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Are Gnomes Good Luck? Mythical Creatures Secret Stories

Are Gnomes Good Luck? Mythical Creatures Secret Stories

Are gnomes good luck? What do gnomes symbolize? Why do so many people keep them in their gardens?

I’m sure you saw a little dwarf with a pointing red hat at least once in someone’s garden. Why do people keep them in their gardens, in their homes? What is so special about these little creatures?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but the gnome isn’t one of the seven dwarfs. Gnomes are mythical creatures that date back to ancient Rome.

Now, they’re mostly found in gardens all around northern Europe, and some parts of the USA as well.

Word gnomes come from the old Latin word genomes which mean earth dweller. It is believed that these creatures have magical abilities and protect buried treasure in some places.

In order to learn if gnomes are truly good luck symbols, let’s check out the text below.

Story To Begin With: Tale Behind This Mythical Creature

When the fuss started around gnomes, many people didn’t know if that was a metaphor for a pet, for someone, or something, and they definitely didn’t know that it was a mythical creature.

These lovely bringing good luck creatures are known for 5 centuries now. Of course, in the shape, as we know them:

little pointy red hat, beard, apron, and brown clothes. Today, all around the world, Germany and England especially, you’ll rarely spot gardening without gnomes. They are part of humans’ fun and spiritualism now.

Modern versions are even made as garden lamps, so you can spot them at night. It is believed that if you put them beside your plants, they’ll get lucky and magic.

They will grow faster ad healthier, unlike the other garden plants. In England, they are also used to watch over crops and livestock.

Their sweet appearance has awakened wonder in everyone for decades now and once you place them in your garden ground, you’ll surely have a nicer yard.

Their unique story is what gardeners love and why they put it on the bright spot on their lawns. We can surely say that this mythical creature is a big part (as a symbol) of the gardening world today.

Are Gnomes Good Luck And Do Gnomes Bring Good Luck?

Of course, these adorable little ones have not been proven to bring happiness. But people have believed in it for centuries, some even say that they have experienced a greater dose of happiness and betterment in life since they placed these figurines in the garden.

Whether it’s just a placebo effect or reality, we don’t know for sure. But it sure would be nice to come across a little gnome in nature, wouldn’t it? It’s a nice idea to think that something can bring us happiness, even if it’s just part of the garden decor.

Gnomes are said to be great with cats (and some other animals) and can have a calming effect on them. Therefore, it is not bad to bring them into the environment with cats.

Your flowers might get good luck since it’s believed that flowers or plants don’t get pests in a garden with gnomes. Gnomes tend to scare them away.

Do Gnomes Protect Your House?

It is believed that gnome creatures drive away evil spirits from your house. Any house that has gnomes in its garden will not have any misfortunes, it will be protected from potential evil or misfortune that threatens it. They also watch over your pets, your family, and the garden during the night.

Use Of Gnomes Now And In The Past Centuries

Below we bring you the 3 most common and popular uses of gnomes creatures. You’ve probably seen some of the ways they’ve been used at least once.

If you haven’t, maybe our test below will refresh your memory. Let’s see how the symbolism of these creatures is used today and in the past and where they were all placed.

1. Garden Stone Gnomes Statues – Garden Ornaments

As we mentioned above, we most often see them as garden figures. There are smaller and larger versions, but the most common is the 23-inch one.

We already know their appearance very well: brown clothes, a beard, a red cap, and a benevolent smiling face. In the garden, they are best when combined with shrubs such as the texas sage shrub, cocoplum shrub, or a lovely gardenia bush.

Clothing is often also blue when it comes to trousers with suspenders. They are usually placed near the front door or among the flowers in the garden.

2. Good Luck Charms

Rarely, but sometimes they come in the form of pendants. They are usually given as gifts before important events in life because they symbolize luck, protection, good fortune, and the like.

They are put on travel bags, suitcases, backpacks, and everything that has to do with traveling and new phases of life. You can order these on eBay, or Amazon, which is very cheap.

3. Plastic Home Gnomes Dwarves

Sometimes people don’t have gardens because they don’t live outside the city, they don’t have their own garden, etc.

Such people, even though they want gnomes for their house, cannot put one in their garden. But that’s not the end.

You can buy a plastic or wooden version of the gnome for the house. They come in all sizes. Most popular are the 10-15 inch ones that people keep on the mantelpiece or by the fireplace. You can also order these versions on eBay or Amazon.

4. Christmas Gnome

You must have all seen little dwarf decorations during Christmas. Dressed in a red, red pointed hat, and a long white beard.

If you thought it was a scaled-down version of Santa Claus, it’s not. This is the Christmas gnome version.

The Christmas version of this gnome symbolizes the same thing as a regular gnome. Good fortune, protection, good luck, and that’s certainly what we all want for the holidays.

In England, they are dressed in folklore clothing that is connected with the history and tradition of this country.

This tradition dates back to the 15th century in Norway, and only later in Germany and other European countries, and then in the USA.

What Do Garden Gnomes Symbolize?

Old farmers believed that these lovely mini creatures had magical abilities to protect their homes, fields, plantings, and family from evil spirits.

But more than anything, they believed that where they put a garden gnome statue, they’ll have a successful year for their mass plantings.

Mass production of fruits and vegetables is often doomed in big farms due to birds and insects. Farmers believed that if they put gnomes’ figures close, they’ll have much more luck with their plantings.

They even believed that hand-painted gnomes bring much more luck than those figures from mass production.

People used to make their own versions of gnomes before, but then some said those don’t count.

Gnomes are also associated with precious metals since dwarfs are little creatures that do mining. Exactly because of that, some believe that they protect and bring good fortune to those who have them.

They bring luck in the “shape” of money, and they provide protection and sometimes good health. If you look closely at this mythical creature, you’ll see that its face and “model” looks much like a dwarf(s) from a snow-white cartoon.

In the popular culture of cartoons, Disney definitely saw its inspiration in the little old gnome creature.

In Europe, they became really popular when Sir Charles Isham fell in love with gnomes. He ordered over 10 garden gnomes for his garden in England.

Once he took the back they really hit it off. Soon enough, it seemed like everyone want a gnome in their garden. Later on, August Heissner will become the biggest producer of your favorite garden gnomes.

Use Of Gnomes In Movies, Mythology, And Books

In mythology, gnomes represent terrible demonic beings that live in forests, sometimes near water and very often in dense parts of the forest where no one enters. According to Jewish Kabbalists, gnomes are creatures that live underground.

Gnomes are represented as miners guarding treasure and other precious stones. Gnomes identify it with garden gnomes, and because of this, they are imagined as bearded little men in the clothes of miners, and very often also wizards.

According to legends from the Middle Ages, the gnome king is Gob, who possesses a magical sword. It has the power to control melancholic disposition in humans.

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, gnomes are presented as shy, benevolent creatures that live underground.

According to the writer of this book, they are excellent mechanics, miners, and engineers. Their city was destroyed and since then they have been living with the dwarves.

Gnomes are also mentioned in the Harry Potter novels. J. K. Rowling introduced them as tiny stupid creatures with potato-shaped heads. Most often they live in groups, rarely alone, and do not have any magical powers.

Final Thoughts

Are gnomes good luck? Now we know if it’s really true…We hope you enjoyed the history of these cute little mythical creatures as well as their symbolism.

Will these adorable little ones be a part of your garden or apartment in the near future? Choose a special next time when you are shopping and remember where you found inspiration, it will mean a lot to us.

Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow!