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Garden Quotes: 61 Inspirational Gardening Quotes

Garden Quotes: 61 Inspirational Gardening Quotes

In today’s article, we talked about garden quotes. It is quite clear to all of us that flowers are full of inspiration and that for anyone who loves nature and a garden full of various colors, they mean a lot.

Below you will find 61 garden quotes related to the love of the garden and plants in the garden, inspirational quotes, and many others.

If you’ve been missing ideas for floral cards lately when you give flowers to someone, I’m sure you’ll find some really good quotes here.

We have for you also more quotes about flowers and love, bloom quotes, the best time to plant a tree quotes, succulent quotes, daisy quotes and plant quotes.

In order not to give everything away and to leave something a mystery, let’s find out more below.

Gardening Quotes And Flower Blooms

If you have a garden, you surely know the wonderful feeling of sitting in your garden on a summer’s eve, sipping coffee or tea, and watching the work of your hands.

The Garden in which you spent hours of your work, now returns the favor with its beautiful colors, shapes, and scents.

For those who have a poetic soul or simply like to write down their thoughts, this article will be extremely interesting because today we bring you quotes inspired by the garden. Let’s see more.

Inspirational Garden Quotes

1. “Sometimes since I’ve been in the garden I’ve looked up through the trees at the sky and I have had a strange feeling of being happy as if something was pushing and drawing in my chest and making me breathe fast. Magic is always pushing and drawing and making things out of nothing. Everything is made out of magic, leaves and trees, flowers and birds, badgers and foxes, and squirrels and people. So it must be all around us. In this garden – in all the places.” – Frances Hodgson Burnett

2. “I have been finding treasures in places I did not want to search. I’ve been hearing wisdom from tongues I did not want to listen to. I have been finding beauty where I did not want to look. And I have learned so much from journeys I did not want to take. I have learned that miracles are only called miracles because they are often witnessed by only those who can see through all of life’s illusions.” – Suzy Kassem

3. “For you little gardener and lover of trees, I have only a small gift. Here is set G for Galadriel, but it may stand for garden on your tongue. In this box, there is earth from my orchard, and such blessing as Galadriel has still to bestow is upon it. It will not keep you on your road, nor defend you against any peril; but if you keep it and see your home again at last, then perhaps it may reward you.” – J.R.R.Tolkien

Emotional Garden Quotes

4. “Garden as though you will live forever.” – William Kent

5. “The love of gardening is a seed that was once sown that never dies.” – Gertrude Jekyll

6. “I always see gardening as an escape, as peace really. If you are angry or troubled, nothing provides the same solace as nurturing the soil.” – Monty Don

7. “The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.” – Alfred Austin

8. “Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.” – Rudyard Kipling

9. “I’ve always felt that having a garden is like having a good and loyal friend.” – C Z Guest

10. “October knew, of course, that the action of turning a page, of ending a chapter or shutting a book, did not end the tale. Having admitted that he would also avow that happy endings were never difficult to find: “It is simply a matter,” he explained to April, “of finding a sunny place in a garden, where the light is golden and the grass is soft; somewhere to rest, to stop reading, and to be content.” – Neil Gaiman

11. “We were all born to be peaceful citizens of the world. Take care of your global garden and do not allow evil gardeners to try and convince you which flowers are ugly and which should be destroyed. This is God’s universe and he is the master gardener of all. If you see ugliness in his creations, then you see ugliness in our Creator. If we eliminate all colors in his garden, then what would be a rainbow with only one color?” – Suzy Kassem

Human Pleasures Of Flower Gardens Quotes

12. “Wildness, he has found, resides not only out there, but right here: in his soil, in his plants, even in himself. But wildness is more a quality than a place, and though humans can’t manufacture it, they can nourish and husband it. The gardener cultivates wildness, but he does so carefully and respectfully, in full recognition of its mystery.” – Micheal Pollan

13. “The river and the garden have been the foundations of my economy here. Of the two I liked the river best. It is wonderful to have the duty of being on the river the first and last thing every day. I loved it even in the rain. Sometimes I have loved it most in the rain.” – Wendall Berry

14. “The margins of our gardens can be tropes too, but figures of irony rather than transcendence antidotes, in fact, to our hubris. It may be in the margins of our gardens that we can discover fresh ways to bring our aesthetics and our ethics about the land into some meaningful alignment.” – Neil Pollan

Poetic Garden Quotes

15. “The plants in the garden – the aloes, the almond tree, the rose tree, and the iris – were afraid of her. The flowers withered under her breath and the touch of her hand was leprous for the leaves. The plants whose growth is belief, whose breathing is hope, whose immobility is confidence and whose calyx is prayer, the plants who kept watch into the night, hated these women with the secret force of stars.” – Hendrik Cramer

16. “The garden has wrapped itself in autumn haze. Unusual autumn, lacking that thrill of vegetal warmth when the sap is still alive and holds up the trees, drunk on solar gold. It is the sorrowful climax of a summer’s drought. Never before was I so struck by the cancerous emaciation in a garden. The leaves started turning yellow in July and began falling.” – Emil Dorian

17. “It is idle to say there is no such garden. Everyone recognizes the same nostalgia. Not just the body, garden too. Paradise is neither a moment nor a place; it is a condition. So when the lover calls to his or her beloved to come into the garden, it is, in the final implication, a summons to overcome the human condition.” – Richard Candevish

18. “Garden has a life of its own, an intricate, willful, secret life, as any gardener knows. It is only the humans in it who think of it as a garden. But a garden is a relationship, which is one of the countless reasons why it is never finished.” – W.S.Merwin

Garden Suggests Quotes

19. “There are many paths leading to a garden and many experiences awaiting those who venture in. No matter what your motive—whether to grow healthy, delicious food; spend time outdoors feeling more alive than your desk job allows; help save the planet; find relaxation, solace, or healing; meet your neighbors; get your hands in the sweet earth; or discover for yourself just how abundant and generous nature can be—a garden rarely disappoints. It’s a magnet for life in all its quirky, beautiful forms.” – Jane Shellenberger

20. “The conjunction of paralytic pink, blinding blood-orange, and genuine clear scarlet was practically unlockable. I expected it to blow up at any moment.” – Ethelind Farron

21. “There were rosebushes, azaleas, peonies—none of them blooming yet, all being strangled by kudzu and grapevines. It was like a nightmare garden—the kind a creepy old lady with a bunch of cats would have, Murphy, decided. A creepy old lady in an old wedding dress she’d been wearing since being jilted at the altar fifty years ago.” – Jodi Anderson

Flower Gardens Reflect In Books Quotes

22. “But the sunlight had faded, and now she would enjoy the twilight-turned-evening from the beauty of the garden. Her garden. Was it even possible that might be true? She still thought of the space as belonging to her mother. That she might now possess the place herself was at once an honor and an overwhelming responsibility: this place where red-and-pink camellia petals fluttered to the ground as though creating a carpet for fairies.” – Ashley Clark

23. “Willows bordered the path, like women bent in mourning, their branches shod in ice and brushing the soft white ground like strands of hair. Flowers and shrubs of every variety overflowed their beds, all of them white with frost, a world made of snow and glass, a garden of ghosts.” – Leigh Bardugo

24. “She didn’t pull away but folded into him like a flower closing its petals at nightfall. He wrapped his arm around her. Zoya seemed to hesitate, and then with a soft breath, she let herself lean against him. The weight of her against him like a benediction. He had been strong for his country, his soldiers, and his friends. It meant something different to be strong for her. Then you’ll be branching without blossom, he whispered against her hair.” – Leigh Bardugo

Soulful Garden Quotes – Just The Wilderness Instinct Quotes

25. “Our soul is like a garden in which the weeds are ever ready to choke the good plants and flowers that have been sown in it. If the gardener who has charge of this garden neglects it, if he is not continually using the spade and the hoe, the flowers and plants will soon disappear.” – John Vianney

26. “I’ve stolen a garden. It isn’t mine, it isn’t anybody’s. Nobody wants it, nobody cares for it, nobody ever goes into it. Perhaps everything is dead in it already, I don’t know. I don’t care, I don’t care. Nobody has any right to take it from me when I care about it and they don’t. They’re letting it die, all shut in by itself.” – Frances Burnett

27. “Having spent the morning weeding, pruning, and bringing the garden to near perfection, I took a moment to sit on the old garden bench to catch my breath, brush the dirt from my hands, and wipe the sweat from my brow. And scanning my handiwork, I realized that I did not make the garden beautiful. Rather, I just cleared away everything that had kept the beauty from being seen. And I thought, should we not do the same with our souls.” – Craig Lounsbrough

28. “For the ink is the same each day – but the words are blooming in colors no one has ever seen; for my words are flowers, and your love is a garden.” – Laura Chouette

Men Plant Trees Garden Quotes

29. “The garden asks only that I weed it and water it. And in exchange for something that demands so little of me, my tiny garden toils day and night to produce a harvest that demands everything of it.” – Craig D.

30. “The rose bush understood that it cannot feed the stomach, but it can fill the senses with its lavish beauty and sweet scents. And from that point forward neither had the desire to be the other, for they understood that such a foolish action would have caused them to lose the marvelous ability to complement the other.” – Craig D.

31. “A petal-strewn gravel path divides the garden into two symmetrical sections, with lush meadows on either side, flanked by cherry blossom trees. The tree branches stretch out to meet each other, forming a canopy of evergreen leaves and pink blossoms of rain roses overhead and creating the dancing shadows on the grass that give the garden its name.” – John M.

32. “When men own garden, plants shade trees, spouse plants, or an entire garden, he might have gardening mistakes. But human pleasures are found in just what we called mistakes. Men faithfully plant seeds too. And not only a plant grows happily. Garden sayings are obvious, garden teaches a lot, but a man who faithfully plants seeds is a happy man too.” – Chinese Proverb

Garden Requires Patient Labor Garden Quotes

33. “In a garden, food arises from a partnership. If I don’t pick rocks and pull weeds, I’m not fulfilling my end of the bargain. I can do this thing with my handy opposable thumb and capacity to use tools, to shovel manure. But I can no more create a tomato or embroider a trellis in beans than I can turn lead into gold. That is the plants’ responsibility and their gift: animating the inanimate. Now there is a gift.” – Robin Wall Kimmerer

34. “In a garden, you can find, quiet thoughts that calm the mind. Every noble achievement is a dream before it is a reality just as the oak is an acorn before it is a tree. Life is like a field, where we must gather what we grow, weed or wheat… this is the law, we reap the crop we sow. Happy is a person who can keep a quiet heart, in the chaos and tumult of this modern world. While it is February one can taste the full joys of anticipation. Spring stands at the gate with her finger on the latch.” – Patience Strong

35. “Beneath the window, set between gravel walkways, a few woody lavenders, etiolated rosemary bushes, and ornamental thyme made up the aromatherapy garden that he had seen described in the brochure. Beyond this, however, running a long arc down the gentle slope of the lawn, camellias in unrestrained bloom provided an alternative tonic. The lawn gave way to a flower garden, itself fringed by wood so that the incarcerated had at least the consolation of a pleasant enough outlook.” – Monica Ali

God Almighty First Planted A Garden-Quotes

36. “When we dig in the soil and plant a seed, we enter into a cycle of restoration that produces wholeness in us. Our bodies are restored by the tilling and the harvesting, our minds are restored by the space such repetitive works opens up within us, the earth is restored by the nutrients provided through the plants, and our spirits are revived as we become better stewards of what we have been given.” – Jerusalem Jackson Greer

37. “Some days, I enjoy simply sitting outside on the green grass, watching at peach and palm trees of this golden fairy garden of mine, under the tender sun, as I listen to the car radio playing indie songs in the background, and see the wind slowly stripping down the trees – I swear I could stay in moments like these for a lifetime, I could lay under the winter sun with nothing but sheer peace inside my heart – a peace I have craved for a long time.” – Rita Texiera

38. “To cultivate a garden is to walk with God.” – Unknown

39. “The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.” – Unknown

40. “For me, the different religions are beautiful flowers from the same garden, or they are branches of the same majestic tree. Therefore, they are equally true, though being received and interpreted through human instruments equally imperfect.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Who Plants Garden Plants Happiness Quotes

41. Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.” – A. Milne

42. “I like gardening – it’s a place where I find myself when I want to lose myself.” – Alice Sebold

43. “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.” – Pablo Neruda

44. “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn

45. “The more help a person has in the garden, the less it belongs to him.” – W H Davies

46. “What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

47. “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” – Margaret Atwood

48. “Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” – May Sarton

49. “A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all, it teaches entire trust.” – Gertrude Jekyll

50. “All gardening is landscape painting.” – William Kent

Gardening Sayings And Proverbs About Garden

51. “Life begins the day you start a garden.” – Chinese proverb

52. “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” – Greek proverb

53. “He who plants a garden plants happiness.” – Chinese proverb

54. “More grows in the garden than the gardener sows.” – Spanish proverb

55. “The garden is the poor man’s apothecary.” – Chinese proverb

56. “Gardening is learning, learning, learning. That’s the fun of them. You’re always learning.” – Helen Mirren

57. “When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden.” – Minnie Aumonier

58. “Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.” – Alfred Austin

59. “Use plants to bring life.” – Douglas Wilson

60. “If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden.” – Robert Brault

61. “The biggest obstacle to good gardening is the desire to know the answers and not the questions.” – Monty Don

Final Thoughts

Today we learned and read 61 garden quotes. Some are poetic, some are funny, some you must have learned by heart, and some you will have to read a few more times.

You may even have been sipping coffee while reading this article in your garden and it must have been special. You read about all those beautiful gardens in bloom, and you sit in the scents of your own garden. How beautiful is that?

Maybe you can even get one of the garden signs for your beautiful backyard with one of these quotes.

We hope you enjoyed today’s article. I can’t promise you that we will soon write about a similar topic, but we will bring you new articles about plants and flowers starting tomorrow.