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Tickle Me Plant: Care Guide For Mauve Flower Puffs

Tickle Me Plant: Care Guide For Mauve Flower Puffs

In today’s article, we will talk about the tickle me plant. This beautiful and interesting plant does not take up much space, it is minimalistic and complements any home style.

If you still don’t know which new plant to get for your home, maybe this particular plant is a good choice for you. With its green leaves and fact, they produce fluffy pink flowers in the middle, who wouldn’t love it?

This plant is commonly grown indoors, much more than outdoors. When you plant small seeds, you will soon get multiple large plants. This plant is also a very good gift box plant.

Let’s learn more about the ticket me plant itself below.

Shrubby Perennial Plant Native Habitat And Features

Native to south and central America this “touch me not” plant is a great tropical plant. It grows in tropical regions but it can achieve active growth in regions with a bit lower temperatures as well.

In case your mom planted this lovely potted plant in your garden somewhere with a temperature ration between 55 and 65 F, with good guide conditions, it will succeed. Fern-like leaves are just so lovely to watch! This plant is a perfect mother’s day plant.

The plant has prickly stems, pale green leaves, and beautiful pink/violet flowers in the middle. At first, you see two or three flowers, and then soon enough, you’ll see many of them. This plant just keeps giving.

They are not only fascinating but also attractive. Since the plants are often grown around children, the spines can easily be removed with a nail clipper to prevent possible injury, although rare.

How Long Does It Take For Tickle Me Plant To Grow?

Once you propagate the tickle me plant, believe it or not, about a week after, you’ll have wonderful signs of a new plant thriving in your pot. They are one of the fast-growing plants that every plant lover truly adores!

What Are The Benefits Of The Tickle Me (Mimosa Pudica) Plant?

If you think that this plant will only look wonderful in your home, you’re wrong. Besides its wonderful looks, the plant has other benefits as well. This plant is also antibacterial, antivenom, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, anticonvulsant, and anti-fertility.

Tickle Me Sensitive Plant Care Guide!

To make sure you’re doing everything right with this plant we bring you its ultimate care guide below. If you are looking for a tree, very similar to the tickle me plant is the powder puff tree.

Spring arrived early this year, so it’s time to learn all about this wonderful plant. Once you read its ultimate care guide you’ll be more than ready to purchase one for your home. If you’re ready, let’s start learning about the tickle me plant.

1. Mimosa Pudica-Humble Plant Light Needs

Direct sunlight is a good option for the tickle me plant in the morning hours. In the afternoon, when the sun is much brighter, it would be good to place the plant in the shade or somewhere where there is indirect light.

A sunny window can work in the morning, but not so much a sunny window in the afternoon when grown indoors. When grown outdoors, partial shade and indirect light are good options from the beginning.

2. Tickleme Plant Water Schedule

In early spring and summertime, when it’s the blooming seasons and active growing seasons for this plant, it should be watered more.

In winter time and fall time, reduce the watering for the tickle me plant. Tap water is fine, but the best option is distilled water. In about a week, if the plant is underwater or overwatered, you’ll notice the signs.

3. Unusual Growing Characteristics Of Tickle Me Plant And Its Soil Type

Well-drained soil, peat moss, or perlite are perfect soil types for the tickle me plant. Sandy and loamy soils are not recommendable, along with acidic soils.

When you grow indoors tickle me plant, one of the most important growing tips is to avoid soils with a pH above 7.

4. Tickle Me Tropical Plant Temperature And Humidity Needs

The whole family will love this beautiful pink flower plant. Of course, once it has perfect conditions.

To provide them with many conditions, make sure that the temperature where you place this plant is between 65 and 80 F. Humidity levels can be around 60%.

5. Fertilizer Needs For Plants That Produce Fluffly Pink Flowers

Regular houseplant fertilizer is perfect for this plant. When feeding these plants, they are not very needy. However, you should avoid liquid fertilizers for the tickle me plant.

6. Propagation Of Tickle Me Plant

The easiest way to propagate this plant is with seeds or by root division. Both ways are pretty easy and you can do it like this:

  • Seeds that come from its blooms in springtime should be removed from the blooms.
  • Prepare fresh well-drained soil.
  • Take the seeds you previously took from your mother plant.
  • Put them in a new pot with fresh soil.
  • Do not cover the pot.
  • Place the pot in a sunny window for 2 days.
  • Water it regularly.
  • In about a week you should some progress.

7. Pests And Diseases Of Tickle Me Plant

The most common pests and diseases of tickle-me plants are mealy bugs, spider mites, yellow leaves, and root rot. We can help you in our other articles to solve some of these problems, for example: How to get rid of spider mites during flowering?

The causes of these problems are too much direct sunlight, excessive watering, sudden temperature change, and dry soil.

Make sure you always check the plant when watering or trimming. That way you’ll be in control and problems on your planet won’t surprise you. You can always buy and use pesticides in smaller amounts to prevent this.

Final Thoughts

That would be all for today’s tickle me plant article. We learned how to care for this beautiful pink-green houseplant and learned a lot about its characteristics and benefits.

You have seen that this plant is not a demanding houseplant and that you will take care of it without any problems.

If you have children, taking care of them can be an interesting activity for your child, at least as far as watering is concerned. All you need is one small watering can and you’re ready to go!

Now you know which plant to choose as your new house plant. In addition to good looks, you always choose other benefits, don’t you? Well, this plant has everything.

See you tomorrow with new flowers and plants.