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National Flower Of Mexico: Peony Flowered Dahlias

National Flower Of Mexico: Peony Flowered Dahlias

In today’s article, we will talk about the national flower of Mexico. You will learn everything about the symbolism of the dahlia flower, its hidden meanings, legends, interesting facts, and finally something about the care and use of this flower.

If you have been attracted to this flower for a long time, but you are not sure whether to grow it, today you will learn everything about the symbolism and its appearance, so you will be able to decide whether this flower is a good choice for you.

We hope you enjoy the article, let’s see what we have prepared for you.

Why Are Dahlias Mexico’s National Flower?

Before the arrival of Europeans in Mexico and South America, the dahlia grew only in that area.

The indigenous peoples used the dahlia as a source of food – they collected the tubers in nature and later cultivated them.

The Aztecs also used it to treat epilepsy and many other diseases, and because of the hollow stem, they called it “water reed.”

Spanish sailors found the dahlia in Mexico in 1525, and in 1570 the plant was described for the first time.

Dahlia is one of the first species imported from Mexico and South America to Europe. They were the backbone of European dahlia cultivation for years until new specimens were imported. Smaller and more colorful varieties were discovered in the 17th century.

In 1963, it was declared the national flower of Mexico. After they were brought to Europe, dahlias were for a while so expensive that they could be bought on the market for one small diamond. Thanks to their hollow stems, large species were used by the Aztecs as pipes, i.e. to transport water.

Spiritual Meaning Of Dahlia Flowers

More common meanings of dahlias are to remain graceful and stand out from the crowd. These flowers are the best gift for someone you admire or perceive as a strong person.

If you know someone who is experiencing a significant change in their life, dahlias are the perfect flower to express support, happiness, or congratulations as they signify acceptance of the positive change.

Other well-known dahlia flower meanings include devotion and honesty. So if you want to let someone special know you’re committed, dahlia flowers are worth considering. The flower invites positive energy due to its association with kindness and love for others.

Symbolism Of Dahlia Flowers

Dahlia is most often red or purple, but there are also other colors, such as white, pink, and green flowers. Regardless of color, poinsettia flowers have similar meanings.

Basically, these flowers symbolize success, good mood, and even purity. They are most often given as gifts during the holidays as a symbol of success and happiness, and it is believed that they should also be given to people who celebrate their birthdays in December.

According to symbolism, the dahlia brings good mood, joy, purity, love, and good wishes. It is recommended that you keep a dahlia near the Christmas tree and thus enrich the decoration, but also increase the good energy and joy in your home.

Symbolism Of Dahlia Flowers In The Victorian Era

During the Victorian era, dahlias were believed to signify a commitment to another person and eternal love.

It was given to partners to show deep gratitude and love and to keep the flame of love alive. This symbolism is still used today and the dahlia is often part of flower arrangements for the celebration of love and marriage.

Also, this flower is a symbol of elegance, inner strength, creativity, change, and dignity. The negative meaning associated with this flower includes betrayal, instability, and dishonesty.

Beliefs Of The Aztec People About Dahlia Flower

The flower has a wide range of shapes and colors, and despite the name of one of the most famous murders in Hollywood, the black dahlia does not exist but is deep red in color. However, the black dahlia flower meaning is very deep, interesting, and unique.

The Aztecs called the dahlia a flower of war, and they got that name from the myth of the Earth Goddess, the snake woman.

She was ordered by the gods to pierce the dahlia with an agave leaf and hold it close to her heart all night long. In the morning she gave birth to a full-grown god with an urge for bloodshed.

Etymological Meaning And Origin Of The Flower Dahlia

When looking at flower symbolism, it’s always a good idea to start with the scientific name and etymological meaning.

Both the common name dahlia and the genus Dahlia are in honor of the botanist Anders Dahl. Dal was a student of the famous taxonomist Carl Linneaus. If you don’t already know, Linneaus was the person who came up with the naming system we still use today.

While many people thought that Linneaus gave the name to this flower, historical records show that he died before the dahlia was mentioned. Many historians believe that the director of the Royal Garden, Anotonio Jose Kavanilijes, gave the dahlia flower its name.

Dal also helped give rise to the common name flower of the valley. If you ever go to Sweden, you will learn that ‘dal’ means valley.

