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How Long Do Peace Lilies Live: Average Lifespan Of A Peace Lily

How Long Do Peace Lilies Live: Average Lifespan Of A Peace Lily

In today’s article we will talk about how long do peace lilies live. These interesting flowers are specific precisely because of their lifespan, beautiful blooms, and green leaves that shine.

In addition to their lifespan, we will also talk about their care guide so that you know how to properly care for them.

Given that these plants are very sensitive and often encounter problems with their leaves, we will explain the most common problems and how to prevent them.

At the end of this article, we bring you a faq section where we will explain interesting details about this plant.

If you are ready to read, let’s learn more about peace lilies and how long peace lilies live.

About Peace Lilies

Spathiphyllum (peace lilies) are a beautiful type of lily and they are a genus belonging to a family of as many as 47 species of monocotyledonous plants. These plants are tropical and subtropical plants and originate from the tropical areas of America and Asia.

These beautiful white flowers with dark green fat leaves will brighten up your home. They are currently one of the most popular house plants in the world. They are very easy to maintain and you don’t have to worry about their growing conditions.

In the middle of their white leaf, there is a yellowish-brown flower resembling a worm. If grown outdoors, that part is the part of the flower that attracts wildlife.

Lifespan Of Peace Lily

Although they will not live long, as we will find out below, these beautiful plants also have the ability to clean the air. However, peace lily lives longer than a regular lily flower.

Of course, its lifespan (itself) isn’t the only thing that decides how long they live. It’s also about conditions made for peace lilies when growing indoors.

Before you get them, it would be good to know how long they actually live, so let’s find out more.

How Long Do Peace Lilies Live? Lifetime Of Peace Lilies Flower

Before you see a dead peace lily flower, they’ll live for three to five years, sometimes even six years when provided with perfect care conditions. What makes peace lilies so perfect besides their look is their life span.

I’m sure you won’t get a chance to get bored with these flowers. When you start thinking about the other plant, its lifetime will soon be over and that will be it. Take care of peace lily properly and you’ll be very thankful to have it in your home.

Peace Lily Live Long Enough To Make You Happy

Three, four, or even six years aren’t a very long period of time, but they are just enough time to make you happy. This perfect white plant can be a great plant for your home, and terrace and it’s one of the best plants for office with no windows.

Peace lilies aren’t the only type of lily flowers that are good for homes and offices with no windows. These indoor plants have many varieties that you’ll enjoy very much. Along with that, the types of lilies and their meanings are very interesting.

Peace Lily Care For Peace Lilies Grown Indoors

As mentioned earlier, once you take proper care of peace lilies, they can last for 6 years max. That includes indirect light, good drainage, proper fertilizer, and a good location for this plant to grow indoors. But of course, it’s not as simple as that.

There are still many details that you need to pay attention to when it comes to this plant’s care. Improper care guides can cause issues such as brown spots, brown edges on the leaves, root rot, yellow leaves, and many other problems that can kill your plant.

Let’s learn all about its care guide in the detail.

Light Conditions For Peace Lily Plant

For peace lilies and any other plant, the most important thing for their growth is perfect lighting and a watering schedule. How these plants will thrive in your home, depends on the light conditions.

For peace lilies, perfect light conditions are low light conditions and bright indirect light. The best position for a plant to receive such a light is the west window, sometimes even the south-faced window. Direct sunlight can burn its leaves and cause yellow leaves issues, along with that brown spots on the leaves.

Lilies, often called closet plants, when growing in an indoor environment will hate the direct sun. East-facing window isn’t a good idea. Their pleasing appearance isn’t a fan of artificial light. Too much light (any light) also isn’t good for them.

Water Schedule For Peace Lily Flowers

The most important part about its watering schedule is drainage holes that are a must for this plant’s pot. Peace lily likes good drainage and lots of water, and because of that exactly, its pot needs to have drainage holes.

As mentioned above, one of the most common issues in peace lily flower is yellow leaves. That is most often caused by too much water, and sometimes, rarely, by too much fertilizer. Almost one-half of its proper care is its watering routine.

Since the plant lives indoors, in a healthier place, room temperature water is the best choice for this plant. Tap water is fine, but distilled water is the best.

Soil Type For Lovely White Flowers

The best choice of soil for these plants is perlite, peat moss, coir, or loam. Regular house potting mix isn’t the best option because it doesn’t have enough of the needed nutrients for the peace lily.

This plant does not like acidic soil, so you should always check the soil’s pH. With a perfect soil and fertilizer choice, your plant will bloom happily, and of course, be problem free.

