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7 Breast Cancer Flowers: Beautiful Blooms For Breast Cancer Survivors

7 Breast Cancer Flowers: Beautiful Blooms For Breast Cancer Survivors

Today we will talk about flowers for cancer. If you think we are talking about zodiac flowers, you’re wrong. We are talking about breast cancer flowers.

We’re here to talk about flowers for cancer patients, those who’re battling cancer or survived cancer. We will also mention flowers for breast cancer awareness as well.

In the most difficult moments of someone’s life, when everything seems gray and gloomy, it is important that these people know that we are with them.

Sometimes it is our presence, sometimes nice words and gestures, and sometimes flowers or other gifts that will draw their attention to how much we love them and remind them that we are with them until the end.

Rose’s popularity is more than obvious, so it’s of course one of the flowers for cancer as well. But what about other flowers?

What is the best flower you can choose for a friend who’s battling cancer and for someone who just beat cancer?

Learn all about your flower options for such occasions. If you’re ready, let’s start reading.

7 Flowers For Breast Cancer Patients And Breast Cancer Survivors

7-Flowers-For-Breast-Cancer-Patients-And-Breast-Cancer-Survivors Breast Cancer Flowers

Below we bring you the 7 best flowers for those who are fighting cancer or have survived cancer also known as breast cancer flowers. Let’s find out which flowers are the best to choose for these circumstances.

1. Pink Lotus Flower – Breast Cancer Flowers

Symbolism: spiritual journey, love, compassion, and enlightenment

With its pink flower that’s the representative color of a flower for breast cancer awareness and its symbolism, they present a perfect flower for cancer.

If you’re in doubt about what flower to get to a cancer patient, choose the pink lotus flower.

2. Water Lily – Breast Cancer Flowers

Symbolism: purity, innocence, celebration, hope, peace

A water lily is another great flower that you can give on these occasions. With their pure silk white color and powerful meaning, they present a great floral gift for cancer patients.

3. Calm Delphinium – Breast Cancer Flowers

Symbolism: goodwill, mental strength

When it comes to cancer patients, the most important thing they need and can ask for is mental strength, exactly what this flower presents.

Breast cancer awareness flowers are usually in light colors, and so is this flower.

4. Pink Roses – Breast Cancer Flowers


Symbolism: gratitude, admiration

As we already said above, light pink roses are the main flower that presents breast cancer awareness.

On a breast cancer awareness month, you will most likely spot women wearing this flower on their shirts, jackets, coats, etc. Some bring real roses and throw them off bridges as a sign of victory.

The pink rose meaning in a relationship is a bit different.

5. Pink Carnations – Breast Cancer Flowers

Symbolism: gratitude

After battling a hard disease all you want to do is get healthy and go on with your life. Exactly because of that, people who beat cancer are very grateful for the gift of life after it.

Pink carnations present gratitude and that makes them good flowers for cancer awareness.

6. Pink Snapdragons – Breast Cancer Flowers

Symbolism: grace, strength

People who fight and survive cancer are the bravest and strongest people you’ll meet in your life.

It’s more than a physical battle, it’s a constant mental battle with yourself and a will to keep going. Exactly because of that, snapdragons make perfect flowers for cancer awareness.

They present particularly maternal love too. There is several appropriate circumstances to gift these flowers, and this one is one of them.

7. Stargazer Lilies – Breast Cancer Flowers

Symbolism: the idea of life

The idea of life is all you have once you’re battling a hard cruel disease such as cancer.

When you beat it and the victory is yours, the idea of life, living is the best thing you could ever get. Calla lilies stand for the flowers of cancer awareness right after light pink roses.

What Flower Is For Breast Cancer Survivors?

The best flower for cancer survivors is a pink rose. They present hope, grace, and gratitude. Their symbolism makes them a perfect flower for cancer survivors.

Is There A Rose For Breast Cancer?

Right after starfighter lilies, there is an appropriate rose for breast cancer patients. Those are white and pink roses.

They are given to those who are navigating treatment or to those who’ve been through cancer.

Is There A Symbol For Breast Cancer Survivors?

There are unique symbols for breast cancer survivors and those are pink ribbons. In breast cancer awareness month-October, women put this symbol on their shirts, scarves, and coats as the symbol of support and awareness of breast cancer.

Can You Give Flowers To The Cancer Patients?

One of the many gestures you can make for a person with cancer is to give them flowers. It will remind them that you are thinking of them, that you are with them, and colorful flowers will break the monotony of the hospital room.

What Flowers Present Breast Cancer Awareness Flowers?

The flower that presents breast cancer awareness is the bright gerbera daisy flower. To brighten up the day of someone who’s battling breast cancer, always go with pink gerbera.

How To Make a Breast Cancer Flower Bouquet For Someone Who’s Beat Cancer?

Focus on flowers that the person loves and flowers that represent victory over cancer. Those are usually pink flowers and white flowers. Once you’ve done that, add a beautiful card with a special message to the bouquet and we’re sure you’ll brighten that person’s day.

Is It Okay To Send Flowers To Someone Who’s In The Cancer Treatment?

For someone who’s battling cancer and is a cancer patient, it is more than a thoughtful gift to send them flowers.

A lovely bouquet on their desk will definitely crash the monotony of the hospital room, and you’ll make their day so much better.

Don’t doubt this, buy flowers, but avoid silk flowers and white flowers since almost everything is white in the hospital.

Buy them colorful flowers that will crack the monotony. Unless they prefer white flowers, then they’re good as well.

What Does A National Breast Cancer Foundation Do?

The national breast cancer foundation makes events for women who’ve been through breast cancer. They organize seminars, camps, and events, they raise money for those unable to cure themselves.

They send breast cancer floral arrangements to those in hospital and they take care of them. They spread awareness by carrying a pink ribbon on breast cancer awareness month, and they remind women of unforgettable life events. They are also a breast cancer research foundation that gathers women who’ve been through cancer in October awareness month.

They learn and teach women how to appreciate life after and how to carry on. Unlike the flower shops, they do same-day delivery for those in hospitals so the patients never feel alone. You can also join such a foundation in your local community and you can show your support.

Flowers Cards For Breast Cancer Patients

Below we bring you some simple messages you can write on the flower cards for someone who’s battling breast cancer.

  • Fight like a girl and you’ll win this.
  • I’m here for you every step of the way.
  • You will never be alone, I got your back. Love you.
  • You got this. You’re the bravest woman I know.
  • I am so proud of you. Here for you until the end.

Flowers Cards For Women Who Beat Breast Cancer

Below we bring you some simple messages you can write on the flower cards for someone who beat breast cancer.

  • Today we celebrate your victory. And every other day.
  • Brave friend, you did it, I love you!
  • Be proud of yourself every day.
  • I learned how to fight with you. Thank you for being my role model.
  • You are my role model now and forever.

Final Thoughts On Breast Cancer Flowers

Today we talked about the best choice of flowers for cancer. We learned which flowers are appropriate to give to those fighting cancer, to those who have survived it, and to women who have survived breast cancer.

We hope that you now know the correct selection of these flowers for these occasions. Let’s summarize once again: light pink roses, pink gerbera daisies, pink lotus, pink orchids, and some lilies.

We hope we were helpful. That would be all for today, see you soon with more similar topics.

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