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Official Louisiana State Flower: Magnolia Flower

Official Louisiana State Flower: Magnolia Flower

Our topic today is the Louisiana state flower. As you already know, every state in America has its own representative flower, and so does this state. Which flower is recorded in the Louisiana legislature and why that one?

Each state flower carries with it a strong symbolism, and in addition to other reasons, sometimes geographical, i.e. natural, it is mostly the reason why they carry that title and title.

What is the symbolism of the Louisiana flower, what is its spiritual meaning, where does it come from and how did it come to America? We will talk about all this in the article below.

If I’ve piqued your interest, let’s learn more about the Louisiana state flower.

What Is The Louisiana State Flower?

Louisiana state flower is the magnolia flower. This ancient flower, whose fossils date back millions of years, earned its title back in the 1900s due to its beauty and bold, simple appearance.

Why Are The Magnolia Tree Blossoms State Flower Of Louisiana?

Considering that it is spread throughout this country, it was more than logical to name this flower the flower of the state.

If we include the symbolism of the flower, which we will elaborate on below, these are all reasons why this flower is the state flower of Louisiana.

Do you know what is the Idaho State flower or the Alabama State flower? And what do you think about magnolia trees in Florida?

Magnolia Blossom Features And Characteristics

Magnolia grandiflora blossoms are Louisiana state tree. Besides Louisiana iris, this is the most popular flower in this state. State wildflower has a creamy white bloom and it is used in traditional Chinese medicine for curing heart disease. Let’s learn more about southern magnolia.

  • Family: Magnoliaceae
  • Flower color: white blossom
  • Common names: state seal
  • Leaf shape: oval-shaped flowers
  • Native habitat: southeastern united states, quintessentially southern
  • Wildlife: birds, bees, even wild turkeys
  • Sun: bright light conditions
  • Soil: well-drained, neutral soils
  • Fertilizer: organic matter

Magnolia Flowers Symbolism

Magnolia symbolizes endurance and perseverance. These are the basic symbols of this flower. In addition to this symbol, it also symbolizes fertility according to some Greek mythologies.

Like most flowers with strong symbolism, such as orchids, roses, and chrysanthemums, the Louisiana state flower has its place in Greek mythology.

According to Greek mythology, the flower was created by the Gods as a gift to the nymphs. The entire lake where the nymphs bathed was decorated with these flowers, and where they slept, there were the most flowers.

Magnolia Trees Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meanings of magnolia are purity and perfection. If you see someone as a pure, uncorrupted soul, perfect or perfect, give them a white magnolia. It is precisely in the spiritual world that everything is mentioned.

Official State Flower Magnolia – History

In the 18th century, the magnolia flower was named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol. However, the Chinese have had a name for magnolia since ancient times – hou po. In their culture, the magnolia flower often symbolizes the yin or the female side of life. In some southern parts of the US, it is not uncommon to see white magnolias in a bride’s bouquet as they are thought to emphasize the bride’s elegance and purity.

Magnolia is an ancient flower genus that evolved even before the evolution of bees. Fossils of the Magnolia acuminata species that are around 20 million years old and of plants like Magnoliaceae that are 95 million years old have recently been discovered. Magnolias have been known since the Cretaceous period when giant ferns disappeared, and the first genera of angiosperms appeared.

Use Of Magnolia Grandiflora

Magnolia flowers are used to create extremely high-quality cosmetics. Magnolia creates it by itself in its plant organism. High-quality wax covers the flowers and leaves of the magnolia plant.

It gives them not only an aesthetic shine but also protection from drying out and mechanical damage. Waxes are not new among plants, but nevertheless, the exceptional shine and composition of the same have encouraged the cosmetic industry to use magnolia waxes in cosmetics.

As with plants, it protects human skin and hair from drying out and gives it a more beautiful appearance. How successful or not, at least we have reached for something that has served a good purpose for tens of millions of years.



Below we will answer the most popular FAQs about other state emblems of Louisana. Let’s check out what did we prepare for you in this section below.

What Is The Louisiana State Bird?

The Brown pelican is a Louisana state bird. Its native habitat is in South Carolina, and in some legislatures even in Brazil. It is one of the rare pelican birds that live in the western hemisphere.

What Is The Louisiana State Animal?

Louisana state animal is the black bear. Its original name is Ursus Americanus, also known as the American black bear. It’s however, some say, native to Asia. It’s now an endemic species in North America.

What Is The Louisiana State Tree?

Louisiana state tree is the bald cypress. They belong to the Cupressaceae tree family. They are native to Southern parts of the United States.

Final Thought

Today we talked about the Louisana state flower. For all of you who live there, you probably learned something new too, even though grandmas and grandpas always tell the stories.

The Magnolia flower is very unique and has a special place in history and now, in the documents of the Louisana state as well.

We hope you enjoyed our today’s article and definitely learned some new things. That would be all for today, see you tomorrow with similar topics!