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Learn How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

Learn How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

In today’s article, we will talk about how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. For all fans of hanging plants, this topic is extremely interesting. Hanging indoor plants attract attention and are truly a beautiful green sight.

They’re also a great option for pet owners who worry about their furry friends destroying plants in some way.

If you’re not sure what to do yourself, put your plants in a hanging plant jar and install it from a ceiling hook or curtain.

For those of you who are new to acquiring these plants, they will surely come in handy to get things working right from the start.

Soon you will host hanging plants in your home in a wonderful way, a decorative way that will not make a mess in your room or living room. If you want to learn more about it, stay with us.

Let’s start reading about how to hang plants from ceiling without drilling.

Popular Lightweight Plants For Your Home Decor

Before we dig into the ways to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling, you should know what plants are the best hanging plants for your home.

We bring you below the best hanging plants for your home that are pretty lightweight and perfect for hanging baskets:

Many fast-growing house plants that include devil’s ivy, burn plant and fluffy ruffle fern are amazing for hanging baskets! Types of ferns indoor are also good, but the fluffy ruffle fern has the lightest weight of them all. If you enjoy colorful plants in your home, the perfect choice for you is hanging purple flowers.

Some types of jade plants can also be good: dwarf jade plants, jade necklace trees, etc. But if you want truly the best one for your home, the queen of hanging plants: choose a string of hearts plant without a doubt.

How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling?

When you’re choosing hanging plants for your home, it’s important as well to make sure you’re using small or medium-sized plants.

This way, wall-mounted hooks will do their job properly and you won’t have to worry about their lasting period.

It’s always much better to use lightweight, smaller plants than bigger ones. Below, we bring you 11 ways how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. Let’s check it out.

1. Use Tension Rod For Your Hanging Plant

Tension rods are a great way to hang your plants from the ceiling with the least damage to your walls and without creating any mess.

Since you can increase and reduce their size and that is their great benefit, you can increase or reduce it exactly for the needs of your wall corner or door jambs for example. Once you hang them, you can use a rope or a cord to do the rest of the work.

You’ll simply tie your plant with that rope, you can buy decorative ropes on amazon or eBay, and attach them to tension rods later on.

They come in many colors and the most popular of them all is matte black available on Amazon and eBay as well.

Their price is very low and your budget doesn’t have to be high to finally solve the problem with your hanging plants in your apartment.

Once you use this as your plant hanger, your plant stands still without making any damage or mess to your walls or the floor under the plants. You can also use a curtain rod for this matter.

2. Think About Over-The-Door Hooks

This is another great solution for your hanging plants, but you will definitely have to think about all the movement.

When your plant is moving every time you move your door or somewhere else for example if you place them in such a place, that won’t be good for your plant.

Movement can disturb the soil, it can mix the soil and water in the soil, and leaves are constantly touching and that is simply not recommendable.

However, if you’re only using over-the-door hooks for this matter without actually attaching them to the doors, then you’re good to go!

These hooks can be used on books shelves, windows, and basically, anywhere they have a good base to stand because you won’t drill a wall for such a hook. This is another great way of avoiding drilling holes in your walls. It’s super easy and clean!

3. Coat Rack Can Be Useful For This As Well

The wooden coat rack is more than amazing for hanging plants! Since they come in a variety of colors and sizes, types of wood, and the like, you can definitely take advantage of all these benefits.

If you use them in your home for a plant, you will have a very creative boho-style in your home, especially if you buy a wooden coat rack. They are not as cheap as the options above, but they are perhaps the simplest.

All you have to do is go to the market for a coat rack, put it where you want to see your plants and that’s it.

The great thing about this option is that you can change it all the time. If your plants like the shade, they can be there for a while, in the morning in sunny locations and the like.

It will be very easy to deal with this, and your hanging plants will have an excellent solution and will not leave a mess on the floor.

You can even make a small zen garden in the house, where there will be a coat rack in the middle, and stones around which water will drip. Then you will 100% and definitely solve this problem.

4. Floating Shelves Solve The Problem

If you decide on a floating shelves solution, your plants will not hang on the wall in the right context of the word.

We all know what floating shelves actually look like and on what principle they are installed.

The shelves are actually what hangs on the wall, and your plants will be placed on those shelves.

