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Make Your Yard Happy With Purple Glory Tree Tibouchina

Make Your Yard Happy With Purple Glory Tree Tibouchina

Do you like trees with purple flowers? If you enjoy it, you’ll enjoy purple glory tree-tibouchina even more.

The care guide for tibouchina tree is very simple and even amateurs can quickly learn it. It is among the most beautiful small trees you can get in warm regions in the USA.

This flower will happily bloom in your garden with even small doses of effort for it. It is a great low-maintenance tree that blooms purple in springtime.

All you have to do to have this plant in your garden is a free space in your yard. Everything else will come along after reading this article.

By the end of it, we’re more than sure you’ll be ready to grow this plant in your garden. If you want to learn the care guide purple glory tree care, let’s begin!

About Tibouchina Urvilleana Tree

  • Native habitat: Brazil and Mexico, rarely Argentina
  • Botanical name: urvilleana
  • Common names: princess flower, glory bush, tibouchina urvilleana common name too
  • Flowers: purple stamens, bloom sporadically, reach full bloom in late spring, typically die in early fall or late summer
  • Fruits: no
  • Leaf shape/color: evergreen leaves, dark green in the active growing season
  • Use: hedge tree, for landscape design, tree form great shade in the yard, it is considered noxious weed, found in escaped gardens
  • Toxicity: toxic
  • Hardy zone: USDA zones 9-11
  • Wildlife: hummingbirds, butterflies, bees
  • How to grow: grow them before the first fall frost
  • Growth rate: moderate to fast-growing, when grown in full sun growing faster than in the bright light

How Many Varieties Tibouchina Have?

There are around 350 species of tibouchina plant. The most famous ones are: tibouchina urvilleana, tibouchina granulosa, and tibouchina heteromalla.

They all grow in tropical areas and prefer direct sunlight.

It is usually grown as a small tree. Almost all species are grown outdoors. If brought indoors in the winter months, the sudden temperature change will be noticeable to the plant.

Care Guide For A Tibouchina Tree

To learn how to take care of your tibouchina tree properly, we bring you its care guide below. With your green thumb and our care guide, you’ll be able to grow this plant perfectly in your home or garden. Learn all about 15 feet tall tibouchina plant below. Let’s dig in.

Light Needs

It is best to combine partial shade and morning sun for this plant. In such conditions, your plant will grow more than extraordinarily. They do not tolerate the full sun and full shade completely.

Tibouchina grows best in direct sunlight combined with bright light/partial shade in the afternoon. It can’t stand too much sun just as it can’t stand too much shade. Make a balance for your tree and you won’t have any issues.

Watering Schedule

The watering schedule is very simple for this plant. Water it in the morning when the sun has not risen or when it is not very strong. It doesn’t matter what type of water you use.

Soil Type

Believe it or not, this tree will adapt to almost any type of soil. It doesn’t like very acidic soils, but other kinds of soils might work well. You can use organic matter when planting a tree for the first time.


The plant does not need fertilizer, but if you really want to give your plant a good treatment, then use a fertilizer like 10-5-10 or 15-15-10 for good plant success. Fertilize the plant in spring, never in winter or autumn.


It grows best in regions with high temperatures. These are temperatures between 65 and 85 F. Anything below is risky for your plant. They do not tolerate sudden temperature changes as well as frost.

How Hardy Is Tibouchina?

Tibouchina grows best in hardy zones 9-11. You can try growing them in other regions too but their appearance won’t be the same. In colder regions, you’ll have to put extra regions for these plants to thrive healthily. They just can’t stand strong wind, cold temperature, or frost.


The plant will feel best in a humidity of 60%. Anything below or above is already somewhat disputable. If you are growing it inside from the beginning, buy an air humidifier.


Prune them only in cases of larger pupae on the plant or when the plant should bloom, i.e. in the spring. Never prune a healthy plant. The plant should be mature when pruning it. If you prune a young plant you’re not giving it a chance to bloom and grow.


Propagate the plant by using stem cuttings. That’s the easiest way to do it. The plant can also grow from seeds, but they must be very fresh and “preserved.”

Can Tibouchina Be Grown From Cuttings?

It is very easy to grow tibouchina urvilleana from cuttings. This is considered one of the simplest ways to grow this plant. You can also try growing them from seeds but it will take much more of your time and patience.

The Most Common Problems Of Tibouchina

The most common problem on tibouchina urvilleana plant is spider mites. They attack this plant during its flowering time.

It’s very easy to learn how to get rid of spider mites during flowering and once you do, you won’t be so worried.

They are dark red-black bugs that are super small. They’re attracted to drought and too much water too. You can get rid of them with neem oil. When you apply too much liquid fertilizer.

You won’t spot them on the ground, only on the leaves of the plant. They usually appear in summer and spring. They are much more common in containers than on direct plantings in the ground.

If you want to protect your purple flowers shrub and your lovely princess flowers, you can use dish soap as well. Rub it gently on the leaves combined with water. This way, they’ll leave your princess plants forever.

Wrapping Up

How did you like our article about the tibouchina, purple glory tree? I know you liked it. How not love it with its wonderful purple flowers and breathtaking appearance?

This low-maintenance tree can be your new favorite tree if you learned its care guide well and we’re sure you did. With a 5-minute read, you can grow a perfect vibrant tree in your garden.

If you need a shade tree or just a wonderful tree in front of your home, without any doubt, choose tibouchina. We hope this article was helpful to you.

See you tomorrow with more similar topics!