.

That would be all for today’s article, see you soon with similar topics.