Fertilizer For Peace Lilies

Maybe you’ve read somewhere that fertilizer should be one-quarter of the plant’s soil, but that wouldn’t be good for the plant or its roots. Before you give a full dose of the fertilizer to your plant, make sure you check with a professional if the time is right to do that.

Peace lilies should be fertilized in springtime, and once you did that, you can close the search for fertilizer. The recommended dosage is one-quarter of a package but during its blooming season. Regular house fertilizer is fine, but the best options are organic fertilizers.

Temperature And Humidity Levels For Peace Lilies

These plants will easily live in conditions that aren’t 100% perfect, but the best temperature ratio for peace lily is between 68 and 85 F. Temperature and humidity that are wrong on longer journeys will affect on their stem a lot so be careful.

Peace lily’s humidity levels should be medium. The best option is 50%, 60% is also fine. Everything above and less can cause that plant suddenly looks droopy (this works for 80% of houseplants).

Also, if you don’t want your plant to die, don’t expect them to grow well in a very warm room during wintertime. They shouldn’t be near the radiators in the winter months.

Propagation Of Peace Lily

Seed propagation is a method suitable for peace lilies plants. Growing lilies from seed is a good way to obtain virus-free plant material. The plants obtained in this way usually bloom after 3 years. The seeds are collected in autumn. Do this process like this:

  • Sow it in spring, in deeper seed pots with a larger number of drainage holes, in peat soil.
  • When the seeds germinate in about 3 to 4 weeks, remove the foil that you previously placed over the pot and place the pot in a well-lit place, but protected from direct sunlight.
  • When the danger of frost has passed, the seed boxes are taken out of protected areas, and placed in places protected from the wind, and covered with nylon at night.
  • During later cultivation, the foil is completely removed.

Problems With Peace Lily Flowers

Even the most beautiful flowers will face some problems eventually. Unfortunately, that’s also the case with peace lilies.

Once you give these plants conditions they don’t like very much, they’ll face some issues, but with us, you’ll learn how to handle these problems easily (and how to spot them of course). Let’s see what are the most common issues with the peace lily.

Pest Infestation On Peace Lilies

There are 3 types of pests that are the most common on this plant. Those pests are:

  • aphids;
  • mealy bugs;
  • spider mites.

Aphids usually have a pale yellow to light green color and it’s obvious that something is wrong with your plant’s leaves once they show up. To get rid of them, you’ll need a mild solution. The best thing is to spray them with it.

Mealy bugs will cause a yellow leaves issue. They are white and also very noticeable since you’ll notice a colony of mealy bugs right away. To get rid of them use regular rubbing alcohol mixed with a bit of water.

Spider mites also move and attack the plant in colonies. They have a dark red so you’ll be able to tell they’re attacking your plant right away. Use insecticidal oil, like neem oil, horticultural oil, or dormant oil to get rid of them.

Root Rot On Peace Lilies

Root rot is a problem that is the same for all plants. It is most often caused by too much water. Sometimes you water your plant too often, and sometimes, even though you use less water, you don’t make drainage holes in the pot, so the water collects in the soil in the pot, which leads to root rot. Control your watering schedule and make sure this problem doesn’t happen.

How Long Do Peace Lilies Live: FAQ

As always, we saved some extra material about this plant for you at the very end. To make sure we answered all of your questions, we bring this interesting section that will wrap the peace lilies topic up. Let’s see what we have for you below.

What To Do When Peace Lilies Die?

The flowers bloom about a month after flowering, then turn brown and droop. If this happens, cut off the dead peace lilies from the bottom of the plant. Make a clean, slanted cut with sterile scissors. Deadheading the peace lily isn’t just good for its look.

What Is The Longest Lifespan Of A Peace Lily?

There is a peace lily that’s been a healthy growing plant for almost 20 years now. That’s the oldest peace lily in the world (that’s been noted).
This woman used to have cats, but then she decided to keep pets away, and with proper care and no paw destruction, she was able to save this plant for 20 years.

Final Thoughts On How Long Do Peace Lilies Live

That would be all for today’s article about peace lilies and how long do peace lilies live. We learned what can prolong their life at least for a short time, why they live so short, and their simple care guide.

If you didn’t have this plant before, you will definitely get it now. This wonderful white beauty will brighten up your home, and you will forget that you have these beautiful flowers in your apartment because you will take so little care of them.

Maybe just sometimes when you have pest problems, but you’re fully ready to take care of that now, right? Your free time will not be occupied by taking care of these flowers, you may just admire the flowers in your free time.

See you soon with more interesting articles about plants.