However, if you decide on them, they are a great way to break up the monotony of shelves on the dressers and on the floor and to bring some freshness and greenery to the walls as well.

The shelves are definitely more interesting than ordinary shelves, so the plants will have a better and fresher look on them. You can buy them on amazon at very cheap prices.

5. Magnetic Hook Is A Great Idea

No drilling, no damage to the wall, another great way to hang your hanging plant on the wall. They are also available on Amazon and eBay for only a few dollars. It will arrive at your home address in a few days and that’s actually all the hard work – waiting.

When they arrive at your address, the magnet is adaptable to many surfaces and you just need to place it in a place that suits you.

It will leave 0% damage and you will be a satisfied user. Although they work on the principle of magnets, these hooks are excellent for medium-weight plants as well.

You don’t have to worry about whether the plant will fall or not, it can support several lbs of weight.

If you want to use them properly, attach the magnet to a horizontal surface, and that way, they can carry on up to 100 lbs, believe it or not.

They come in all colors and various models, and you can buy the one that best fits your style, i.e. the style of your home. If you want to make sure it’s 100% good and strong, use Neodymium magnetic hook and you won’t have any troubles.

6. How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling – Don’t Make Drill Holes

Probably a very simple solution, and the best of all. In fact, this solution is the basis of all the other suggestions and advice we have given you.

Before you hook your hanging plant to the ceiling or place it on a floating shelf, don’t make drainage holes in that pot!

Plants don’t like stagnant water in a pot and it’s not good for their roots, but you’ll just have to be very precise when it comes to watering and you’ll have to control it.

I’m sure it’s not hard to do because we all want the best for our plants. Less water, finger check, and your plant will be fine, it will have no problems even without drainage holes.

As we said at the beginning, let this be your foundation and basis for other ways of hanging plants. Before hanging, be sure to avoid drainage holes.

7. Hang Lightweight Plants From The Ceiling

Although it seems like we gave you all the information about this in the beginning, we didn’t. In the beginning, we introduced you to popular lightweight hanging plants, and here we will talk more about why they are good.

When you put the hook on the wall, i.e. you drill it into the wall, and at the same time you don’t use the right hook for your plant, there are a lot of risks on the side.

Most homes contain plaster in their walls, and when a heavy hook comes off the wall and takes the plant with it, the hook can pull part of the wall down.

Gypsum is a very light material, we all know that it is fragile and you can break it with your hand, but only with a metal hook. A metal hook will do damage that will surely require you to call a handyman to your home and then what?

Instead of listening to the instructions at the very start, you will pay the master several hundred dollars.

If you are buying heavier hanging plants, buy sturdy hooks, and strong metal hooks, and drill them where the wall is solid. If the plants are light, potpourri ferns for example, then relax and go with lighter hooks without problems.

8. Clamp Saves The Hanging Plants

Clamps are also an easy and clean way to hang your plants on the wall. You can buy a package of 100 clamps so you can change them if one breaks by accident or simply because it can’t last any longer.

Their setup is very simple and even a beginner can place them anywhere. They are self-adhesive hooks and that’s the number 2 reason that makes them so special and easy to use.

These hooks come in various colors but have one general shape and size that’s more than useful and you definitely won’t have to think about it much before purchasing. They are super cheap so you won’t have to worry about their price.

9. Hang Your Plants On Suction Cups

If you decide on this option, then you must make sure that you buy only those intended for plants. The description mostly says extra strong suction holder and that way you will be sure that you have bought the right ones.

If you buy ordinary ones, don’t expect their effectiveness. Ordinary suction cups barely hold spoons in the kitchen and towels and bathrooms.

These suction cups must be purchased exclusively from a gardening or flower shop and their description must state that they can handle large weights. It is pointless to try to buy other types because they will not be effective.

Just like the hanging plant products above, you can also order them online through Amazon and eBay to make your shopping easier. By the time you find the right hanging plant, they will be at your door.

10. Metal Beams/Metal Fixture Will Add More Greenery Too

Overhead metal beams are usually used in outdoor gardening. They are usually placed in the center of the garden or somewhere where you sit and where there are tables and chairs so that it all looks nice together.

This setup is mostly assembled, i.e. assembled, and you can also buy smaller ones already assembled in the shop.