This is why people call dahlias the flowers of the valley. So if someone tells you that this name means that dahlias only grow in valleys, go ahead and kindly correct them.

Different Dahlia Meanings Behind Different Colors

Not every dahlia flower color means the same thing. Since they spread from white to black color, their meanings are pretty opposite as well. Below we bring you different meanings of each dahlia color.

Meaning And Symbolism Of Red Dahlia Flowers

The red dahlia represents gratitude, the ability of a person to face and overcome some things and emerge bravely from them.

The red dahlia is definitely a dahlia for daring people. If you want to tell someone that they are bold and brave with flowers, give them a red dahlia.

Meaning And Symbolism Of White Dahlia Flowers

White dahlias symbolize innocence, purity, and new birth. While people often look at white flowers as a blank canvas, white dahlia flowers are not beautiful enough. Therefore, these flowers are a great gift for christenings, newborns, or other big events.

Meaning And Symbolism Of Purple Dahlia Flowers

Like many purple flowers, purple dahlias are associated with royalty. If you are trying to tell someone that you respect and admire them, a purple dahlia is a great choice.

Meaning And Symbolism Of Yellow Dahlia Flowers

Yellow dahlias are nothing but cheerful, so their floral symbolism is easily discernible. These dahlias help us to go through life with a little joy and childlike joy. If someone is having a bad day, a bouquet of yellow dahlias will help cheer them up.

Meaning And Symbolism Of Pink Dahlia Flowers

It’s hard to look at a pink dahlia without feeling a little better in the world! That is why pink dahlias symbolize kindness and beauty. These flowers also symbolize feminine beauty, making them a great gift for any special lady in your life. And they’re perfect for Mother’s Day!

Meaning And Symbolism Of Green Dahlia Flowers

Green flowers also symbolize great changes and new beginnings, while remaining true to themselves. Think of these green flowers as small sprouts that will grow into tall trees.

Mexican Passion Flower – Dahlia Species Poinsettias Features

Dahlia is a genus of herbaceous perennials from the Dahlia family. The genus contains 42 species and several thousand hybrids.

It grows naturally in Mexico. At the end of the 19th century, the genus was classified as Dahlia according to the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl, and in 1805, the German botanist Carl Ludwig Willdenow named the genus Georgina, but the old name has remained to this day.

Depending on the cultivar, the flowers can be tongue-shaped, tubular, ray-shaped, and curled at the edges.

Also, they can be of various colors, shapes, and sizes, single-colored, two-colored, and multi-colored. Some flowers have one head per stem, and some more. Flowers in spring attract bees and other pollinators. The roots are tuberous.

Dahlias grow naturally in areas where there is no frost. Due to cultivation for decorative purposes, hybrids were developed that can withstand the cold, which is why it is now spread all over the world.

It can grow both in mountains and in the highlands. It is grown as an important ornamental horticultural species.

The leaves are made of egg-shaped scales. The flowers are single-colored, two-colored, or multi-colored. Tubular in the middle and tongue-shaped, ray-shaped, twisted, or flat on the edges.

Growing And Caring For Dahlia-National Flower Of Mexico

Dahlia is sensitive to frost, so planting tubers and seedlings should be done when the danger of spring frosts has passed.

Water it often during dry summer periods. Fertilize it regularly, every 15 days, and especially during flowering. Tall varieties need to be supported, and it is good to put the support already at the time of planting so that the tubers are not damaged later.

In areas with a mild climate, it is not necessary to remove dahlia tubers from the ground, but it is sufficient to trim the stems near the ground and cover them with a layer of dry leaves. In areas with harsh winters, the tubers should be removed from the soil before the first frosts.

Cleaned from the soil, the tubers should be stored in an airy, dark, and cool place, but protected from frost.

Inspect them regularly and remove rotten parts. Although dahlias are most often planted in the garden, they do just as well in large containers. You just have to make sure that the container is big enough and that it has a drainage layer at the bottom.

Christian Legend Of Dahlia Flower

The legend associated with these flowers is also interesting. According to her, two poor children, Maria and Pablo, did not have money to buy a gift for baby Jesus. That’s why on Christmas Eve they picked a bouquet of wildflowers of dahlia with green leaves on the way to the church. Legend has it that the green leaves turned into bright red petals as soon as they were placed around the manger where Jesus Christ was born.

