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Find Out How Long Can Flowers Last In A Car

Find Out How Long Can Flowers Last In A Car

Today we will talk about how long can flowers last in a car. Freshly cut flowers are definitely a treat for our eyes, but how long can they stay in such shape in a car?

Fresh cut flowers in hot weather in a car, I’m sure you have many questions about that. Can they last a few hours or a few days?

A week maybe? Can they only last while we transport flowers? Today we will learn how to leave flowers hydrated in a closed small space and how long can they stay like that.

Below, we bring you all information about how long can flowers last in a car.

How Long Can Flowers Last In A Car?

During the extreme heat and cold temperatures, flowers can’t last more than a few hours in your automobile.

However, if you use some methods, two to three weeks is the period your flowers can bloom in it. Bringing flowers in a vehicle is a risky little game.

But once you place flowers in the right spot and you make sure they have the proper care, they will be fine.

Don’t worry anyway, we will explain many ways how to take care of your car flowers so you’re 100% the next time you bring flowers in.

Can You Leave Fresh Flowers In A Car Overnight?

A professional florist will agree that you can leave fresh flowers in a car overnight. Leave them on a flat surface, wrap them with wet paper and you won’t have any worries.

The thing you should be worried about is the risk of damaging petals. This usually happens while transporting but once you pass that, it’s easy-peasy.

How Flowers Survive In A Hot Car?

During hot days, don’t expect the flowers to stay fresh in an extremely hot car. If you do need to leave them there, open the windows just a bit so they have some fresh air.

The air conditioner will kill them right away, avoid it. Avoid placing the flowers where they can get direct sun as well. Shade is a much better position for them.

Environmental factors affect them a lot. If there’s rain outside, even the humidity can be bad for car flowers. Great idea is to pour enough water in its vase and to pay attention to other factors such as plastic wrap.

How Flowers Survive In A Cold Car?

Without any protection, flowers will easily die in your cold car overnight. It’s riskier to leave flowers in cold than in hot conditions. Keep the flowers in cool conditions in your car only with good protection.

The bouquet can last longer than a flower or two since the flowers will keep each other warm. A plant can last much longer than flowers in a cold car.

During cold temperatures, it’s not recommendable to put extra water in the vase. Roses can last the longest in a cold car overnight.

Do you know how to keep plants warm in winter?

Keep Your Flowers Fresh In Your Car: 9 Tips To Avoid Flowers Wilt

I’m sure you know that plants can last much longer in the car than bouquets. Red, yellow and pink blossoms have a short life span in the car. How to make sure that those blooms last a bit longer at least?

I’m sure you know already that you shouldn’t keep them on the floor of your can, but what about other stuff? Below we bring you 9 tips on how to avoid wilting flowers in the car. Let’s check it out.

1. Choose Freshly Cut Flowers

This is probably something you already know, but if you choose to keep flowers in the car, buy extra fresh flowers. Once you notice that they aren’t in their best shape, don’t buy those, choose different ones.

If you want them to last longer, no matter where you’re keeping them, your home or the automobile, you’ll have to choose fresh flowers.

Since you want them to keep that extra fresh look, add a bit of sugar to the water. Sounds crazy? Try it and you’ll see!

2. Don’t Leave Flowers In Direct Sunlight

This goes without saying, but for those who don’t know, it’s worth noting. Although it seems that blooms need car lights and solar energy to maintain their good shape, this is not true.

It’s one thing to keep your flowers in the light, but leaving them in the sun is not giving your flowers a chance to thrive. In this way, at the very start, your blooms in the car are condemned to death.

3. Choose A Tall Vase

It is quite logical that a taller and larger vase will receive a larger supply of water for your flowers.

In the car, it is necessary to give your car plenty of water and hydration. You can achieve this only if you put the flowers in a tall vase.

A tall vase will also cause less damage to the flowers overall as only the petals will be outside of it.

4. Don’t Bring Delicate Petals To Your Car

We think this goes without saying, but it is important to note. Not all blossoms are recommended for keeping in the car. Don’t even think about leaving gerberas, daisies, or orchids in your vehicle.

These flowers are very delicate and will not last long. Flowers that have a better chance are roses, any kind, and any tulips.

Their drawers are “harder” than other flowers and last longer in relatively worse conditions compared to your home.

5. Use Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap for flowers is important! Especially for flowers that are exposed to cold conditions in the car.

The plastic wrap will create extra warmth around the flowers and it will actually save your flowers in the car.

Ask for additional plastic wrap when buying flowers and that way you have solved that problem very easily.

6. Keep The Stems Wet

Keep the stems on your leaves wet, which means partially what we mentioned above. When getting a vase, make sure it is tall enough to hold at least 80% of the flower stems and that they are in the water.

This way, you will enable longer, more lasting, and better hydration for your flowers in the automobile, which is very important.

7. Keep The Flower In The Back Seat

Since the front seat is considered to have more traffic usually, it is better to keep the plant in the back seat.

On the back seat or on the board above the trunk, there is less dust and less sun, which of course answers your blooms in the car.

8. Watch Out For The Car Temperature

We already talked about this at the beginning, but why not mention it again since it is very important?

The temperature of the car represents at least 70% of the factors that affect the flowers in the car.

Too cold and too hot are not good for flowers, just like in your home. If you want the plant in your car to look good and fresh, treat it as much as you can like a houseplant that is in your apartment, not in the car.

9. Avoid Air Conditioner

This is related to the temperature in the car. If you are cold or hot, at least while you have flowers in your car, find another solution.

Don’t get them in the winter because you’ll have to turn on the heating, but in the summer at least you can open the window. In this way, you will protect your plants from early decay.



Below we will answer some extra FAQs. Let’s see what did we prepare for you below.

What Flowers Are Good For A Car?

If you love having flowers in the car, go with roses, tulips, cacti plants, pothos, and snake plants. Flowers such as daises, orchids, and carnations won’t last long in the car.

How To Transport Flower In A Hot Car?

When transporting flowers in the hot car, treat them like they’re there to stay. Make sure they have enough water, including plastic wrap, AC off and windows down. Your flowers should be fine once you get them out of your car.

How Long Can Flowers Last In A Car Without Water?

As we explained above, water is very important for the flowers in the car. However, if you don’t feel like bringing the vase into the car and doing the whole process, flowers will last about 4-5 days in a car without water.

Will Flowers Die Overnight In The Car?

The conditions in your automobile are not so dire that they will kill the flowers overnight. If you just leave them overnight in the car, nothing will happen.

Just like flowers without water, they simply won’t start well and this will only reduce their “shelf life.”

The End

Today we talked about how long can flowers last in a car. For all of you flower lovers who need to have flowers in the car as well, I’m sure this was useful.

If you didn’t know what to do before or you didn’t know what you were doing wrong, we hope you’ve learned that today. We brought you 9 tips for how to keep flowers fresh in the car.

In case you don’t remember all of them, save this article so you have it right there the next time you need it.

That would be all for today, see you soon with similar topics on our site!