However, the assembly is very easy, so I suggest you do it yourself and have fun along the way. This setting is very similar to the armature.

Imagine an armature that is folded into a cage, and at the very top there are cubes, i.e. laid metal settings for which you can hang plants.

Considering that it is an outdoor space and size, you will be able to attach over 50 plants to such a single setup without any problems. The plants will not disturb each other and will be able to grow unhindered.

The only problem is the material, which starts to change color or rust over time due to weather conditions, and protects it with some spray after you install it.

If you want to install them, they are not cheap though. You can get some for several hundred dollars and even over a thousand dollars. Of course, price dictates long-term quality.

11. Carpenters Clamps Are Also Ways To Hang Plants

They can serve as a good base, i.e. support on a wall or a smaller surface for your plant. Their effectiveness is certainly very high and they will not let you down.

The good thing is that almost all of us already have it in our garages for other purposes, but it’s still not an item that will be decorative and won’t bounce off the furniture and other things in your home.

If you plan to do this process nicely and properly, for the sake of you and your interior, we still suggest something efficient, but beautiful at the same time, you won’t regret it.

FAQ – How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling


As always, we make sure you don’t have to do any further research once you’re done with our article, because of that, even today we bring you answers on your faq. Stay with us and check more below about hanging plants and ways to hang them without drilling.

How Can I Hang Plants That Are Heavier From The Ceiling?

In case you just can’t resist heavier hanging plants and you strictly want them for your apartment, then these things below will help you achieve that:

  • indoor trellis,
  • suction them into the window,
  • use magnets/magnetic hooks,
  • hang them upside down,
  • use vertical planters.

How Much Weight Can A Drop Ceiling Take?

If your plants are heavier than 15 lbs or 17 lbs, you shouldn’t use them/hook them to the drop ceiling.
They don’t do well with heavier things and you will just create a mess, a hole in the wall, and much more. Just be careful when using it and stick to the recommended weight limit.

Where To Hang My Hanging Plant?

The location of your indoor hanging plant hook depends on the plant. Think of it like designing your outdoor garden: pay attention to sunlight needs.

For example, if your plant needs a lot of suns to survive, hang it in front of a south-facing window. Buy rotatable ceiling hooks for sun-loving plants so that you can rotate the plant, ensuring that sunlight reaches from all sides.

What Are Vertical Gardens?

Vertical gardens are modular or custom-made systems and are most often used to cover larger wall surfaces.

They come in different forms, materials, and colors and it is best to foresee them in the initial design phase in order to leave them possible outlets for supplying water needed for self-irrigation.

The amount of light determines the selection and final appearance of the green wall. They are very easy to install on the wall and are secured against water leaks.

Self-watering is not installed in such systems, so when installing them, it is very important to install them so that they are accessible for manual watering.

The back side contains a bracket for hanging the module on a wall or some other vertical surface.

A relatively cheap, modular, and efficient system for the vertical cultivation of indoor or edible plants is obtained by various combinations of arrangements and the selection of different types of plants.

What Do You Need To Know About Pots For Hanging Plants

When decorating the house, even the plants that can be considered for it can be artificial, therefore a very interesting concept with ideas for pots. An example would be a curved container with a hole in the middle for a plant.

Leaving aside a very specific type of pot, this idea usually doesn’t fail when you’re looking for something to decorate the walls of a hallway, for example. The case with some real plants may also be applicable, but with a group of graduated pots of different sizes.

You can also play with the type of container, as there are many interesting designs on the market that enhance the quality of hanging plants. There are round containers with a hole on one side to hold another plant, which when the main and additional plants grow can offer a waterfall effect.

Final Thought On How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

In today’s article, you learn all about how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. For those who already have hanging plants, they know what a problem it is to deal with these things, and for those of you who don’t have them, you must have learned some simple solutions.

Now you don’t have to hesitate anymore and you can finally get the beautiful potted plants, and hanging basket plants for shade. If you are still in doubt, we want to tell you that these things are not very challenging.

Even a beginner can make settings for auxiliary hooks, shelves, or some other solutions. If you don’t like challenges, someone will set them up for you in a few minutes.

That would be all for today’s article, see you soon with more similar topics!