Legend Of Poinsettias Flower

The young girl Pepita was overcome with great sadness because she did not have a present to leave for baby Jesus at the Christmas mass. Her cousin tried to comfort her, telling her that Jesus would appreciate any gift she gave, even the smallest. Without money to buy a real present, Pepita picked a bouquet of dahlia flowers she came across on her way to church.

Before mass, she left a bouquet of dahlia flowers at the foot of the nativity scene, and then the weeds turned into beautiful red flowers. According to legend, it is for this reason that the colors that mark Christmas are green and red. According to another legend, she owes her beauty to an Aztec goddess whose heart was broken due to an unhappy love.



As always, we make sure we answer all of your questions so that once we’re done, you won’t have to do any further research. Due to that, below we bring you some faqs and all of the needed answers. Let’s see what have we prepared for you.

Why Are Dahlia Flowers National Flowers Of Mexico?

As we said in our text above, at the very beginning, due to their common use, fast cultivation, and appearance, Mexicans choose these scented flowers with their truly magical symbolism to represent their country as a national flower. Long-known history was also one of the key factors for this flower.

How Big Are Dahlia Flowers?

The size of these flowers also varies, ranging from 1 inch to 15 inches wide. There are different groups of dahlias based on flower size. These include giant-flowered varieties, large-flowered varieties, medium-flowered varieties, small-flowered varieties, miniature-flowered varieties, and pom-pom varieties.

Dahlia is a diverse genus of flowering plants in the same family as sunflowers and asters. Because of this diversity, the meaning of dahlia in the language of flowers is diverse. Their significance to many cultures has also led to different symbolic meanings for these stunning flowers.

What Are Other Popular Mexican Flowers?

Dahlia species aren’t the only flowers that Mexicans love. Of course, the dahlia flower species Poinsettia is their favorite flower, but other flowers such as dahlia pinnata, yucca flower, Mexican passion flower, Mexican morning glory, Mexican sunflower, Mexican marigolds, dahlia roses, cactus dahlias, pompon dahlias, Mexican honeysuckle, and dahlia coccinea are also very famous in gardens around Mexico. All of these plants are perennial plants.

These beautiful flowers are truly wonderful, even American dahlia society chooses them as their favorites. Dahlia seeds are also very thriving so you won’t have to worry about temperate climates, if flowers are close to each other, if you’re in Central America or a bit more south or north.

With good care, they will thrive well. On the day of dead flowers, Mexicans pay a lot of attention to their flowers and carefully choose their symbolism. Dahlia tubers can also belong there, but blue dahlia takes the first place.

What Are Dahlia Flowers Called In Mexico?

In Mexico, dahlia flowers are called acoctili. This name became popular in the 18th century in Mexico.

In that period of time, they weren’t so popular either, they were a quite rare type of flower until re-discovered by a European explorer. Later on, they were propagated and cultivated so quickly that without any problem, they became a national flower of Mexico very soon.

What Flower Represents Mexican Culture?

The flower that represents Mexican culture much more than a dahlia flower is the Christmas star, the Poinsettia flower.

The symbolism hidden in goodwill and community spirit, and many other similar things, is exactly what best describes Mexican culture.

What Is A National Bird Of Mexico?

An eagle holding a snake in its beak is a national bird of Mexico. This has been like this for thousands of years. This bird was simply connected to Mexico for years and years now and they never thought about changing it.

Final Thought

Now that you know what the dahlia flower means, it’s time to add one of these flowers to your home or send flower arrangements to a friend.

Whether you’re looking for a bright pink bouquet to send a little kindness to a sick friend or an elegant anniversary bouquet to celebrate a lasting marriage, you’ll be able to find a dahlia bouquet you love.

And if dahlias aren’t your thing, don’t worry! Choose some classic flowers as you learn the meaning behind other flowers.

Or read about the symbolism of orchids and order a new houseplant for the office. No matter which flowers you choose, they will make every ordinary day something special.

Today you learned everything you needed to know about the national flower of Mexico, the dahlia, its meanings, history, and symbolism. We hope you enjoyed our article today. You can also search other interesting national flowers such as the national flower of Germany and so on.

See you soon with more similar topics.

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